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Live: Ed Sheeran in Milan: between + and X!

posted November 29, 2014, 10:44 pm by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Live Show Reviews, Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Ed Sheeran live Milan

Lots of people believe that “You never forget your first time!” and we’re pretty sure Ed Sheeran won’t forget his first gig in Italy, on the 20th of November at Alcatraz in Milan.

This concert was sold out for months. If you missed him this time, luckily he’ll return soon with two upcoming concerts planned in January as well! His British punctuality made him start the concert at 9:02 pm, ending precisely two hours later, with an amazing “Sing”, with over 2500 people in the venue, taking part. A real “one man show”, Ed was all alone on the stage but played like there were other four people on that stage. Cover, mash up, original arrangements and, above all, a live loop station’s application that left us without words. He beautifully harmonized the audience’s choruses and we spent all the time singing following his directions.

His two hour performance was fiery, especially on “I See Fire”, a song on “The Hobbit” soundtrack, where smoke and fog appeared.
Ed Sheeran live in Milan
The audience was comprised of teenagers, obviously with one or two mobile recording devices to film and to send in real-time (thanks to social networks and all the different chats you can think of) what was happening on the stage at that precise moment. The setlist included a new track, not published yet (update below) that made us fall in love even more with his voice and with his incredible talent in writing deep emotional songs.

After two hours of music, two hours in which he played with precision, Ed Sheeran proved he is far from being just a teenage idol. He was born to play his music on the stages all around the world and beyond his well known ballads, there is a whole amazing world to discover.

Editor’s Note:
Not long after this live show review, a Sheeran cover surfaced at a very key moment in American Pop Culture.


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