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Video Of The Week: Yukon Blonde – Water

posted November 4, 2011, 6:11 am by dscanland | Filed Under Video | comment 1 Comment

Tags: Yukon Blonde, Fire/Water, Video of the week, Water

I’ve been following Yukon Blonde for a few years now and they’ve just released a nifty little EP called Fire/Water. It’s a handful of awesome tunes in the vein of My Morning Jacket or Band Of Horses but so much nicer harmonies. Check out this great video for the track “Water”. Makes me thirsty.

Top 20 Indie Picks Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011

posted November 3, 2011, 7:58 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, Music News, Video | comment 1 Comment

Who doesn’t love a music festival, right? It’s all the best parts of a concert–music, friends, alcohol and drugs…just lots and lots more of them! Each year, more and more of them are popping up all over the place. Whether or not you already know, Fun Fun Fun will be launching it’s 6th annual event, one of the most diverse line ups ever! Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) is an independent genre based festival, known as one of the most relaxed, creative, and pioneering festivals in music today. FFF is a fest that is custom booked for the most passionate underground and progressive musicians, comedians and fans around the world.

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Contest: Snipits Vol. 3

posted November 3, 2011, 4:07 pm by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Contest, Music News | comment 45 Comments

You know the drill, five songs, one theme, be the first to guess the theme, get $15 Amazon money.

Thank you to Will and Drea

Tour Review: Uh Huh Her

posted November 3, 2011, 10:21 am by Carina | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Uh Huh Her

Have you ever found out a band was playing near you at a tiny venue and decided to pass and check them out next time?

That happened to me with Uh Huh Her. This past May, they played at the intimate Santos Party House. The Keep A Breast Foundation set up their first ever Breast Cancer Prevention tour featuring Uh Huh Her. On Monday, Camila Grey and Leisha Haley played at the larger Irving Plaza.

My VIP status, aka paying Live Nation extra so I could get into the venue ahead of time, helped me solidify a front row center spot behind the barrier. Indie rock band, Fences, hit the stage at 8pm. The four piece band seemed to gain a few new fans, however immediately after they walked off stage, the chants and cheers were for Leisha and Camila.

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Episode 99: Jangle Pop Gems

posted November 1, 2011, 12:01 pm by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Editorial, Podcast | comment 1 Comment

Tags: Headache Rhetoric + Foxheads, Rain on the Sea, George Best, Wedding Present, Close Lobsters, Stars of Heaven, Candyskins

Welcome to another edition of Music Emissions podcast of the week. From times gone by, here is a one genre special.

1. The Candyskins – “She Blew Me Away”

2. East Village – “Strawberry Window”

3. The Sandkings – “Rain”

4. Ever – “Sleepyhead”

5. The Wedding Present – “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft”

6. The Popguns – “Still a World Away”

7. The Stars of Heaven – “Widows Walk”

8. Close Lobsters – “Mother of God”

First Round of SXSW 2012 Band Announcements!

posted November 1, 2011, 11:28 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest | comment 1 Comment

Straight from the horse’s mouth!

First Round of Official 2012 Showcasing Artists

Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)
Against Me! (Gainesville FL)
Agent Fresco (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Ambition (Halifax CANADA)
ANR (Miami FL)
Antoine Reverb (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Avalanche City (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
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Artist Update: Mac Miller and Blue Slide Park

posted November 1, 2011, 8:46 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller

One of my favorite up and coming indie artists, who I discovered a year ago, is the one and only Mac Miller. The 19 year old Pittsburgh native MC is one of today’s greatest success stories. He is among a crop of this generation’s greatest rising stars, many of whom are under 21. I’m referring to Kreayshawn, Tyler the Creator and Odd Future Wolfgang, and Lil B.

