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Introducing: Celadon Candy

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According to the NY Journal, the origins of Celadon Candy can be traced back to 2010 when Paul Allgood and his band Wedlock were doing much better on hiatus. Multi-instrumentalist and programmer Jason Bowden had done a couple remixes for the band, but he was more Mr. “self-contained” than Mr.” band mate.” Fore-warnings aside, he and Allgood still collaborated, producing a pair of short EPs(cc: and fwd:) subsequent to splitting up. cccwideKeyboardists Josh Whitehead and Jorge Rangel were also near casualties in wake – save for Allgood and Rangel keeping in touch for sporadic work on remixes and other band demos.UK Indie Trinity Eclipse took note and asked to release their compiled work as a full album , entitled “Celadonia.”

Music Emissions: Tell us about the history of Celadon Candy…

Celadon Candy:

Just before Wedlock’s Witnesses EP came out in 2010, I began working on a side project with multi-instrumentalist Jason Bowden, who had remixed a couple of Wedlock tracks prior to that.

Name five artists of extreme genre that inspire Celadon Candy’s sound?

Five is probably too many to list, but I hear anything from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins, to a slightly more electronic version of Pink Floyd in general I hear something British and synth pop.

If you could share the stage with any artist, live or dead, who would it be?

I think it would be fun to open for somebody like Scritti Politti or Howard Jones – I think it would have been fun to perform with the Associates, A.R. Kane. It’s just a matter of who would take us.

Lets play word association, you respond with a one word answer to the following

Spotify, Pandora or Youtube: Exposure
Trump or Clinton: Trudeau
Record Labels: Yes
Social Media: Sometimes

Favorite cover song of all time?

Too many to list, but the best covers are the ones you listen to that transcend the genre of the original.

Name the most underrated artist in the music industry

R P Junior as Raydio.

Read staff writer Christian Young’s review of Celadonia.


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