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Introducing: Ghostly Beard

posted July 18, 2017, 10:49 pm by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Introducing | comment Leave a Comment

In today’s world, it is easy to overlook the fact that what we now take as the norm was, not so very long ago, regarded as exotic. Patrick Talbot, who is Ghostly Beard, is an example of that. Born and brought up in the French Riviera of Franco-Italian background, he now lives in Montreal and is a Canadian citizen married to a British born woman. If there was an example of multi-culturalism in action then Talbot is surely it.

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Talbot’s association with music began, as so often happens, with listening to what his family were listening to, in Talbot’s case, rock music listened to by his elder brothers. That early association led to a study of music. With no formal training, he admits to difficulty in reading music and largely taught himself. However, with limited opportunities in his native region, his musical journey could almost have died before it was born. Like many of us, there were local projects with unknown bands with big ideas but that was the sum of it. And then, again like so many of us, career, marriage and life in general got in the way and Talbot entered into a musical hiatus where, he freely confesses, there was a lot going wrong in his life. It was not until some fifteen years later that he began to move back to music. By this time, living in Canada, the opportunities were greater and Talbot once again began to write songs and record them.

Blessed with a talent which enables him to adapt to and play a wide variety of musical instruments, Talbot was able to take on the task of being a whole band in one as if he were one of those strange figures you used to see on street corners, guitar in hand, harmonica on a chest-stand before the lips and a drum on his back attached to a pedal at the foot. But Talbot’s skills went beyond the traditional one-man-band and with the benefits of technology was able to mix, produce and arrange everything himself.

Yet returning to music was not as easy as he might have expected. “I had lost a lot of my technique”, he explains, “but I think I have gained in maturity and musicality, concentrating more on songwriting and arrangement and melodies.” That maturity also explains a diverse range of influences, ranging from early seventies prog rock, classical, folk, rock, jazz and even Broadway musicals. What makes Talbot different is that these influences combine to provide a pattern of musical diversity which is not often experienced these days. The result is a musical style which, while the influences are discernable, is something which is distinctive to the man himself. If music can be said to have an autobiographical style, then Talbot has developed that style and now publishes it to the world.642854303_780x439

So why Ghostly Beard? The beard part is obvious. But the Ghostly derives from personal preference. As he says, “I like to be in the shadows and just focus on the work.” This reticence explains why his webpage displays no photos of himself, save a few taken from childhood and early life. Instead, he prefers to use a monochrome cartoon-like bearded jawline as an image with which to associate the man and the music. He admits to having an extensive catalogue of unreleased material written over recent years and his intention is to release these as a series of EP’s and albums in the near future. Infinite is the first of those EP’s and promises much of what is to come.


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