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Introducing: The Fylls

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From the moment the listener hits “Play” on NYC based band The Fylls’ new EP ‘Interrupted’, each song blends their trademark style of 60’s rock/90’s grunge with tackling inner turmoil, fond and unpleasant memories and social commentary about the perils of city life. Guitar and harmonica player Jordan Rhodes and bass player Erica Robinson’s complementary vocals prominently punctuate each track and it’s easy to see they bring that natural rapport onstage. Recalling childhood music memories and what led Jordan to play the guitar, he casually picked up the guitar around 9 years old, obtaining informal lessons in the household by his mom’s music teacher boyfriend. The info stuck and would prove useful when Jordan became more serious about music later in life.

Strongly influenced by Wilco, especially Jeff Tweedy, these influences sonically appear frequently throughout the Fylls’ discography. First embarking on writing songs solo, Jordan then joined forces with Erica as a duo, eventually adding Brian Lo Blanco on ukulele, trumpet and keyboard and Rick Troise on drums to complete the Fylls band formation puzzle. When asked to describe albums he could listen to for the rest of his life, Jordan chose a varied group which included Wilco’s ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’, Nirvana’s ‘Live at Reading’, Father John Misty’s ‘Fear Fun’, The New Pornographer’s ‘Mass Romantic’, The Pixies’ ‘Doolittle’ and a bonus selection- Grandaddy’s ‘The Sophtware Slump’. When considering dream acts to go on the road and tour with (besides Wilco and The New Pornographers), Jordan would also love to share stages with Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio, Real Estate and Tame Impala.


Trying to carve a niche in a crowded East Coast indie rock scene is not easy and can be daunting and discouraging for any band but The Fylls navigate the choppy waters the best they can. As Jordan explains, “Finding a footing is very hard and the costs can be prohibitive, between practice space rentals, transportation to shows and promotion” which are common barriers and obstacles but they are determined to overcome them.

Delving further into their latest effort( available for download on their website HERE), several experiences at familiar locations around the city, i.e. the NYC subway, McCarren Pool, provided inspiration for many songs on the ‘Interrupted’ EP. Daily survival within the grind, doing something boring and mind-numbing to pay the bills, where “one is hanging on a thread” or feels invisible or overwhelmed are common themes in which many metropolis dwellers can relate. Living in a city which is known for swallowing dreams and spitting them out, one can lose one’s identity and sense of self that can “come crumbling down”, trying to pretend to be someone he/she isn’t to impress an audience of strangers. The EP cleverly and thoroughly explores all these sad and sensitive topics with skill. As the band looks to the future, they hope to grow their audience and record more music. If The Fylls continue to release quality tracks, they’ve only just begun.


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