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Introducing: Third Ear Experience

posted February 9, 2015, 7:58 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Introducing | comment Leave a Comment

03_band_with_guestsNotoriety is fleeting; only the spirit abides forever. Third Ear Experience is whatever you bring to it, but ultimately, this is a musical community intent on giving each listener the transcendence needed for life’s journey. This is transcendence defined as transportation – moving consciousness from one state to another. Joy, reflection, curiosity, playfulness – these things are all here if you open yourself to the music’s charms.

When band member Ruby Star describes how he used to jump with friends into rushing African rivers without a canoe and allowed themselves to be swept away downstream as a metaphor for Third Ear Experience’s creative process, it isn’t bluffing or exaggeration. The musicians trust in the experience of creation rather than forcing it to conform to any craft and this guiding principle helps unlock the music’s potential for a wide audience. We rely on labels like “jamming”, “space”, and “improvisation” to classify music, but it cannot explain the unexplainable.

Third Ear Experience speaks to the world in songs full of unguarded moments (see staff writer Jason Hillenburg’s review of Incredible Good Fortune). Those unguarded moments have a global vision. The band’s focus never confines itself to one strain of music; everything is game for this outfit and this freedom fills their music with unique energy and a go-for-broke attitude. These are musicians unconcerned with hits, endorsements, movie deals, and television appearances. It is harder than ever before to sift through the pretty faces, cookie-cutter formulas, and glossy confections the modern media offers us as entertainment, but one listen to this band will restore your faith that good music is out there and waiting for us to discover it. thirdearexperienceplayerClick the playlist to stream their music

Journeys lay ahead for Third Ear Experience. The band is anxious to share their music with as many people as they can reach and is eying a tour of the European continent. As well, they are writing a space rock opera/ballet. This ambitious project is shaping up to be a full-blown theatrical production and the band has documented its development in a series of videos. Third Ear Experience, naturally, maintains a strong Internet presence in an effort to maintain a constant dialogue with their growing fan base. This is a band reaching out, opening itself up to every new listener, and brimming over with talent and technical skill. Notoriety is coming to Third Ear Experience, but it isn’t cheap or slick. Instead, the growing attention will only deepen the band’s intentions and commitment. Their spirit will grow.


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