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Getting to the middle of the year.

posted June 2, 2014, 10:39 am by Nathaniel Lathy | Filed Under Checking the Playlists, Editorial | comment Leave a Comment

withered hand new godsThe end of the year isn’t quite around the corner. Still there’s nothing wrong with starting to think about what the best albums of the year so far, since the year is about half over. The top five albums I’ve heard up to this point are:

  1. Withered Hand-New Gods
  2. EMA-The Future’s Void
  3. Future Island-Singles
  4. Metronomy-Love Letters
  5. Tune-Yards-Nikki Nack

It doesn’t have to be the case the drama is over for who gets the nod for best album of the year. Withered Hand (aka Dan Wilson) put out an amazing disc. But maybe there’s another masterpiece out there in the wings. I don’t expect to come across more than two 5-star albums in my reviews during a year. I won’t complain if this situation develops. Charles Martel reviewed an EP by Beta Lion, which almost made the cut for top five.  I tend to favor full length albums, when looking at lists. But maybe Beta’s Written In Sand will find a place in my list. I’m more interested to see if any other reviewer at ME comes across a classic, I’ll latch onto if it falls outside of my reviewing list. I would like to see some jazz albums worth reviewing. I’m not going to get excited over any reissues. Maybe a new collection will strike my fancy. But I’d like to see an album of new songs  make the grade. I’ve read biographies of John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong. There’s a limit to what can be gained by longing for the music of the past. I want to go along with those, who say we need to move on to new things. I”ll keep listening to the various new genres. It’s not enough for the music to be different. Some critics hail Fennesz as innovative. But after trying to fight off sleep, while listening to the Austrian’s latest, Becs, derivative music sounds better. I’ll keep the mystery at a higher level as to how I’m leaning for best songs. I haven’t even contemplated a list yet.


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