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Introducing: Molly Brulé

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Imagine a pastoral mountainside, sprawling open spaces, snow-capped towering mountains and green fields. Now listen to Molly Brulé’s debut album, “Seasons,” and you’ll have an idea of where this innocent voice crooning of heart break originated. Molly Brulé grew up in Vermont before moving to the bustling city of Boston. Her strong ties to the American landscape and people attest to her folk/pop and Americana sound. With a family of musicians to inspire, encourage and back her up, Molly is following her passion for music.

Molly’s journey into the music industry could be described as a life-long journey since she grew up surrounded by musicians. Molly jokes, “When [her family] gets together for Thanksgiving, it could be confused for an episode of Glee; one person starts humming and all of a sudden there’s a five part harmony happening and instruments come out of nowhere.” However, it wasn’t until her final years of nursing school that Molly wrote her first song and realized music was what she needed to be doing. Molly advises new musicians to participate in open mics, “Not only do you get a feel of what it’s like to be on stage and have a chance to improve your performance skills, you meet people!” Molly comments. She is still in contact with people she has met at open mics and who have helped her navigate through the music industry. Molly advises, “Just be you. People don’t want a fake version of you […] It’s hard when you’re first starting out and haven’t totally figured out who you are as an artist yet but still, just be you.]

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While Molly has chiefly been concerned with the learning curves tied to the production of her debut album, she hopes she can “evoke some type of emotional connection [with her audience].” She feels she has done her job as an artist whether her audience feels “happy or sad or whatever they feel, even if it’s different from the intended meaning of the song.” As a songwriter, Molly exposes a piece of her soul and “hope[s] that another human being can connect with [her].” For her, the experience as a singer/songwriter is all about tapping into the human experience and nurturing the ability to connect with others. Now that her album is released though, Molly continues to look forward and is already churning ideas for another album.

Her album “Seasons” is very uniform and consistent in style and subject matter. However, Molly feels she separates herself from other female musicians through her “inability/unwillingness to completely adhere to a specific genre.” She has also admitted her next album will sound much different from “Seasons.” Her album was chiefly influenced by Ingrid Michelson and Tristan Prettyman, but her next album will draw inspiration from different artists. Molly goes on to assert, “I’m influenced by so many artists of so many genres and eras that it’s hard for me to pick a style and stick with it. I could never be like ‘I’m a country artist.’ It’s too defining, I would get bored.” Working past and between these genre boundaries, Molly feels she can “connect with so many different people through her music” and has “something for everyone.”


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