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CONTEST: Themecast vol. 5 (CLOSED)

posted November 13, 2012, 5:52 pm by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Contest, Podcast | comment 7 Comments

Tags: Night Train, Havoc and Bright Lights, Sister Sin, Jason Aldean, Alanis Morissette

Instead of a podcast this Tuesday, we decided to publish a themecast. It’s real simple, decipher what commonality all of these songs share. Whether it be the artist name, song title or album title, they all share one common theme. No song titles will be given, that would just be too easy.

    Your prize

-$10 Amazon cash*

-CD copy of Sister Sin’s new album, Now & Forever

-CD copy of Jason Aldean’s new album Night Train

-CD copy of Alanis Morissette’s new album Havoc and Bright Lights

*All apologies, but you will not be eligible to win the Amazon cash if you live outside of the United States

Artist Update: Alt-J

posted November 13, 2012, 1:16 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under General Interest, Music News, Releases, Tour, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Alt-J

Canvasback Music is excited to share UK-based alt-J‘s brand new song “Buffalo” featuring Mountain Man from the original motion picture soundtrack of Silver Linings Playbook, which won the People’s Choice Award when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The movie Silver Linings Playbook is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Matthew Quick and was directed by David O. Russell (The Fighter).  His direction of Silver Linings Playbook has been especially praised for the outstanding performances it elicited from the leading actors, Bradley Cooper (Hangover, Limitless) and Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, X-Men: First Class).  The film also features a strong supporting cast, including Robert de Niro.  The soundtrack also includes new songs from Jessie J and Alabama Shakes.  The album will be released via Sony Masterworks on November 19 and the film will be in theaters on November 21. Below are tour dates, and their newest music video, “Fitzpleasure”.

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Contest: Win Tickets to see The Sea And Cake in Dallas! (CLOSED)

posted November 12, 2012, 11:24 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Contest, General Interest, Music News, Releases, Tour, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Runner, The Sea and Cake

The Sea and Cake is pleased to release the video for “On and On” by the Japanese artist Naomi Nagata. She creates stop-frame animations by drawing and photographing patterns in the surface of sand on a light table. The band gave Naomi complete artistic freedom on the project, the end-product is succinct but idealistic, a fresh complement to the airy but substantial melody within “On and On.”

In Naomi’s own words:

“As soon as I turn on the lights, the silhouette of the sand shows up. This dramatic change surprises me every time. When I want to move the silhouette, I use brushes, my fingers, and feather brooms. You move the object, shoot it, and then move it again and shoot…one by one, and when you connect the several hundreds and thousands of still images, ta-dah! It’s like magic.” Currently the video is only available here.  You can watch their other latest video for “Harps” here. Director Jay Buim depicts the gloriously simple adventures of a pair of friends in the retro new video.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Interview: FIDLAR

posted November 12, 2012, 10:02 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, Festivals, General Interest, Interviews, Music News, On The Verge, Podcast, Releases, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Earlier this year when researching bands for SXSW, we first discovered the Los Angeles surfer punks FIDLAR. It’s been an amazing whirlwind of a successful year for them. Showing up everywhere from Spin to MTV, it’s much different then how they originally  began. When they started in 2009, seeing FIDLAR meant showing up to a house party and eventually having this exchange with one of them. Zac Carper, The bands guitarist and singer (well, one of ‘em) would hand you a red cup , throw an arm around your neck and probably end up blurting out how fucked up he was. Their set list would read more like a grocery list of party supplies than a list of songs: “Cocaine. Cheap Beer. Chinese weed. Four Loko.”

After a few years of being a band Zac still plugs in his pedals attached to a skate deck (“Pedal board”, get it?) and says “Hi We’re FIDLAR: F-I-D-L-A-R. It means ‘Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk”. Seeing a FIDLAR set consists of drinking and dancing with people that are twice as drunk as you are while the band rips through songs about what they know best: The girl doesn’t call, my ex is a whore, I lost my phone, my car is a piece of shit, my friends are pieces of shit, I do too many drugs, I’m really awkward, I love Del Taco.

FIDLAR is Zac Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Brandon Schwartzel, and Max Kuehn. Elvis and Zac met at Kingsize Soundlabs in LA and recorded a ton of demos with the band before playing a live show. Their first show was on a FMLY bike ride at a skatepark in Culver City. Three years later the band has played with the Black Lips, OFF!, Japanther, Delta Spirit, Jeff The Brotherhood, and toured with The Hives. They’ve released two EP’s and just got back from touring Europe. We caught up with them back stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Listen to our interview with the guys, they were cool enough to smoke a joint with us in the Spin tent. You can find their latest tour dates, and see their latest music video here.  They have also just released another EP to hold us over until January. This one is called SHIT WE RECORDED IN OUR BEDROOM. 

Curren$y – “Ex-Girls” (ft. Young Roddy)

posted November 12, 2012, 8:10 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under General Interest, Tour, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Young Roddy, Curren$y

When you are constantly on the road touring, it’s easy to get bored.  Yesterday the New Orleans Saints beat the Atlanta Falcons, and Curren$y and crew were on the road.  To celebrate (and probably to overcome boredom), Spitta dropped a new track called “Ex Girls”.  It features one of his  proteges and sidekicks, Young Roddy. You can download it here.

