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Interview: Anthony R.

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Turning to El Caribe por un minuto, infectiously addictive “Poquitos Besos” from rising artist Anthony R. caught my ears’ attention. Getting acquainted with the entertainment spotlight via his famous model madre Ivette Cintron and his Merengue superstar 100 million album-selling padre Toño Rosario, Anthony is now ready to step out on his own. He’s poised to make his own mark in the music world with his brand of romantic Spanish ballads. Heating up the tropical charts with his first single, he’s well on his way.

I spoke to Anthony recently as he prepares to promote his upcoming album “Reina el Amor” this fall. Read our Q&A below!

You were born in Puerto Rico?

Yes, I am here in Puerto Rico and was born in Bayamón with a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father. I’m very happy to be part Puerto Rican and part Dominican. With that combination, I have the flavor and love for tropical music.

Can you remember your first musical memory?

My first memory was my father. He inspired me to be a singer and as a son, everyone wants to be like his father. You want to do everything that your father does. He would take me to the studio in Puerto Rico and I would see how he worked, who did what, working with producers and it sparked my interest in music and made me want to learn more about it.

How was it growing up with such a famous father?

I am super proud of him. He lives for and had that love for music. I always wanted to be like him. He was the person that made me aspire to be a singer. He taught me all my life.

How did you like working with Joel Baez and Hector Merced on your debut album?

It was important to work with them because they are producers and writers who are already Grammy winners and have a lot of experience in the music business. Other producers wouldn’t have given me a chance but they had faith and I am super grateful they did, that they brought that experience to my first album. It was very special and I will never forget it.

What makes a good producer and writer in your opinion?

I think the most important thing is the connection. I could have the best producer and writer in the world but if we don’t have chemistry and they can’t understand what I am trying to express, it won’t work. We need to have chemistry to work well.

It’s obvious you have a great connection with your fans so far. Have you ever had a weird or strange fan experience?

No, it’s so important to be super close to fans as an artist. They write to me and I always talk to them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will always make time for them. They are the ones who put you in the place you are. They are the ones who will buy CDs and go to concerts. They make you an artist and are most important.

What would someone be surprised to see in your music collection?

I like rock. I really like Coldplay and Linkin Park.

If you could throw a music festival , who would play?

I would invite Reik, Mario Domm, Juan Luis Guerra and my father.

What’s next for you in 2013 and 2014?

I will be going to the Dominican Republic in November and then the U.S.- East Coast, Miami. I will be doing some shows and are still working out the dates!

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