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Introducing: Red Black Red

posted April 28, 2016, 8:25 am by madelainej | Filed Under Introducing | comment Leave a Comment

2Red Black Red have created a hybrid of electronic and industrial rock with an unique emphasis on groove in their new album . Their album largely inspired by The Police, not surprisingly, most of the band’s formative years were spent listening to and being influenced by guitar based rock. The group comments: “truly improving and/or innovating on that art [rock] is a challenge given it’s already long history.” Electronic (music) allows the band to explore new sounds and expand on a burgeoning music scene.” Red Black Red feels they expand creatively with electronic while staying true to their rock roots and they elaborate: “Electronic-based music […] is so wide open – as you can literally synthesize any sound you want. So the possibilities for experimentation and exploration are wider. So the possibilities for experimentation and exploration are wider – and the tech’s gotten a whole lot better especially in the last 5 years.”

Red Black Red’s dedication to editing and passion for the process is obvious when they describe, “ The downside [to electronic music] is that there are so many options for sound in electronic genres and it’s easy to get lost in tweaking. So in the end it comes down to your basic ability to put it all together for the song […]and being able to come up with something interesting.” With modesty, Red Black Red goes on to exclaim, “Anyone can create a cool squiggly sound, but it won’t matter if the song’s not there.”. While the electronic scene is awash with dance and upbeat music, Red Black Red explore the dark potential in the electronic genre by combining it with rock.


Listeners should appreciate the ingenuity of their album, and the obvious amount of work which went into it. The band “hope[s] listeners will find something interesting musically enough so that they’d (the audience) be willing to give future releases a chance.” Listeners will find ‘Bloody Wing’ “explorative” reflects how the band tries to create music “that’s full spectrum” both musically, lyrically and sonically.” Red Black Red admits they’ve “been away from serious music-making for a number of years. However, [the album is] certainly not a throw-away work – a serious amount of effort went into each piece.” Red Black Red are brimming with excitement for all their future releases and they are already halfway through another album. The band comments, “Bloody Wing is just the start.”

Reflecting on their experience within the music industry, Red Black Red realizes how the music industry has changed. They don’t criticize the industry but they remark “the process of music making and distribution has definitely got a lot more democratized thanks to tech improvements – i.e. indie artists such as myself can self-release a lot easier than let’s say 10 years ago.” Nowadays, major label companies struggle to compete with downloading sites, with controlling releases and advance copies and the image of their signed artists. The ability to hack into companies as well as the ability to upload incriminating photos has not only compromised major label companies but some major pop stars as well. Red Black Red concedes “certain basics have remained – building a fan-base, however you do it, playing live, the internet […] is still key. The material still needs to be there – no amount of promotion will make a shi*ty song connect – especially in the more crowd-driven environment of current Indie music.” When the band isn’t working on their craft, they are listening to Courtney Barnett, Lucy Dacus, Clark, Sleater Kinney’s ‘One Beat’ along with Home who recently released an all-instrumental album called ‘Odyssey’ which utilizes retro Analog-synth.


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