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Introducing: Jonathan Cavier

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Jonathan Cavier originally began his career in music back in the California area and spent a number of years as part of the duo EyeTalk. Sampling the material of that point in his career, you can already tell his musical skills were mostly fully formed. He next relocated to Phoenix, Arizona; perhaps in need of a change or a more central hub for touring, recording and writing. Whatever the case, Cavier debuts as a soloist with his latest effort ‘Premier’ and the record is a doozy.

Each track on ‘Premier’ has its own identity on this album, either embodying power pop, pop/rock, harder rock, blues and folk.  It’d be quite an experience I’m sure to sit down with Jonathan for an interview to see just what inspires him to make the music that he does.  In the meantime though, we can savor the tasty single “January” and its acoustic romp colored in by a fearsome rhythmic churn that keeps it smarter than the average bear from start to finish.  Several songs are crafted with this semi-loud/quiet halving which makes them welcome, stadium level experiences where you are encouraged to sing with Cavier’s superior vocal weight.  “Comes a Moment,” “Are You in Love,” “Found You” and “Pearl” all have similar traits and characteristics to the soft sonic majesty of “January,” and are all instantly interchangeable as lead-off singles for this collection.

These facets are only one side of the album as both Jonathan Cavier and the ‘Premier’ album itself show many personalities.  He establishes himself as a grooving, swinging, Mellencamp style rocker on the rhythmically gruff and electrified guitar antics displayed in “Hope.”  It’s still infectious stuff but it stomps more than it lies back on the throttle.  This format stays intact for “Time Will Tell” and “Burning Away” where acoustic guitars are present with other textures such as heavy hitting drum n’ bass curveballs, keyboard accompaniment and other additions give the music an unusual force that doesn’t exist in the pop universe.

Premier_CD artwork

He slows the mood and pace to a simmer and boil on the contemplative, downbeat blues numbers “Lightning in a Bottle” and “Sedona.”  There’s almost a country flavor going on in “Sedona” that fits the writing like a hand in a glove.  The instrumental fadeout “Jupiter” truly feels like it was beamed in from the depths of the deepest space beyond Earth.  Here the strings are overtaken by washes of synth and all types of sound effects.  Cavier could easily have a career in film soundtracks with a song like this that favors atmosphere over simplistic structure.

‘Premier’ is truly a mesmerizing accomplishment from a veteran singer that may have well kept his best material for this debut solo record.  It’s just so good, it hurts and whether he is rocking full throttle or exercising restraint and easy touches, Jonathan Cavier never drops the ball on any of the different song types.  There are no criticisms to make and Cavier’s voice might very well be the best instrument on an album full of instrumental perfection.

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