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Editorial: Year of the Monkey

posted January 31, 2018, 10:53 pm by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Best Of, General Interest, Music News, On The Verge, Podcast, Slide Story | comment Leave a Comment

Friends, foes and the rest, lend me your ear as we go over what is expected to be the best year of albums releases in albums releases since, god knows when. What is likely to be looked back at as the legendary year of hypes, flops and… the rest…

1. Radiohead – Since “Pablo Honey”, these guys don’t know what musical privacy means. That said, they ALWAYS COME THROUGH in the coffee clutch. Gonna be a a great recording folks.
2. Brand New – Tease and tease, seemingly, this album was recorded, mixed and planned months ago, they’re biding their time, as per status quo. Good luck will bring it in 2016. Hang in there.
3. Atmosphere – Sean Daley and Aaron Lewis have surely met? “It’s been a while” since you inspired with that uniqueness you bleed.
4. Deftones – The teaser was so fine, let’s stick with it…don’t just be another album again.
5. Kings of Leon – We know you’re saying “God’s (not Lord’s) gonna get us back,” just admit it bro. Seriously, two straight disappointing albums, its time the Talihina foursome hits us with the real thing. They will lose the majority of their fans if they don’t publish aggressive, reckless loving punk and blues again. Sorry, this is the awkward truth.
6. Tool – In the same ilke of KOL, these guys could lose some fans if after years of inter-drama and all that jazz they don’t release a majory innovative collection of songs. This album cements their place in musical history, for good-or-ill, we ain’t talking about Puscifier folks, we’re talking that over-grown, over analyzed, ridiucoulous amount of materials (drums and strings) for one six settings recording session that includes echoes and avenues never visited by any rock band in history.
7. Jeff Buckley –
8. Explosions In The Sky- They just NEVER FAIL
9. Incubus – They could ressurect their career with a return to aggro-rock, but no one would believe it. Just go back to heartful shit and wish for the best.
10. M83 – Stick with what works, we obviously love the instrumental and lyric-light strife, make more!!!!!

Even big names like Wolfmother, Metallica, NIN, RHCP, Sepultura, Soundgarden,, TEsament, U2 and Wiz Khalifa will all bring a dramatic expectation to their release, whether they meet it or not, well, I suppose that’s a horse of another colour.


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