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Review: Daniel Romano at The Grad Club

posted November 13, 2015, 1:04 pm by madelainej | Filed Under Live Show Reviews | comment Leave a Comment

Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano played at the Grad Club in Kingston, Ontario on Wednesday, November 5th where the venue was small, the stage – even smaller, the crowd, however, was enthusiastic. Daniel’s opening band, Dylan Earl, wore a Canadian tuxedo, cowboy boots, curly black hair and a black moustache, all of which amounted to a late 1970s porno look. Far from being a detriment, he miraculously made this look fashionable and acceptable. Ignoring this fabulous attire, Earl had touching lyrics, excellent musicianship and Romano even played drums for the band, allowing fans even more time with the very person they came to see. Earl performed excellent original songs along with one cover song, if my memory serves me correctly. The second opener, Steve Lambke, was decent. His interludes were sometimes funny, but he often appeared to be trying too hard and to inhabit a long dead beat culture which I’m unconvinced he successfully revived. His music also seemed out of place after the first opener, and when followed by the music of Daniel Romano.

Daniel Romano

Daniel’s performance was witnessed, not only by myself; a number of Queen’s University students and locals, but also by Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip. All six feet of him conveniently stood in front of me and blocked my view. I easily rectified this situation by moving closer to the stage and far away from the gaggle of tall people. After sitting behind a drum kit, Romano took to the, now familiar stage, behind a microphone and with his guitar, his charisma gleaming. The crowd moved in closer, and smiles enveloped the mass of faces as he began performing with his band. His country music twanged and his honky tonked. Romano’s vocals are better live than his studio albums and his music is suddenly alive and entrapping when you experience it with a group of strangers. Crowd favorites seemed to be, “Best Man,” and “More Love From A Stranger,” but that could be personal bias. The crowd was so imploring, we were fortunate enough to receive an encore. Romano took requests and played a number of favorites from his released albums. Comically, he couldn’t remember all of the songs he started during his encore, and we were satisfied with snippets of chorus. All in all, Daniel Romano is an excellent musician, a fantastic singer and lyricist and a wonderful performer. I don’t think anyone left the show dissatisfied. I eagerly await his return to Kingston, and am seriously considering following his tour to Toronto.

Daniel Romano


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