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Review: Ruby Rose at Beta Waterloo

posted September 24, 2015, 10:31 pm by madelainej | Filed Under Live Show Reviews | comment Leave a Comment

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Ruby Rose, of Orange is the New Black fame, tattoo model and DJ, played a set at Beta in Waterloo on September 13, 2015. The night I went to see her, started typically – with a very long line. Luckily, however, my sister has mad connections and we were able to jump the line. Apparently, networking pays off (I’ll have to give it a try some time). Beta filled up quickly, turning into a confused hive of dancing, drinking, the consumption of various substances which induced a variety of strange behavior, and music. Like all worthy celebrities, we were subjected to an opener, Adam Spears.

photo credit to Beta Night Clubphoto credit to Beta Night Club

While it was apparent, the room was humming with excited anticipation for the headliner, I must congratulate Spears on keeping up a good mood. The music built up well, the transitions were hardly noticeable and the drop at times was note worthy. Spears tried to keep surmounting tension immersed in the music, encouraging the crowd, of predominantly women, to dance. His music forced me to recognize a DJ’s talent in simply encouraging masses of people to dance, to build a community, maybe even friendship, among strangers with the simple act of dancing. But this can only be kept up for so long. As midnight neared and rumours of the arrival of Ruby Rose circulated the club, the crowd had had enough of Spears. At one point the crowd burst into a chant of “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.” But Ruby would not appear until well after midnight. I didn’t think to check my watch, but I believe she didn’t begin her set until 1am. It was hinted that Ruby had a gruelling schedule and was tired.

photo credit to Beta Night Club

photo credit to Beta Night Club

photo credit to Beta Night Club



However, she was well worth the wait. I had always scoffed at people swooning in front of celebrities. I never understood the awestruck nature of crowds when a famous person was within proximity, but when Ruby Rose walked by and I was confronted with her unearthly beauty, it all made sense. She ascended to the stage against the din of screaming fans while the jumbo screens flashed cartoon caricatures of Ruby Rose. And then, the beat dropped. Suddenly, it was apparent what we had been waiting for; unfortunately for Spears, it was also glaringly apparent how talented Ruby was by comparison. Her charism is undiminished behind the soundboard of a professional DJ and her unique style infected her music in the best possible way. Ruby wasn’t necessarily original, sticking to many top 40 hits, but the crowd was clearly loving it. A pair of panties made their way to Ruby, which she indulgently danced with before punching them out of the air. An hour later a bra accompanied those panties, receiving the same treatment. The crowd danced, laughed, cheered and danced some more. The transitions were noticeable, but Rose is incredibly talented at orchestrating the crowd. She played her fans like a puppet master, giving them a taste and leaving them thirsty for more.

photo credit to Beta Night Club

photo credit to Beta Night Club



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