On The Verge: Sister Sin

posted November 11, 2012, 8:08 am by Mark Ambrose | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, On The Verge | comment 1 Comment

Smashing through trends and brandishing a savage reminder of what heavy metal is all about, Sweden’s sensational Sister Sin has most definitely arrived on the scene.  With their fresh new album, Now & Forever, which was just released this past October the band has been preparing for their tour which kicks off in Stockholm, Germany at the end of this month.  They will continue to tour Europe and Sweden until after the first of the new year before coming to the US for a stretch across the country.  You can find more info on their tour dates on their website here. Read more

Interview: Walk The Moon

posted November 10, 2012, 12:43 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Interviews, Music News, Releases, Tour | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Bad Veins, Walk The Moon

One of the most cool bands that we have came across in the past year is without doubt Walk The Moon. The four piece from Cincinnati just got started in 2008, finally settling on the current line up in 2010.  Releasing their debut full length earlier this year, it has been an incredibly busy time for them. They have been touring nearly non stop the past two years, with the only real time off of any considerable length was while recording the album in Atlanta. They just returned from touring in Europe and with Bad Veins, and are now on a headlining tour of their own. We caught up with them last night before their show in Dallas at the legendary club Tree’s, of Nirvana fame. We chatted about their music videos, the most unique gift ever given to them from a fan, and opening for Pink. Tour dates with opening support Family Of The Year listed below.

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Eagle Twin, “The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Tale”

posted November 10, 2012, 11:00 am by patchen | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

SLC’s Eagle Twin’s hard soulful jams help them stand out among Doom bands. While “The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Tale” is as sludgy and stomping as the best of them, one of Eagle Twin’s strengths is their ability to hit a groove that is as hypnotic as it is harsh.

The seven songs here are all amped up juiced on memorable riffs. While the two-part EPIC “The Ballad of Job Cain” is clearly the highlight, other tracks, like massive jams on “Snake Hymn” and the more understated “Horn Snake Horn” offer a devastating mix of hardcore riffs and melodic psych. Read more

Tour Review: All Time Low

posted November 10, 2012, 10:19 am by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

result (1)

Review by special guest correspondent Kristen Reed

All Time Low came to the House of Blues in Dallas during their Rockshow at the End of the World Tour and brought pop punk/rock favorites The Downtown Fiction, Hit the Lights, and The Summer Set along for the ride.

The Downtown Fiction, made up of Cameron Leahy (vocals/guitar), David Pavluk (bass/vocals), Wes Dimond (guitar/vocals), and Kyle Rodgers (drums), started off the night with an energetic—albeit generic—set. While this Virginia-based band had a decent stage presence and command of the crowd, they seemed as if they were trying to be like every other successful band in their genre. Unfortunately, they were neither charismatic nor musically talented enough to live up to the other bands they emulated. However, as unoriginal as their music was, they still put on an enjoyable set, but the odds of me spending money on their music in the future are very slim.

The night continued with Hit the Light, a band that consists of Nick Thompson (vocals), Omar Zehery (guitar), Kevin Mahoney (guitar), Steve Miller (drums), and David Bermosk (bass). The Lima, Ohio rockers exuded confidence and had the vocal ability and instrumental prowess to back it up. Thompson’s magnetism (or swagger as some people would call it) was very compelling and his vocals ranged from gritty to angelic while the songs’ moods varied as much and as well as his vocal stylings. Hit the Lights was a definite crowd-pleaser, and they deserved every ounce of approval they received from the concert attendees for their polished, well-rounded set. Read more

On The Verge: Pig Destroyer

posted November 9, 2012, 7:08 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Editorial, General Interest, Music News, On The Verge, Releases, Video | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Pig Destroyer

Fresh on the heels of the release of their critically acclaimed fifth album Book Burner, the undisputed kings of grind PIG DESTROYER have re-signed with their long time record label home Relapse Records. They just finished an amazing display at this year’s CMJ.

The band commented on the re-signing with Relapse:

“Super excited to be a part of the extraordinary Relapse Records again! A song comes to mind in the melody of the “Team America” jingle. “Relapse, FUCK YEAH! Once again, signing a muthafuckin contract!” -- Adam Jarvis

“Relapse has been a great home for both ANb and PIG DESTROYER since the very early days. We’re not an easy band to deal with but Relapse has been patient, enthusiastic, and accommodating to our headache-inducing schedules, our strict adherence to not touring or behaving like a normal band, and just generally being pains-in-the-asses. We wouldn’t trade that for anything.”- Scott Hull

“I don’t always sign contracts with record labels, but when I do, I choose Relapse.” -jR Hayes

Book Burner which was released October 22nd features 19 tracks with a return to the band’s raw, misanthropic sound.

PIG DESTROYER’s new video for “The Diplomat” can be viewed here, and was directed by Phil Mucci (High on Fire, Opeth, Korn).  It is a suitably brutal melee of grindcore gunfire and money-colored blood splay like a Kubrick mashup between ‘Paths of Glory’ and ‘A Space Odyssey.’

In support of Book Burner, PIG DESTROYER will be making special appearances at various festivals including Decibel Magazine’s 100th Issue Anniversary Show and Maryland Deathfest 2013.

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