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Interview: All Time Low

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All Time Low started their European tour in Milan, on the 9th of March and it was pretty amazing.

All Time LowThey played live in front of more their Italian fans who were waiting for them since the day after their last Italian gig: the show was sold out since weeks and the band was pretty excited thinking about the European fandom’s growth during these seven years.

We met them and we asked them something about their upcoming album, “Future Hearts“, here’s what they told us.


You said that “Future Hearts” will give All Time Low fans a “refreshed taste of the band”: how different has been the recording process? How do you think your fans will react?

Alex: The recording process wasn’t a ton different in the sense of making a record, you know this is our fifth studio record…
Rian/Jack: …sixth!
Alex: Sixth studio record! We’ve recorded records in a lot of different ways, with a lot of different people and it’s kinda like that part is a sort of part of the course now, but you know we worked with John Feldmann on this one, whom we never worked with in that capacity before and that was obviously a new thing! Anytime you bring a new person in building a record it’s always kinda learning experience, learning how you work with them and how they use to operate and stuff like that… At the same time he’s like just a ball of energy, and he’s so creative, so it was like a kinda really positive new experience working with him as a producer
Rian: Especially after having worked with Mike Green, who’s extremely talented, extremely focused, while Feldmann one day, or one second, he’s got an idea for a chorus in one song and then, by the time you finished working on that line, he’s working on a totally different song!
Alex: Yeah! He jumps around a lot!
Rian: As you said, it’s a fresh perspective and it was cool!
Jack: We can say that this album is a little bit more band involved than the last couple! The entire band was there for the whole process, more or less like happened for “Nothing Personal”!
Alex: It’s different! When we did “Don’t Panic”, it was very like we had something to say, we had a point to prove: I think at that time a lot of people had forgotten how to do sort of the old school All Time Low; we kinda wanted to make a record that spoke to that and show that we still do what we used to do. With this record it kinda felt like the door was open to try some new things, you know, we didn’t want to keep making the same things over and over and over, ’cause it just gets boring, so we would like to keep ourselves excited and entertained and we would like to keep our fanbase on its toes and show that we can do things that aren’t always the same! With six records I always think about the live shows and what kinda songs we can do that can add something really cool to the live shows! We tried different styles (there is an acoustic song, a more electronic song or whatever…) because we didn’t have those dynamics in the set before and we thought it could be really cool to have these moments live!
Rian: There are some definitely All Time Low’s songs on it, that could have been on “Nothing Personal”, without any doubt… we have a square in which we usually work and we tried to work in the corners, but not too far outside of it!
Alex: Yeah, we’re definitely not going to make an hip hop record!

All Time Low live in Milan

What could you tell us about the experience about “FanGirl” movie with Meg Ryan?

Alex: I am a Fangirl!
Jack: Me and Meg Ryan had a sexual relationship. That’s off the record by the way!
Alex: I confirm! “Fan Girl” is a movie that was written with our band in mind, which is kinda interesting: the woman that wrote the movie… her daughter inspired the character of the movie and she was actually a massive All Time Low fan! They kinda wrote it with an “x” band, you know, in mind: it could have been any band this character was a fan of! They reached out and asked us if we wanted to be involved and the script was like so fitting into what we kinda see and we became part of that it felt really cool and fitting for what we do and … yeah! It was also an honor to be written in someone movie, no?

All Time Low live in Milan

Jack: And after being on a bunch of music videos and being on that side of the camera it was so weird to do that in a movie!
Rian: Yeah, and being aside!
Jack: It was crazy, because, you know, we were the background band, Kiernen?
Alex: Kiernan…
Jack: Sorry, I always have problems pronouncing her name! She was the focal point of the shot, you know, she’s the movie star, and it was funny being on that side! It was cool seeing how movies are made!
Alex: That really hurt Jack’s ego!
Rian: You could see Jack in the back following the shot like…
Alex: … breaking character, guys!
Jack: That’s true!
Alex: Yeah, they reached out to us first! The script was cool, it kinda has “Mean Girls” vibes, you know, like movies that we’ve been fans of! It seemed like there would have been a lot of fun being part of and we got in!

A question about the name o f the album: how did you decide for “Future Hearts”?

Jack: Alex proposed it one day and we said “It’s fucking awesome!”, but has a meaning too!

Alex: There’s a feeling that we had had all over those years, in particular moments of our career tht made us feel that we were on the right track. Those moments kinda take your breath away and make you feel like what you’re chasing after is the right thing: you only get one chance, you know what I mean? For weeks and weeks, making the record I was trying to find a phrase or something that meant what we felt like the record was saying, we came up with future hearts and it kinda speaks to us, it speaks to our fanbase as well: I kinda considered the whole thing incapsulated in that!

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