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Festivals: SXSW 2015

posted March 16, 2015, 3:42 am by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Festivals, Live Show Reviews, On The Verge | comment Leave a Comment

Some of you have been reading our editorials since 1999, so you already know mainstream gatherings don’t usually catch our attention or inspire our admiration.

Inaugurated in 1987, it’s fair to say, annual music conference South By Southwest has earned its place on our feed. Despite it’s progressively consumerific format and over-priced entry fees to live music and keynote speakers, four days of the year, literally spanning the city limits of Austin, TX, the music portion of the conference still contains the independent spirit method of tomorrow’s music today.


Indie artists drive in on fumes to play an over-booked showcase and hob-knob with industry executives, pundits and music zealots alike. Whether it’s larger-than-life artists playing secret shows under psuedonym’s or local keep Austin weird vibes putting it’s signature on the scene, every year is an inforgettable event, somehow, someway.

So let us apologize in advance for missing something from the massive conference, because we will miss plenty. We’ll let every one else clammer over Jimmy Kimmel (and some very talented guests) broadcasting from Austin all week, the Trade Show Block Party, Tinder fake-outs or multiple screenings of the seemingly intense new Kurt Cobain rockumentary, “Montage of Heck,” as our focus will be to get the scoop on some of the best music showcases the conference has to offer. And for whatever we miss there, scoop their live streaming link.

Over the next four days (and weeks to follow), two Music Emissions staff members will attempt to re-produce the monster gathering for your clicking pleasure. Let’s get to know them.


Position: Editor
Years On Staff: 4
Musical Interests: See playlist
Tis the ides of March which signals the time to pack up said belongings and head to the Lone Star state capital for SXSW. Back for my second year, am hoping to have a saner and more organized experience with the help of my electronic friends, RSVPSTER, SXLines, SXSWWhoa and SouthByFreeNoms which will aid my showcase and party attending festivities. With the embarrassment of musical riches which lay in wait each day, will hopefully get a chance to see the following below. Along with fellow correspondent Jason Henshaw in tow, bring on the free tacos and we shall see how successful of an excursion it is.

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Jason Henshaw

Position: Music Correspondent
Years On Staff: 10
So I am one of those people that native Austinites hate, I migrated to their hidden SXSW music utopia. At least that is what we let them think anyway. This will be my forth year attending the mecca of all music events and I am stoked. If you have never been to Austin during this time, SXSW is kind of big deal, like myself (i kid, I kid.) The atmosphere is pure chaos and epic-ness. You can expect things such as pop up shows on the street, to surprise shows by big name artists, free swag/beverages/food and people from all over the world. Thankfully I had help this year from RSVPSTER and SouthByFreeNoms to help aid in planning my schedule. As I prepare the week of all weeks, wish me good luck to provide an insight into what is SXSW.


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