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Sunday’s Best: Ala Jack White

posted February 9, 2014, 7:21 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under General Interest, Sunday's Best | comment Leave a Comment

Back in the day, when this place was crawling with forums and chats about random acts of music, we used to poll ourselves to see which release by an artist not only set them atop of the industry but stapled them in as musical gods.

Jack White III is not to be questioned. Whatever the man involves himself in, we seem to drink it up. Whether it’s The White Stripes, his solo stuff The Raconteurs or The Dead Weather, his music is just about universally accepted. So we wonder, what’s your favorite Jack White record to date?

What's your favorite Jack White recording?

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Video Of The Week: Phil Lewis – “Imprisoned”

posted February 7, 2014, 12:00 pm by Kevin Sellers | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

My good friend from across the pond, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Phil Lewis recently released the video from the lead track of his new EP (review here) “Age Of Nothing”. The track is titled “Imprisoned” and the video is quite emblematic of the lyrics…and it even features a little doll-on-doll action! Can’t beat that. Damn good track, too. Enjoy it.

Checking the Playlists: Gospel, its value and its aural limits

posted February 7, 2014, 8:13 am by Nathaniel Lathy | Filed Under Checking the Playlists, Editorial | comment Leave a Comment

Johnny Cash had the market cornered on gospel, but like other great artists he wasn’t pigeonholed into one genre.

He was truly a country legend. And the gospel music, he sang fit in with the singer’s life experiences and his abilities.

Johnny Cash

His version of “Just As I Am” is my favorite version of the hymn. You can find other good renditions of hymns by Hank Williams, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Elvis Presley and others.

Presley is an artist, who’s music interests me most, when it is Gospel. For 1950s rock ‘n’ roll I’d just as soon listen to Chuck Berry, Fats Domino even Bill Haley (his contribution to the music is underrated by historians, critics and fans alike). But a collection of Presley gospel songs makes for a remarkably solid album.
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Interview: Tex from Moonshine Bandits

posted February 6, 2014, 10:53 am by Carlita | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Interviews | comment Leave a Comment


Tearing down stereotypes that California only encompasses club-hopping super rich kids and pastel bike riding tekkies, Central Valley repper rappers Moonshine Bandits return this week with their much anticipated album “Calicountry”. Called “hip-hop rebels” who blend outlaw country and rock, duo Tex and Bird party combining the hoedown with the “Throwdown”. With a strong fanbase behind them called Shiner Nation, who wear that name proudly, they’ve propelled up CMT video charts and performed over 1,000 live shows with the likes of Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, E-40, Tech N9ne and Insane Clown Posse.

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Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 16

posted February 5, 2014, 12:30 am by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Music News, Recommendations from the Writer's Mind | comment Leave a Comment

My advanced age has allowed me to live through some of the most turbulent times of modern popular music. When I first started buying albums, rock and roll was not 20 years old and most of the pioneers were not only still alive but still relatively young. Mick Jagger was still being busted for drugs and now he’s Sir Michael Jagger, a respected member of the establishment and five years into collecting his state pension. I recently watched a couple of music documentaries on the wonderful BBC4 channel – one about Status Quo and one about the synth pop revolution of the early eighties. And I sat there and wondered – when did everybody get so old? Of course I have aged with them.

Another milestone as we move into the 600’s.
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ROCK Notes for February 4th, 2014

posted February 4, 2014, 8:36 pm by ROCKthusiast | Filed Under Rock(thusiast) Notes | comment Leave a Comment

ROCKnotesTweeting about mental health

January 28th was Bell Let’s Talk Day, where $5.5 million was raised for mental health via donations from more than 100,000,000 text messages, mobile and long distance calls, tweets, and Facebook shares. Canadian alternative rocker Matthew Good was very active on social media that day, sharing his experiences of dealing with bipolar disorder. Mr. Good earned my eternal respect for one particular multi-part story he related about helping a girl get through an especially depressing time by staying on the phone with her for 2+ hours. Music obviously played a key healing role in both these individuals’ lives. I recommend reading through @mattgood’s Twitter timeline, and don’t limit important and potentially life-changing conversations concerning mental health in Canada to a single day. And Bell, your #BellLetsTalk campaign rocks for raising awareness while striving to end this stigma.

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Contest: Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast (closed)

posted February 4, 2014, 1:59 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Contest | comment Leave a Comment

Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast will release “Martel” next Tuesday (Feb. 11th). The album is reported to be a “be a family history-exploring concept album.” We have partnered with Sony to give you a chance at getting a signed copy of “Martel”. Read more

Interview: Zo!

posted February 3, 2014, 11:31 am by Carlita | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Interviews | comment Leave a Comment

Photo Credit: Creative Silence

Photo Credit: Creative Silence

Remember when video channels actually played videos and you came across a new one that made you want to know more about the artist and the album attached? Yeah, me too. A few weeks ago, I encountered R&B artist Zo’s new video ” We Are On The Move” featuring Phonte (who I’d interviewed a few months ago with with his partner, Nicolay, in FE), Eric Roberson and Darion Alexander that lifted spirits, brought the funk, made me want to get down via the underground interweb (which has great taste, btw) and I needed to know more. I discovered a talented (music and baseball wise) producer, composer and musician from the D that delivered a 2013 album , “ManMade” combining with other R&B singing talents, that deserves all the accolades it’s received.

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Releases: Chain Gang of 1974

posted January 29, 2014, 11:55 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Releases, Rumors | comment 1 Comment

With the release of The Chain Gang of 1974′s new album Daydream Forever (Warner Bros) less than a week away, Spotify is offering up the exclusive first listen of the album through The Drop. unnamedAll week, fans can enjoy exclusive content from the band including a full album stream, behind-the-scenes photos from the album cover shoot, an album-inspired playlist and an exclusive remix. View all the action here:

“Daydream Forever” Album Pre-order:
- on iTunes
- on Amazon Read more

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 15

posted January 29, 2014, 12:30 am by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Music News, Recommendations from the Writer's Mind, Video | comment Leave a Comment

So what is missing? Well there are some genres which I detest with a ferocity that I could sell to Iran to replace their nuclear weapons programme. Disco is one and most of what is today called RnB I consider to be nothing more than soulless soul. Occasionally, a mainstream commercial release will slip in, but those are the true guilty pleasures of my life. Genres such as hip-hop are under-represented but the biggest omission is jazz. Jazz frightens me. It covers such a wide space of time and differences in styles that I do not know where to start. I have heard stuff by the jazz greats – Coltrane, Mingus, Davis – but that sort of freeform jazz leaves me cold. Technically brilliant it may be, but it is so far removed from anything else I can relate to that I would begrudge the time I would have to spend listening to it to decide whether I like it or not.

And your next twenty are….
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