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Interview: Kevin Garrett

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Kevin Garrett is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. His debut EP Mellow Drama, which includes songs “Coloring” and “Control,” received critical acclaim from a variety of media sources along with strong support from artists the likes of Sam Smith and Katy Perry. Kevin has been heavy into touring for much of the last year, including dates with James Vincent McMorrow, Hey Rosetta!, and several music festivals. He’s currently on tour with X Ambassadors and Skylar Grey, all the while preparing a full length LP.KG_Refuse

Before opening up for The X Ambassadors at the House of Blues on Tuesday, November 10th, we dug a little deeper on the early-20’s crooner.

  • Photos/live coverage by Emily McGuire & James Howell

  • Name some artists you were exposed to growing up that people might be surprised by.

    A whole lot of classical composers were in heavy rotation growing up because I started on violin when I was super young. Then there were a bunch of classic rock bands my dad introduced me to. It was either classical or classic rock playing in the car for a while. I can’t think of anybody that might be surprising. OutKast.

    Save for all your travels, when things are calm and you’re able to enjoy downtime, give us an idea of how moving from Pittsburgh to Brooklyn has helped you mature or evolve as an artist.

    Brooklyn, and New York City altogether, just makes you hustle a lot harder. The amount of talent coming out of this city and the fact that everybody you know in New York is always doing something or on their way to something makes me want to work that much more. I still get a lot of writing done in Pittsburgh, but making the move to Brooklyn definitely helped me to showcase my writing and performing more effectively.

    Speaking of downtime, what do you like to enjoy (ie;books, hanging out binging on Netflix) when you’re not performing or writing?


    Naps are terrific things. I have an annual Friday Night Lights binge that’s scheduled for some time in December. Really looking forward to that. I honestly like to create when I have downtime because I’m on the road so much. So when I’m home and I can lock myself in my room and work, that’s an amazing feeling.

    You’ve shared the stage with some pretty impressive names, which artist would you say has had the most impact on your artistry to date?

    James Vincent McMorrow continues to be one of my strongest supporters. He’s given me everything since the first tour he had me open. So much amazing advice, and getting to watch him perform is an undeniable experience. He is effortless when he plays. It’s a real privilege to get to share the stage with him. I’ve learned so much and I’m constantly learning more from him each time we get to hang.

    Talk about the difference of your mindset (personal/professional) heading into the recording of new music like “Refuse” versus “Mellow Drama” EP.

    “Refuse” was around when I was writing the songs on “Mellow Drama” and it was always meant to be a refinement of the EP. I want there to always be growth in my music, whether it’s in the subject matter or the production or anything else. I think from a professional perspective, I’m also growing in that realm of things. The studio is a safe space for me, where I’m most comfortable. So with “Mellow Drama” I wanted to be completely myself in the studio. And when I went back in to record “Refuse” I wanted to be even more myself.

    If you could share the stage with any artist, live or dead, just for one night, what artist would you select?

    Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, or Beyonce, duh.

    If you could change one aspect of the music industry right now, what would it be?

    There is so much amazing music that will never see the light of day because of the cost to promote and share with viable marketing strategies. It would be cool to continue to refine the streaming platforms so that discovery is further optimized. We’re already making some amazing moves with music discovery, I’d be the first one to tell you how happy I am with streaming with the experiences I’ve had so far.

    How do you consume music? (ie; Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes/GooglePlay)

    I use the streaming companies, and I use iTunes, but I also still buy CDs and records. I go to a store and buy them. You can’t replicate that experience by clicking a mouse.


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