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In an ever-changing global music and arts culture, one certainty still remains. The city that never sleeps, New York City, continues to wear the crown of trend-setting tastes. In a column every-so-often, special reporter to Music Emissions, Danielle Martin will take on the beast known as the five boroughs and all it has to offer…

DeadBolt Wine and The Oxymorons

Dead Bolt Music Cellar Featuring The Oxymorrons – 8/12/13 Rockwood Music Hall

New music… new experiences – my early thirties have brought me to a point where I lament that I need these things very badly. So, when I recently received an invite to Dead Bolt’s Music Cellar
event, who was I to decline? So, on a Monday night I trekked out to Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan’s Lower East side for this special event that proved to be a bit of both for me.

Walking into stage 2 at this venue, I quickly realized why it was such a choice location for new acts – an extremely intimate setup with every spectator within 30 feet of the stage even if seated in the balcony above, bar or presenter always gets a crowd in the right mood for an event – especially a wine tasting with a lively act set to perform. As I arrived at the venue, there were people floating throughout the venue holding identical glasses of the same delicious wine featured in the sole billboard located at the door.

While the wine flowed, we were left with the option of setting up to watch the act on the base floor or journeying upstairs to take photos in the specially themed photo booth (can’t wait to see how
those turned out) while picking a spot to watch the show from above.. Not a bad setup at all. Winners of the #Breakintoit contest, The Oxymorrons arrived at the venue and set up quickly for the show – unleashing their playful and fun beats on the crowd while the spectators happily danced along in place to the music while enjoying Dead Bolt’s delicious special Winemaker’s Blend.

Although I have never been to a live hip-hop show before, the wine and beats had me bopping along with the rest of the crowd while happily sipping away at my wine. I must say, although I was not a fan of red when I arrived – the slightly sweet, yet woody taste of that wine finished off whatever reserve their rock-themed marketing plan had not worn down already. During their set of “Alone” brothers Ki and Dee harnessed that raw energy that most NY natives are known for and dug into the tune with DJ Mr. Hernandez mixing while drummer Matty Mayz pounded away in the rear – the crowd reacted in kind with a perpetual bob pulsing in rhythm with the song which continued through their enthusiastic set.

Fun was had by all at this great event, and a couple of people even walked away with some great loot courtesy of the generous sponsor.. My date actually was lucky enough to win the raffle for a Jabra
Solemate portable speaker – which is now being used constantly. The whole experience leaves me waiting for more newness – wonder what will be next? New genre, new location, all of the above?

Sounds pretty sweet to me.


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