Apparently no one has told Mac Miller that he doesn’t have to work this much yet! Mac has a lot going on at the moment, which isn’t at all unusual for him. It seems he is releasing new music nearly every other week. But this is one fan that hope he doesn’t slow that down anytime soon either! His highly (no pun intended) anticipated release Blue Slide Park, his first real record, is due out November 8th–a week from today. He just came back from a sold out tour in Europe, with massive crowds singing every word to his new songs, which haven’t even been officially released yet. Blue Slide Park is currently in the top 50 on iTunes top album sales, and reached as high as #12, even though he doesn’t have a record deal and the record hasn’t dropped yet. He is currently touring North America. Read more

Interview: The Chain Gang Of 1974

posted November 1, 2011, 7:28 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: The Chain Gang Of 1974, Wayward Fire

Kamtin Mohager is the genius behind the 80′s sounding one piece group The Chain Gang Of 1974. We chose TCGO1974 to be on our Top 10 Indie Picks for Lollapalooza 2011. If Kamtin hadn’t lived in the 1980’s, you get the feeling that he would somehow still love the decade’s sounds. Like Nine Inch Nails and Dashboard Confessional, the shape-shifting singer/multi-instrumentalist is the only member of the increasingly popular outfit, who of course recruits a band while out touring. If you haven’t listened to the Wayward Fire record yet, I’m positive you will be familiar with it soon. It sounds more 80’s than 80’s music does!

Mohager recently had Jeff Apruzzese, bass player for indie fave Passion Pit, as a member of his touring crew. He met Jeff through his roommate, who plays keyboards for Foster The People. We recently caught up with the front man, after his performance opening for The Naked And Famous. Listen along as we talk 80′s music, his origin and influences, and the process of putting together this band. He recently tweeted that he is looking forward to making a new record. You can also check out the review of the show here.

On The Verge: The Internet

posted October 31, 2011, 7:06 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Music News, Releases | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Odd Future, Purple Naked Ladies, The Internet, Purple Naked Ladies, The Internet, Odd Future Wolfgang, Odd Future

The Internet is Syd the Kyd, better known as the DJ of Odd Future, on vocals and Matt Martian handling production. The past couple weeks have seen the duo release tracks “Love Song -1” and “They Say” to significant praise. Now, The Internet is ready to announce the release of their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, coming at the end of this year from Odd Future Records. Today, the group releases the video for “Cocaine” as a special Halloween treat via Odd Future’s Tumblr, featuring Left Brain and directed By Matt Alonzo.  Although the video shows two lesbian lovers snorting a bump, the visuals are a more psychedelic portrayal of either shrooms or LSD.

Odd Future’s The Internet (Syd The Kyd & Matt Martians) will release their debut album Purple Naked Ladies featuring “Love Song -1″, “They Say” and “Cocaine” on Odd Future Records digitally on December 20th. The physical version featuring 3 bonus tracks and exclusive art and packaging will be in stores Jan 17th. Digital release tracklisting below.

To tide fans over until the release of Purple Naked Ladies, “Cocaine”, “Love Song -1″ and “They Say” are being released as the Cocaine EP, available now here:

Watch the just-released video for The Internet’s “Cocaine” featuring Left Brain and listen to “Love Song -1″ and “They Say” below, and prepare yourself for The Internet.




DEC. 20, 2011 (Digital)

1. Violet Nude Women

2. They Say/Shangrila (ft. Tay Walker)

3. She Dgaf

4. C*nt

5. Cocaine/Tevie (ft. Left Brain)

6. Ode to a Dream (ft Kilo Kish & Coco O.)

7. Gurl  (ft. Pyramid Vritra).

8. Love Song -1

9. Lincoln (ft. Mike G & Left Brain)

10. Web of Me

11. She Knows

12. Fastlane

13. Visions (ft. Coco O.)

14. The Garden

This is a historic shift in pop music.  Since celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind this year and a bleak economic forecast, lo-fi music has become increasingly trendy.  We have seen this in rock and electronic music, and how it seems to also be affecting both hip-hop and pop.

MP3: “Love Song -1″ –

MP3: “They Say” –

Odd Future have been in the news all year long.  They have started their own record label, sold out of their first ever book, and just this past weekend were accused of assaulting a photographer.

Another sample of their record just appeared online, it sounds totally different than anything Odd Future related. Check it out here.

Black Keys New Music Video and Record

posted October 31, 2011, 12:53 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

You may remember 2 weeks ago when the news broke about the Black Keys. They decided to announce their new record, El Camino, through a teaser trailer. Due out December 6th, they used a fake used car sales commercial to generate interest. And yes, that is the same actor that plays the lawyer on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Just a few days ago, they released a video with the 1st single, “Lonely Boy“. It will be available as a 7″ on Black Friday in November. So the good news is they do have a new record coming out. The bad news? That trailer for Blakroc II with Curren$y and Wiz Khalifia was fake.

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