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In an ever-changing global music and arts culture, one certainty still remains. The city that never sleeps, New York City, continues to wear the crown of trend-setting tastes. In a column every-so-often, special reporter to Music Emissions, Danielle Martin will take on the beast known as the five boroughs and all it has to offer…

Aly Tadros live at Joe’s Pub*

Folk music… This is definitely NOT your parent’s folk music. For the longest time, I had a slight aversion to folk music based on my experiences as a child listening to my Grandfather’s folk and country songs on the 8-track (hokey, etc. did not fit in with my rock/alternative mindset)…

Now, in my older age and salivating for exposure to all things new – I am finding that this music is not only relevant, but quite enjoyable, as is the case with Aly Tadros.
After touring through North America and Europe all winter and spring in support of her latest release, “The Fits”, Aly Tadros returned to NYC to share the pleasure of her fusion folk goodness at Joe’s Pub in Greenwich Village earlier this month. Based on the few songs I had heard in the days prior to the show, I had good expectations of her performance, but soon realized how unprepared I was for the ensemble that was about to commence.

Joe’s Pub (pictured below) – no ordinary pub by any means, with its solid acoustics and phenomenal layout provided perch seating for this playful folk performance boasting a cellist, upright bassist, violinist and back-up singer among special guest appearances by local vocalists.

Pictured Below: L-R Amy Kang (Cello), Rebeka Durham (Violin, B. Vocals), Caitlin Mahoney (B. Vocals), Aly Tadros (Vocals, Guitar, Ukele, Vihuela), Cody Rahn (Drums), Mieka Pauley (B. Vocals – “Keep Up”, Bryan Percivall (Upright Bass)tadrostwo

With a quick intro and a big smile, Aly opened up to an eager audience with “It All” – a light and spirited performance calling for energy from all on stage. This opening song did not disappoint – getting everyone in the crowd amp’ed up for the lively performances to come from the talented songstress. By the end of the song, the entire audience was captivated by the performers on stage and the relaxed atmosphere swaying back and forth to the music.

tadrosthreeIntroducing “Alberta” – a song written on the road during the cold winter weather in Canada, she lamented that some stops had GPS coordinates in lieu of addresses. Tadros then transitioned into a warm and comforting melody that left me feeling like I might not mind the cold weather after all, an insurmountable feat in my mind after the nasty storms this past year.

tadrossoloThe evening’s performance took us all on a pleasant journey with Miss Tadros through different phases of love and life. Running the full gamut of emotion from the sweet beginnings of love and hope for happiness in “Sweet on Me” to the growth of a woman bidding away the presence of a love gone bad in “But a Memory” – I am left with the impression that I’ll be eagerly anticipating her next release and keeping my eyes open for what’s on the horizon for this talented young artist.
*All photos credit: Danielle Martin


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