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Artist Update: Sublime With Rome, Dirty Heads, and 311

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Last weekend, we were lucky enough to catch the Sublime With Rome (SWR) and 311 show, as the Unity Tour 2011 stopped in Dallas. We’ve been covering SWR since last year, including a phone interview with Rome in April before the release of their lastest record, Yours Truly. It’s their first new, original music recorded since the addition of Rome to the current line-up. Watch as I get a few minutes to chat with the new lead singer as we discuss the tour, the new record, and some special exclusive news:

As we learned from the video interview, special guest Jared Watson from Dirty Heads made a special appearance on vocals during SWR’s performance of “Safe And Sound”. We have exclusive HD video:

I also was lucky enough to talk to Jared on the phone later on that week. Here is what he had to say:

Hey Jared, how’s it going? I had no idea when I was interviewing Rome last weekend that I would be interviewing you again so soon!

What’s up? That’s cool, yeah I was in Dallas for the SWR/311 and have just been chilling with my girlfriend who lives here since.

What can you tell us about the new, upcoming tour?

The record label essentially locked us in a conference room and had us make a list of every band we would ever want to tour with. After that brainstorming session, we landed on Gym Class Heroes. We always like to tour with bands that are different than us and they seemed like the best band for us to tour with, at this point.

Have you played with Gym Class Heroes before?

Yeah we did Street Scene Fest in San Diego a few years back with them.

Last time we spoke on the phone in April, you mentioned being on the road over 200 dates last year. How are you feeling about hitting the road again?

Great actually. This summer has been different for us. Instead of constantly traveling, we have had some much needed down time. Duddy B got married, we have got some surfing in. We have still played like 20 shows or so, mostly just one off gigs, like fly in Friday, leave Monday. So we aren’t antsy to hit the road, but we have been able to relax, and get refreshed, and re-energized. And that has really translated into the new record we have been working on.

Is “Believe” being released as a single?

Yea, we just released it actually. So we are already working on new material, but we are still getting traction out of Any Port In A Storm. We’ve got new artwork for it, and it should start being played on radio soon.

Do you know if this will be an EP or LP yet? And what can you tell us about the new record?

It will definitely be an LP. At the moment we have 20 or more songs, so will probably be taking that down to 10 or 12. We went to Sonic Ranch in El Paso, the same place that Sublime originally recorded, and where SWR just recorded. It’s great, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so there isn’t anyone to bother us, or any bullshit to get in the way. It’s chill, there is art, we get to be creative, and just get to be us.

Will the new record be available on vinyl?

We really hope so, we’re trying. I love vinyl, we wanted Any Port to be, but couldn’t convince the powers that be.

You have already mentioned SWR. Seeing you in Dallas last weekend before the show was so rad. How did filling in as special guest spot at the show feel?

It was so cool! I was really nervous, I mean Rome and I are cool, we’re friends and have played together before. But Bud and Eric…the original Sublime members…it was intimidating at first. But so much fun, so exhilarating, I’m still buzzing off it.

Any indie/up and coming bands you can recommend?

Yeah, check out Simpkin Project if you haven’t yet. They are great, we really dig them. They have a roots/reggae/rock kind of sound. And Outasight, a hip-hop artist, who will be opening for us on the upcoming tour.

What can you tell us about Sunset Strip Music Fest? Excited to hang out and meet anyone there?

Yeah, I think that’s coming up next weekend. The whole thing should be cool, but if anyone, really Motley Crue. I was interviewed by Nikki Sixx, and that was way cool.

What can you tell us about The Pier?

Oh wow, like the Pier magazine and website? Yeah, it’s a scene site. Totally unique, and nothing else like it out there. It has built up from the ground covering bands like us, Sublime With Rome, Simpkin Project, HB Surround Sound. It’s great.

I always like to ask some random questions that have nothing to do with music. What was the last thing you stole?

