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Interview: Alvaro Soler

posted June 3, 2015, 11:00 am by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

El-Mismo-Sol-Alvaro-SolerSince the end of April in every Italian radio station you can listen to a fresh new song that can make you feel like you’re already living the best summer of your life.This song is “El Mismo Sol” by Alvaro Soler and it could seriously make you feel anxious for the summer to come. Its rhythm will make you dance even in the middle of the street and you won’t resist. It’s amazing and the sound of the Spanish lyrics create an amazing effect within the melody. At the end of June, he will release his first album “Eterno Agosto“, in which 13 tracks will guide you through personal experiences within a Spanish sound easily recognizable through the entire record.

We met him and we asked him some questions about his life, about his songs and about what does the music mean to him.

How do you create your songs, in which language do you write? Cause you’re half Spanish, half German…
I do a bit of everything, so I wrote songs in English, not only in Spanish, but this time I wanted to concentrate on Spanish and create a latino album for myself; this is the first time I do a solo album. Of course, it’s very different to write in English or to write in Spanish, I’ve never written in German, ’cause I didn’t feel like writing my songs in German… So, for this time, Spanish has been easily chosen.

How could you describe your album?
I would describe it as a story: is a dynamic album, I didn’t want to work on an album where all the songs seemed the same. Hopefully, everyone will be able to feel that when they will listen to it: there are ballads, there are uptime songs and some more emotional too… The sound is very organic: you can feel the energy and the positiveness in all the songs of album!
Is this album a concept album?
It’s a concept album in the way where every track has a personal story and it is based on personal experiences, and I think that it could be described as very personal.

What are your musical influences, what kind of music do you like to listen to in your free time?
I like to listen to a lot of different styles! Right now I am listening to an American singer, she’s called Bex, but she’s more dark, that’s something different, that’s really cool. I try to get different influences from everywhere and I don’t like to listen to just one kind of music. It also depends on my state of mind, for sure, the influences for me are different too. I listen to a lot of Juanes, Shakira, also Maroon 5, Coldplay, The Fray, John Mayer, Owl City… I don’t have just one influence, it’s pretty complicated.

C_4_articolo_2107407__ImageGallery__imageGalleryItem_5_imageHave you ever thought of doing something else, not the artist?
Yeah, I studied engineering and industrial design: I wanted to become a car designer, that’s what I wanted to do before I started this career. I like everything connected to the idea of speed, when you feel the wind in your face…

You told us about your musical influences, but what about artistic influences in general? I watched the “El Mismo Sol” videoclip and it reminds me a little bit of “Into The Wild”…
My biggest influence is the multiculturalism, because I experienced it a lot in my life (he was born in Barcelona, her mother was half Spanish and half Belgian, his father was German and he grew up in Tokyo; now he lives in Berlin). My best friends are half Japanese, half German, a different combination of different people, it helped me a lot in a society like ours where everyone is international, you can meet new people all the time and Berlin is very international as well.
In the video we wanted to show this road trip that explains a little bit my story in a metaphorical way; I left Barcelona to do a road trip and the journey in the video is like the trip I did to go to Berlin: enjoying every moment, meeting new people. When we were writing the story together with Daniel, a Spanish director, we connected very fast because we had the same idea and we felt like it was a very cool story and it was taken by my personal experience too, so I felt it in a particular way.

What do you think is the secret of your success here in Italy?
I don’t know! I wish I knew! Someone told me that in the 90’s there has been like a Spanish wave of music and has gone down, maybe now it’s going up again with a niche of the market! I don’t know, but I think, in general, Italian and Spanish music have always wandered around: in Spain we listen to a lot of Italian music, here you listen to a lot of Spanish music as well. I don’t know, but I’m happy that it happened!

How did you choose the songs for “Eterno Agosto” and how did it was the work in the studio?
I worked on 15 songs and the album has 13 of them: I hope that the two songs left out will come out sometime in the future! I like them, I hope that they will be listened to: it was very hard to make a decision, we have to choose between the songs and it is always like choosing between your kids, it’s not very easy! The time I spent in studio was really amazing, I have never worked with the two producers I worked with for “Eterno Agosto” and they’re very talented! When I started working on this album it was August, 2014, so I spent one week in Berlin, then three weeks in Barcelona, and then back again… they were preparing some stuff for when I came back and so it has been a dynamic creative process. We had a lot of fun making the album, we danced a lot and I hope that people will have a lot of fun listening to it, as we had making it.

Three words to describe “Eterno Agosto”?
Fresh, positive and fun.


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