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Interview: Vacationer

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One of my favorite new music discoveries in 2012 has been Vacationer. I recently got a chance to exchange emails with the main frontman Kenny Vasoli. They are currently on tour as the opening support for Bombay Bicycle Club. I got a chance to first see their live show this past spring, when they were on tour opening for Tennis, and became an even bigger fan.  I felt lucky to be able to chat with the talented visionary.

How did the tour with Bombay Bicycle Club come about?

I believe it was simply through a submission, from what I gather the Bombay guys were not familiar with us prior to the tour but they’re camp thought of us as a good fit for the bill. We have loads of gratitude for them putting us on. I was instantly a fan when I discovered their record long before this tour offer came around.

Can you describe what it was like working on the Trip video?

It was literally a vacation. It came right in the middle of an intense tour schedule so it was a beautiful reset for my energy at the time. There was no ridged storyboard for the shoot. The objective was really just to capture me having a good time on the prettiest points of the north shore. It was the best, I’m glad I have the video now as a souvenir.

Did the video company initiate contact with you, how did it come about?

I’m fairly sure it was Downtown who recommended Dave Homcy shoot the video. He’s really talented as well as a Hawaii resident.

How do you most often listen to music? (cd, iPhone, spotify?)

Lots of spotify going on in the van. When I’m home I listen to my vinyl collection on the regular.

Your genre listed on Facebook says Nu-hula how would you describe it?

It’s a cheeky way if saying we make modern tropical influenced music. We wanted to coin a genre title all our own.



Favorite memory of 2012:

Seeing Radiohead for my first time at Bonnaroo takes the cake. They have been my favorite for greater part of my life and they completely knocked it out of the park that evening. I was paralyzed by the beauty of their set and will remember it forever.

What feelings do you want your music to evoke in the listener?

Relaxation and ideally bliss. I want people to forget about their worries and fall in love with life, and I want our music to complement that feeling

What is the best video or newest video watched recently?

I don’t know the name of the track, but I’m really feeling that video by xxyyxx with the girls smoking blunts in slow motion.

What was it like playing with Tennis?

Delightful. We were instant fans as soon as we heard Young and Old. So when we showed up to our first show with them we bombarded them with our friendship and thankfully they excepted it.

How do you plan your set lists?

We will feel out the crowd’s vibe and just go from there. Some shows we will just call it as we go. For this run with Bombay we have more or less finalized a set that we think of as dynamic for the opening slot.

Can you describe your creative process?

I wrote the tunes with Grant and Matt of Body Language. Most of the time they will send me a short loop of something they’ve laid down and I’ll take that, perhaps cut it up a bit then lay down my vocal, bass and guitar ideas on top of it. Once I’ve fleshed out some ideas I’ll go up to their studio in Brooklyn and we’ll finish it up.

Do you still get asked about The Starting Line often?

Next question. Just kidding. I do, it’s to be expected since it was a major chapter in my life and really where I cut my teeth writing and performing music.

What have you been listening to recently?

The War On Drugs – Slave Ambient
Beach House – Bloom
Four Tet – Pink
Father John Misty – Fear Fun
Grizzly Bear Shields

What do you do during the break before the encore?

We haven’t really had that experience often, we have only headlined a handful of times, when they do ask for an encore we are really just standing next to the stage.

If you could have one artist cover one song on this album, who and what would it be and why?

It would be interesting to hear Beach House cover us because we are so influenced by them. Having It All would be cool to hear.

Can you tell us who Mac DeMarco is?

We played a show with him and his band in Tampa. They were very good but to be honest I don’t know much about them. I believe they’re Canadian.

Any upcoming bands/artists you can recommend to us:

Check out Body Language, Geographer, Holy Other, Vanilla, Shitego, and Onra. It’s good stuff.


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