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Avant Garde hip hop artist Dalek to start record label

posted June 23, 2008, 3:30 pm by dscanland | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

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“I basically started deadverse recordings because I know of too many great musicians with amazing albums, obviously some of which I have been lucky enough to work on musically as well, that were not seeing the light of day. During my recording career, I’ve been blessed to work with incredibly fair and artist-friendly labels like Ipecac, Hydrahead, and Public Guilt. I hope to model deadverse recordings after those labels and provide a place for artists and their creations to call home. deadverse recordings was founded as a home for real music by the illest musicians out there. Never mind genre, to quote Phil Spector, “there are only two kinds of music… good and bad!” We here at deadverse recordings only work with the first kind.” – MC dalek

deadverse recordings’ first release, due out November 2008, is ODDATEEE’s “HALFWAY HOMELESS,” 12 hard-hitting tracks from the underbelly of hip hop, coming straight from the edge of insanity! ODDATEEE’s stream of conscience flow taps into his fears, angers, and frustrations. Backed by production by dälek himself, Komplx, Digital Unicorn, and cuts by dj Motiv, ODDATEEE bounces from the dark gritty streets to the old school vibe of abandoned building party joints.

HALFWAY HOMELESS is a paranoid ride through the mind of this Hip Hop Maestro/Madman. If you love that Boom Bap with a twist of insanity, you will love ODDATEEE… and you NEED “HALFWAY HOMELESS.” The album’s first single, “RICANS,” is a new anthem for Puerto Ricans and old school Hip Hop/ Electro fans alike.

The Deadverse Recordings website will be launching shortly.

For more information, visit:


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