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Interview: Rome (of Sublime With Rome)

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By now, you are probably already familiar with the story of Sublime With RomeRome Ramirez, aspiring young vocalist and guitarist, caught both the eye and ear of Sublime bass player Eric Wilson at the studio. After jamming together, he then joined both Wilson and Gaugh, performing classics and then eventually originals. It became clear that Ramirez could not replace Sublime’s late lead singer and guitarist, Bradley Nowell, who died in 1996 but legally, he would simply be “featured with” former Sublime members. Performing their first gig together in February 2009 near Gaugh’s home in Nevada, they followed up with an appearance at Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Festival in San Bernadino that October.

They then completed their first new original work, Yours Truly, at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, where Sublime originally recorded previously.  Currently signed to Fueled By Ramen Records, they have toured with 311 and the Dirty Heads. They have also added a DJ to their touring band.

It has already been nearly a year, according to Wikipedia, at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, since the band announced that it would be the last performance with drummer Bud Gaugh, who would be leaving the group to spend more time with his family as he was expecting a child. Josh Freese filled in for some performances on a temporary basis, then officially joined the band. On January 12, 2012, in an interview posted on, Gaugh expressed regrets about touring and recording with Sublime with Rome stating:

“In hindsight I would not have used the name.  I didn’t want to in the first place, I was talked into it and I would like to apologize to certain people and the fans for trying to justify or talk them into it as well. The recording was awkward, It felt rushed, felt like I was playing someone else’s parts/songs. Other than “Panic”, “Paper Cuts”, and “Safe and Sound”, it pretty much was. Some of the parts that were added after the fact really ruined some of the songs for me, for my liking. I also never agreed to do extensive touring for three years straight so that soured me on this thing.”

When asked if he saw the band reuniting in the future Gaugh replied, “No, I am done with SWR.  I would be into playing music with Eric Wilson, however. “When asked how it felt to play Sublime songs again, Gaugh said, “It was really good for the first few months, after that, it just felt wrong. Not playing the songs but playing them with the name Sublime, without Brad.”

Despite this, Sublime with Rome continue to tour, with Josh Freese taking Gaugh’s place. In June 2012, Rome released his first solo material, the EP Dedication.  You can see the brand new music video for the song “Seasons” here also. You can read our first interview with Rome by phone here, and you can watch our in person interview with him from last year here.

What was the biggest change in making your solo ep vs. the SWR album?
The biggest change was really being the only cook in the kitchen. It’s a bit of a trip having 100% of the creative control over the music. Much different than recording as band.

Would you ever work with Lana Del Rey?
I love her and her movement. I would be totally open to writing with her.

The setlist seemed different this time around how was it chosen?
We always try and keep it fresh for both us and the audience. Wait til you see what we have planned this summer.

How did you select the Nirvana cover?
We all love Nirvana and I was singing “Drain You” during soundcheck and Josh was like “hey we should play that tonight” it was so much fun. We kinda just kept doing it.

What was first music you ever purchased? (record, cassette, cd)
Sublime (self titled).

What instruments do you play, or only guitar?
I play guitar, bass, drums and piano.

Why do you think some rock stars talk shit about EDM/dubstep?
Because DJ’s are getting higher guarantees than all bands except U2 hahaha and because rock radio is slowly dying unfortunately.

What music have you been listening to lately?
Kendrick Lamar , U2, Bruno Mars and the new Rage Against the Machine Box set.

Can you recommend any up and coming bands to us?
Probably not. I’m always slow on that shit. My brother Eya actually introduces me to most new music. I’m always taking beats, demos, songs and artists with real uniqueness. Send em over to

What can you tell us about Dj Rocky Rock?
He’s my best friend. Works hard and deserves everything great that happens for him.

How do you most often listen to music: cd, iPod, spotify?
iPod and YouTube.

Name an artist that you would like to cover a Rome or Sublime With Rome song, and which song?
Safe and Sound covered by Nicki Minaj would be tight.

Phone or Android?
Sidekick ii

Name a band or artist you most want to see live that you haven’t yet seen live
Stevie Wonder.


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