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Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 1

posted October 23, 2013, 12:52 am by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Music News, Video | comment Leave a Comment

We have all tried doing lists at some point, lists of our favourite songs and albums among them. I am no different and have managed to compile a list of my 1000 favourite tracks. Over the coming weeks, months, I will be sharing these with you, hopefully inspiring others to follow suit with their own lists.

So, in reverse order, for the first 20, here goes.

Charles Martel’s 1000-980

1000. The Sun the Sun – “Taken for a Ride” (12″ Single)

An honorary mention as this self-released single was written by myself and featured myself on drums with a few friends comprising the rest of the band. Excuse the self-indulgence.

999. Robert Johnson – “Terraplane Blues” (The King of the Delta Blues Singers)

Robert Johnson’s first single, released in 1937. Not the last song to link sex and cars.

998. Paik – “Jayne Field” (Satin Black)

Best track from an album of oppressive drone instrumentals.

997. Blitz – “Solar” (Second Empire Justice)

Blitz started out as an Oi outfit but thankfully ditched that for a more post-punk feel. “Solar” was a roustabout track from the band’s second album.

996. The Psychedelic Furs – “Torture” (Midnight to Midnight)

From a much-maligned album, “Torture” has a heavy syncopation that I defy anyone to try and dance to.

995. Marillion – “Kayleigh” (Misplaced Childhood)

Marillion could be quite good when they weren’t pretending to be Genesis. No coincidence that “Kayleigh” was their most commercial release.

994. Ben Watt – “Some Things Don’t Matter” (North Marine Drive)

Better known as half of Everything but the Girl, Ben Watt’s “Some Things Don’t Matter” had lines in it which could almost have been written about me.

993. The Wild Poppies – “This Person” (Heroine EP)

New Zealand jangle pop with a unique experimental feel to it. Definitely worth checking out.

992. Wire – “Mercy” (Chairs Missing)

Wire could, at times, be infuriating. Always ground-breaking but often hard to access, “Mercy” was the band’s best.

991. The Velvelettes – “He Was Really Saying Something” (7″ Single)

Early Motown with a doo-wop influence and all the hallmarks of some of the label’s later great hits.

990. Claude Debussy – “Clair de Lune” (Bergamesque Suite)

Evocative and expressive piano piece inspired by Paul Verlaine’s poem of the same name.

989. Les Discrets – “L’Échappé” (Septembre et Ses Derniere Pensées)

French black metal has a unique feel to it. Les Discrets bring a cold almost dispassionate feel to their sound and “L’Échappé” is the best track on this album.

988. Franz Liszt – “Rhapsody No. 2” (Hungarian Rhapsodies)

Probably the best known of Liszt’s take on Hungarian folk music.

987. Siouxsie & the Banshees – “Arabian Knights (12″)” (Juju)

Shimmering and shuddering song, so typical of Siouxsie & the Banshees. Has a very distinctive production.

986. The Music – “Guide” (Welcome to the North)

The Music’s particular style of dance-punk never really took off, but “Guide” is undoubtedly their best track.

985. Joaquin Rodrigo – “Adagio” (Concerto de Aranjuez)

Instantly-recognisable Spanish guitar movement from Rodrigo’s most famous suite.

984. Asobi Seksu – “Lions and Tigers” (Citrus)

Nugaze gets a bad rap but when it is good, as in this Asobi Seksu track, it can almost rival the original.

983. The Triffids – “Hometown Farewell Kiss” (Calenture)

There is something recognisably Australian about the Triffids. “Hometown Farewell Kiss” is a true outback song.

982. The Beautiful Losers – “Be with Me (Not with Them)” (7″ Single)

Named after a Leonard Cohen novel, the Beautiful Losers never got anywhere with this single. Pity because it has a fine jangly rolling feel to it.

981. Game Theory – “Dripping with Looks” (Lolita Nation)

Grinding guitars and shuddering chords make this a track well worth checking out – if you can find it, that is.


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