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Bonnaroo & YouTube Announce Partnership

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Bonnaroo and YouTube are excited to announce Bonnaroo365, ( 365).  Set to launch on May 7, 2012, Bonnaroo 365 will take the approach of the festival that Rolling Stone named as “one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll” and evolve it from an annual terrestrial event into a digital entertainment destination. Themed around the pursuit of “Good Stuff,” the literal meaning of Bonnaroo, the channel will feature talent-driven episodic originals, daily comedy and music programming as well as an archive of legendary festival performances.  All of it curated and produced by the Bonnaroo producers.

“Bonnaroo has always been about much more than four days on the farm in Manchester, TN,” said festival co-founder Jonathan Mayers.  “Our fans are virtually together all year long. We not only want to give our core community a great entertainment destination, but we want to reach the audience out there that thinks like us, but perhaps can’t always make the trip each June.” 

Like the festival itself, besides music, a large part of the channel’s offerings will tap into Bonnaroo’s deep connection to comedy, film, adventure and the pursuit of artistic expression.  Bonnaroo 365 will also maximize the festival’s close relationship with talent and its strong social media footprint, creating a new bridge for fan access and appreciation.  Additionally, Bonnaroo 365 will be the exclusive home for backstage and behind the scenes content shot on-site at Bonnaroo, which takes place this year from June 7 – 10.

The approach to programming Bonnaroo365 will be similar to the production and curation that goes into planning the festival each year, where 80,000 gather to have Good Stuff delivered directly to them for four incomparable days and nights.  The exploration of new sounds and sights and a strong community will be the thread connecting the content on the channel, and, be it a surprise and unexpected performance, or perhaps a comedic adventure or simply exploring musical tastes, Bonnaroo 365 will engage and entertain, always with passion and joy, and all in the name of Bonnaroo, ‘good stuff’.

 Series Announcements:

 Back To The Farm:  The Bonnaroo Archives

This ongoing programming features some of Bonnaroo’s most epic live performances.  Phish, Mumford and Sons, My Morning Jacket, and Metallica are just a few of the artists to be included.  Never seen outside of the festival, these weekly performance rollouts will be complemented by curated YouTube playlists, social engagement with the Bonnaroo 365 community and interviews and commentary by those who have been influenced and inspired by our featured artists. The series begins with the My Morning Jacket performance from Bonnaroo 2011. It’s available now at for seven days.

 Janson Skivvy: Festival Director

Rhys Darby, who is most famous for his role as Murray in HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, plays Janson Skivvy, the Bonnaroo Festival Director.  Now that he’s at Bonnaroo, he’s got big ideas — they’re just completely different from everything he planned.  From dropping in on bands to make their songs “better” to helping vendors and fans, Jensen’s rock and roll attitude has got it covered.

Adventures In: Mardi Gras

Directed by Casey Neistat (HBO’s Neistat Brothers, Nike Make It Count Film, and NY Times Op Ed videos) these mini-documentaries give a taste of the real New Orleans and Mardi Gras to the uninitiated.  The series features music, parades, parties, partyers and some true legends of New Orleans.  Neistat’s films are shot in a spontaneous style, allowing viewers to experience the event first-hand. Watch the Adventures In: Mardi Gras trailer here:


Chris Gethard, Upright Citizens Brigade comedian and host of The Chris Gethard Show, will only perform at Bonnaroo if he can make it to Bonnaroo. And he can only make it to Bonnaroo through the miracle of human kindness.  Dropped on the west coast of America with no cash, credit cards or phone, his goal is to get to the festival in time for his show at 2am on opening night. Part Muppet Movie, part Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, his cameraman will give him periodic access to Twitter and Facebook so he can post his whereabouts along with video of his circumstances.  From there, it’s all up to the audience to follow his journey, invest in his well being, and actually try to help him. #BonnarooGethard announcement can be seen here:

 Its The Real

Since 2007, Eric and Jeff Rosenthal have become the go-to for immediate, on-point reactions regarding popular music and hip-hop culture, and now they’re taking their critically acclaimed sketch comedy series, Its The Real, to Bonnaroo.  Eric and Jeff will conduct interviews and produce content leading up to and on the grounds at the festival.  In the last year Eric & Jeff have hilariously interviewed musical artists like Stevie Wonder and Rick Ross, entertainers like Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino, and athletes like the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, and the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade.

Universally Speaking with Rob Cantrell

Life in Brooklyn is confusing, and it has NY comedian Rob Cantrell (Comedy Central, HBO, Last Coming Standing) contemplating bigger questions. Luckily, he is deeply tuned in to all the messages of the universe.  This connection allows him to communicate with random objects to reap the rewards of their sweet wisdom.    Will these encounters lead him to a deeper understanding of his unique existence or even greater state of confusion?  The answers are out there and only he can hear them.  Series features cameo appearances by Marina Franklin, Kurt Metzger, Greer Barns, and Robin Montague.

 About Bonnaroo:

Since its inception in 2002, Bonnaroo has earned its status as the country’s premier music and arts event and Rolling Stone called the festival “one of the 50 moments to change the history of rock and roll.” Set on 700 acres in Manchester, TN, Bonnaroo is a four-day festival that draws 80,000 fans every summer.  Featuring over 120 musical performances, along with comedy, cinema, sustainability workshops and more, the grounds are converted into a virtual city of music and art.  Bonnaroo has featured a staggeringly diverse range of world-class acts such as Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Metallica, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Arcade Fire, Willie Nelson, The Police, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty,  The Dave Matthews Band, James Brown, The White Stripes and The Dead, among so many others.

 The legendary event began in 2002 as a remarkable idea to serve a passionate fanbase, and ended up becoming the premier multi-day concert destination of the summer which dynamic and eclectic programming paved the way for the age of the great American music festival. Bonnaroo has now evolved into becoming much more than just a concert destination; it has become a cultural touchstone and, for two generations of music fans, a rite of passage.



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