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Introducing: Old New York

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When previewing Brisbane based indie rock quartet Old New York’s upcoming effort, ‘Before We Hit The Ground’, it’s easy to see the band (comprised of Benjamin Lancaster, Paul Barnes, Jacob Lancaster and Kristian McIvor) wears their 90’s retro rock influences like hearts on sleeves. Growing up in a musical household with parents as musicians, band members Benjamin (Ben) and Jacob Lancaster soaked up these influences and what was on the radio like a sponge. Encouraged to begin playing instruments like the clarinet, electric guitar, violin, bass and drums as young kids, the playing skill and the songwriting ability (which began at 9 writing songs about unrequited love) was honed during these formative years. Pondering throwing a hypothetical music fest at the tender age of 13 years old, the lineup reflects diversity under the music spectrum with acts like Built to Spill (including musical hero Doug Martsch), Modest Mouse, Dinosaur Jr (including musical hero J Mascis), Sebadoh, Radiohead, Bjork, Sidewinder, Tumbleweed, Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine and R.E.M, making the bill.

Not only influenced by home life and international radio, their own city’s scene in Australia also played a role in defining their sound today. As Ben explained, they “grew up listening to Custard, The Go-Between and Regurgitator (eventually getting to play with them live which yielded a future WTF moment), attending live shows in their youth so it wouldn’t be a shock to find out the Brisbane scene has influenced us pretty heavily.” When considering the live scene in Brisbane currently, there seems to be a cultural clash occurring which makes navigating the musical landscape interesting.

When asked about a definitive record or album that made them want to pursue a career in music, Ben points to Smashing Pumpkins ‘Siamese Dream’ and ‘Vieuphoria Live’ with musical hero Billy Corgan. Ben further explains “watching that video filled me with a burning desire to play live. I think seeing an amazing band cutting sick on stage can be more exciting than listening to a record.” With an obvious love for SP, it’s no surprise that ‘Siamese Dream’ joins Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Bug’, Neko Case’s ‘Fox Confessor Brings The Flood’ and Modest Mouse’s ‘Good News for People Who Like Bad News’ as albums Ben could listen to for the rest of his life. Although there is a deep love for rock in Ben’s musical collection, The Bangles will pop up as a surprise find, perhaps reflecting a secret love for “Walking like an Egyptian”.

Looking ahead to the future, the band prepares for their album released slated for May 24, with hopes of touring, getting a distribution deal and recording more later this year. Visit Old New York’s site for more album release info!


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