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Sublime w/Rome, The Dirty Heads, and Matisyahu Tour Review

posted August 22, 2010, 6:30 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Live Show Reviews | comment 5 Comments

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Sometimes things get better the longer they last. It may almost be time for kids to head back to school, but that doesn’t mean that summer or vacation is over…yet. Sometimes things also get better right before they end. Which explains why most of us are trying to squeeze every final moment we can out of the sun’s radiant rays while they last. This is exactly the feeling the last week in July when thousands turned out in the Texas heat to party with Sublime with Rome, Matisyahu, and The Dirty Heads.

The behavior of the crowd was typical of what you would expect of any great summer concert: intoxicated, rowdy, lazy, late, rebellious, stoned, and care free. The audience slowly but steadily started showing up as the first act took the stage. From the parking lot to the stage, there was no mistaking it: it was gonna be a West Coast vibe all night.

Filling the opening slot was one of the hottest up and coming bands this year, The Dirty Heads. Imagine if Sublime, The Beastie Boys, Bob Marley, and Shwayze hung out, smoked out, and made some music together. Their songs were laid back and perfect for this time of year. They quickly won everyone over, they are very convincing in their craft. Every worry and problem quickly dissolved and melted away as the reggae and hip hop from the guitars and percussion took over. Just like their record, Any Port in a Storm, the set list was infectious and unrelenting. They blasted through many of their best and most popular songs like “Neighborhood”, “Shine”, “Believe”, and without doubt one of the summer’s hottest hits, “Lay Me Down”. This was the first chance of the night to see Rome. And although no one said it out loud, everyone seemed to have the same thought: why the hell are The Dirty Heads on the stage before Matisyahu?

Speaking of the Jew, he put on as much of a kick ass demonstration as a Hasidic could, or that you could imagine one could. His sounds were mellow and smooth, much like the other performers on the bill. His music and tone shared the same vibes with both other bands. Playing songs from all his albums, his live band sounded good even though they were small. There would probably have been a better flow during the night if he had opened, followed by the Dirty Heads, but the show must go on.

The high energy of the gathering reached nearly epidemic proportions as the time finally arrived for Sublime with Rome to take the stage. It probably goes without saying it, but the overwhelming majority of those attending had never got to see the group’s original lineup. Not even all the weed smoked before this point could prepare to answer the question on every one’s minds as the tension built: how the hell would it be without Bradley? Much to every one’s relief and astonishment, Rome Ramirez is a brilliant and sparkling star that isn’t afraid to shine. Kicking off the night’s much anticipated set list was “Date Rape”, followed right up by “Get Ready”, then of course “Smoke Two Joints”. The dynamic set included so many familiar songs it was like a greatest hits play list: “Wrong Way”, “Santeria”, “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, “Summertime”, “Bad Fish”, “40 Oz. to Freedom”, and without doubt an encore of “What I Got”.

Such a great summer night! If it’s not yet obvious, The Dirty Heads are most def a band to keep your eyes and ears on, this summer and beyond. Matisyahu may be in his prime, and so unique he doesn’t really have any competition. And finally, Sublime with Rome are at a crossroads: will they be able to transition from only playing nostalgic music to creating new music that is as creative and vibrant as their past? Only time will tell, but I will go out on a limb and say the best may be yet to come. I’m betting on them, and I think you should too. Sometimes things get better the longer they last.


5 Responses to “Sublime w/Rome, The Dirty Heads, and Matisyahu Tour Review”

  1. Profile photo of Brian Rutherford Brian Rutherford on August 24th, 2010 9:58 pm

    I’m jealous, heard Dirty Heads are fun live, and glad to see Sublime with Rome didnt disappoint. Great feature Benjy…

  2. Profile photo of gutterseed gutterseed on August 24th, 2010 11:34 pm

    Dirty heads are sick! Journey stories are always fun. I’ve been reading this book called into the wild. There was a movie made about it. If you like story songs and want a really good read, the book is a must. I’ve only heard one song by dirty heads and can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Profile photo of dscanland dscanland on September 3rd, 2010 12:03 pm

    I’d love to see these guys. Nice review Ben!

  4. Profile photo of gutterseed gutterseed on September 4th, 2010 5:59 pm

    The dysfunctional front man syndrome, good for sublime getting on with their career. It pisses me off when drugs throw a band off course for decades. Kurt cobain, layne stayly, Bradley, no doubt they had talent, but all 3 bands came back, aic, foo fighters, and now sublime. The irresponsible actions of those 3 frontmen should have been blown out of the water years ago. Just bc they couldn’t cope with fame doesn’t mean their mates should have to live w/ the pain and continued irritation of the hype of a show being hopeful they live up to…a heroin addict or a tweaker. Thank god dave grohl didn’t sit as long as sublime and aic.

  5. Profile photo of sami2203 sami2203 on September 18th, 2010 12:02 am

    Versant has some really awesome tracks going on, do not miss their new album coming out this on 21st Sept

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