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The Body, “Master, We Perish” EP (At A Loss)

posted May 13, 2013, 5:34 am by patchen | Filed Under Editorial, Music News | comment 1 Comment

Guitarist/vocalist Chip King and drummer Lee Buford keep moving up the ladder of duos that manage to sound like seven angry metal beasts. As The Body, the Portland twosome creates some massive, teeth-shaking mayhem. Their new EP on At A Loss, “Master, We Perish,” features three longish tracks that stomp and grind and satisfy on more than just a cathartic level.

For a track that times out in less than three minutes, “The Ebb And Flow Of Tides In A Sea Of Ash” still manages to sound epic, and the tension created by enigmatic, air siren sound effects that slowly but surely explode into massive sludge blended and heightened by metallic percussion.
“The Blessed Lay Down And Writhe In Agony,” with operatic female voices ( a trio of guests that includes Chrissy Wolpert of Assembly Of Light Choir) (that straddle really close to the line of self-parody, coupled with a single, insistent riff and sound effects of domestic chaos, the song then moves into a similar pattern as “Ebb…:” heavy, surging sludge with drumming that supports as well as stands alone as its own harsh, unpredictable voice. Finally, “Worship” builds off of Buford’s tribal drumming, with more muffled sound bites and late night TV bickering (or is it some Gospel show?) and again with the single riff providing the bridge from the abstract to the visceral, which kicks in about six minutes in with a massive power chord.
On the heels of their stunning sophomore release, All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood, The Body continue to amaze and hone their majestic sound to diamond-hard clarity. Master, We Perish is one of those EP’s that has a mind of its own. It is not filler, a place-holder or pointless quickie: it will surely stand as one of their best releases, though I’m sure they will give it plenty of competition in the future.


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  1. Profile photo of Kevin Sellers Kevin Sellers on May 15th, 2013 1:58 am

    I was going to review this, but after I saw you still writing and also noticing your reviews of their past works, I left it alone. Frankly, it didn’t do that much for me…moments were nice on their own, but as a whole it just felt like an endurance test rather than an enjoyable musical experience. Still, like all things, I’m sure this sound has its niche. And your review does it more justice than it does itself.

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