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Episode 20 – Crafty Metal

Wow! We made it to 20 podcast episodes. Pat on the back deserved. There has been a load of great metal come out in the last 6+ months. So much, in fact, I had a hard time cutting this podcast off at the 30 minute stage. Expect another metal one from me in a few […]

Episode 19 – Pop Rocks vol 2

I’m going to try something a little different this week. This time around I’m going to just let the music flow. No interruptions from me trying to present useful facts about the bands you’re listening to. Instead, let the music speak for itself. This week I present to you: Greenland Sound – Birdmonster (From The […]

Episode 18 – HevyDevy

This week I introduce and unleash the progressive insanity of Devin Townsend and his various projects. Enjoy, and crank it up to 11. Song – Artist – Album Voices In The Fan – Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine (Biomech) Oh My Fucking God – Strapping Young Lad – City Stagnant – Devin Townsend – Terria […]

Episode 17 – Arts and Crafts

Today I will take you on a tour of the new Arts & Crafts facility. The school has grown over the years so you will be amazed at the changes and just how vast the faculty has become. Song – Artist (Album) I will Not Sing A Hateful Song – Constantines (Kensington Heights) Roll On […]

Episode 16 – A-Punk Dennis Scanland

A-Punk is a podcast looking at some of the best punk with a melody in the past year or so. An awesome classic is thrown in at the end. Enjoy.

Episode 15 – Distortion – Dennis Scanland

Magnetic Fields recently released Distortion. Dennis takes you on a tour of some other distortion songs and brings you a track from the namesake album. Bands/Albums/Songs Featured: She’s Lost Control – Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures) To Fix The Gash In Your Head – A Place To Bury Strangers (S/T) Please Stop Dancing – Magnetic Fields […]

Episode 14 – Blunted Beats – Dennis Scanland

Electronic bands are often overlooked on Music Emissions. This podcast is dedicated to anything with an electronic beat backing it. Bands/Albums/Songs Featured: Run With The Hunted – Tommy Guerrero (Return of the Bastard) Ribbons – Four Tet (Ringer EP) L.E.S. Artistes (Xxxchange Remix) – Santogold (Santogold) The Four Of Us Are Dying – Nine Inch […]

Episode 13 – Random Podcast #1- Dennis Scanland

An extension to the Random Playlist blog posts, Dennis makes a random podcast out of albums that he’s been meaning to review. It turns into a fantastic playlist. Bands/Albums/Songs Featured: From That Day To This – The National Bank (Come On Over To The Other Side) Courtship Dating – Crystal Castles (Crystal Castles) Take Your […]

Episode 12 – Progressive Podcast 2008- Dennis Scanland

Dennis just checked out the Progressive Nation tour in Calgary last week. It’s got him thinking Progressive means songs longer than 7 minutes. Bands/Albums/Songs Featured: These Iron Bones – 3 (The End Is Begun) Geek USA – Between The Buried and Me (The Anatomy of) Ghosts of Perdition – Opeth (Ghost Reveries) The Dark Eternal […]

Episode 11 – Once, Twice, Thrice times a lady – John Berry

Digitalbath is on a Thrice kick and this lovely little podcast is one that provides a fantastic overview of a forward looking band. Thrice Songs Featured: Hoods on Peregrine Paper Tigers Between the End and Where We Lie Night Diving Broken Lungs

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