Those are my favorite questions! Um…wow…let’s see. I haven’t done much of it, like once as a kid I had some candy and forgot about it and walked out of the store with it on accident. I felt awful and went right back. Oh, I know, the last time was in high school. I was always stoned, and at school there were these amazing cookies. So during lunch I would have the munchies, I would get pizza. Then I would sneak and put the cookies under the pizza to hide them!

So is that how BJ’s invented the pizookie?

Dirty Heads will start their tour Sunday, October 9th, in Dallas, so we will be covering it. In addition to Gym Class Heroes, Outasight will also be performing. Check out the Dirty Heads single, “Believe”.

Finally, here is the review of the show, photos courtesy of Michelle Pelissero:


As the day gave way to sunset, rain clouds dissipated and produced an overdue tempeture drop at the outdoor venue. Yet the energy seemed to be steadily building as the crowd grew in size. It wasn’t a completely sold out event, but you would have been surprised by scanning the surrounding swarm of activity. And your guess is correct, there was an abundance of smoking going on. The opening artist, and first to take the stage, was DJ Trichome. The show started early for a weekend, so the audience was still trickling in as he was spinning. Not to mention it was a stoner friendly crowd, so no one was too focused on time. As much good as I would like to say about him, we weren’t able to catch much of his set. From what we did hear, it seemed like some Girl Talk influenced mash ups.

SWR stepped out on stage earlier than scheduled, yet the outdoor venue had already grown in both numbers and anticipation. SWR set the pace and theme by kicking off their set playing the classic “Smoke Two Joints”. As you would expect, they enthusiastically played a mix of both old gems and new hits. These included “Panic”, “Wrong Way”, “Take It Or Leave It”, “Santeria”, “Lover’s Rock”, and ‘Murdera”. And without doubt the one and only, fan favorite “What I Got”. It’s both amazing and ironic how much Rome at times sounds like the former original frontman, Bradley. Their confidence has strengthened from recording and touring, and manifested through their music. Bud and Eric, the original drummer and bass player, were as tight musically as ever, without question still at the top of their game.

The appearance with Jared went great, as evidenced by the video. They also included “Date Rape”, “Doin’ Time”, and “My World” before ending. It’s nearly just as fun to watch the audience as it is the band as they sing and dance along. Somehow there are still those who don’t yet know that Sublime is back together with a new lead singer. That will likely change quickly, as the band is primed and ready to surpass their early success. The only complaint was that their 70 minute set was way too short.

Between SWR and 311, DJ Soulman came up to bridge the gap in between. On the Unity Tour all summer long, this DJ was another mash up artist. Each DJ did a great job of spinning and keeping the party moving along. Several people I talked to were shocked that 311 was headlining instead of SWR. But it was obvious that the majority of those in attendance were clearly there to see 311–and for good reason.

They also opened with an older classic and crowd pleaser, “Beautiful Disaster”. They performed “Prisoner”, “Sick Tight”, the new “Sunset in July”, followed by their hit “Come Original”. Both singers SA Martinez and Nick Hexum were all over the stage throughout the entire 2 hour set. A major highlight was seeing bassist P-Nut execute an exhilarating solo. Without any degree of difficulty, they easily persuaded nearly everyone to both sing loudly and jump crazily around. They wouldn’t exit the premises without also performing “All Mixed Up”, “Amber”, “Feels So Good”, and “Down”. They returned for a 2 song encore, “Omaha Stylee” and “Creatures (For A While)”.

The ending of summer always brings mixed feelings. On this night, no one that I talked to could agree which band had the best demonstration. The best way to understand this is to know which fans you are talking to: 311 fans thought 311 was better, SWR fans thought SWR was better. Guess trying to decide which band was better isn’t the worst problem to have.

You can see the rest of the photos here:

311 pics

SWR pics

311 Setlist
Beautiful Disaster
Sick Tight
Sunset In July
Come Original
Time Bomb
Beyond The Gray Sky
Applied Science
All Mixed Up
Give Me a Call
Do You Right
Bass Solo
Wild Nights
Feels So Good


Omaha Stylee
Creatures (For A While)


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