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Exclusive: Florence + the Machine on Good Morning America

posted November 22, 2011, 9:19 am by Carina | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

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Florence + the Machine arrived bright and early Monday morning to sound check for their performance on “Good Morning America”. This summer, they were part of GMA’s Summer Concert Series in Central Park and were invited back to the Fall Concert Series in the Time Square studio.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 15 people picked to stand in the studio for the performance. The audience coordinators only picked “hardcore Florence + the Machine fans”, and there was a nice group of them there including myself. The small audience was placed on the left side of the stage near the keyboardists. Being behind the scenes for a live TV show is interesting. Florence + the Machine sang a few lines from “No Light, No Light”, but we didn’t hear the vocals. The closing segment was also filmed early on. Earlier, I heard them sound check for “No Light, No Light” and “Dog Days Are Over”, but they only had time for them to sing “Shake It Out”.

We had about 15 minutes before they were to perform “Shake it Out” live.  Florence blew kisses to Isabella (keyboardist) and waved at the small group of fans. I have met Florence, Isabella Machine and Tom Monger (harpist) a few times in the past.  Florence saw me in the crowd and we exchanged some far away hellos, and when she was allowed, she came over and gave me a hug. Isabella and Florence talked to all the fans, took pictures, and personalized and signed autographs. Our specific conversation was about Tequila (there is a story behind this, but it is way too long to tell here). They read and commented on every fan’s poster that was made for them. Isabella borrowed a fan’s sign that said, “Florence You’re Awesome!” and took a picture with Florence, making it look like she made it. Isabella asked Florence if she should write a message on the sign to “Saturday Night Live” comedian, Jason Sudeikis, who they met this past Saturday on the set of SNL. Isabella got scared and said she might get in trouble, so a fan should write it. The sign was never made, but nice attempt!

GMA’s host, Robin Roberts, did a quick interview with Florence, but it was hard to hear from where we were standing. Florence is very soft spoken. I am sure viewers heard it perfectly.

Right before the performance, Florence came over and gave Isabella another huge hug, kissed her on the cheek and said ‘I love you’. She waved to the spectators outside behind the stage looking in, and the countdown began for them to get ready to perform their latest single, “Shake it Out”.

After the performance, we were sent outside. I ran into Isabella and Tom to say my final goodbyes. Besides a few holiday shows in December, it looks like US fans may not see Florence + the Machine perform until Spring next year, when they are done their European/UK tour.

“Good Morning America” will have the video posted of the performance soon, and we will make sure to post it here!


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