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Interview: Beth Hart

posted May 6, 2015, 8:06 am by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Beth Hart in Milan

You might remember Beth Hart for her “LA Song (Out of This Town)”but since 1999, a lot of things have changed and her career’s been full of amazing collaborations, in addition to amazing songs written. Beth’s currently touring in Europe and playing sold out shows all around the Old Continent and we talked with her during her stay in Milan.

How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know your music?
I mean, I would pretty much describe my music like Americana music blended some rock and roll, some blues, some songwriter, some jazz even some songs that you can consider a little folkish, kinda Americana music, probably!

What could you tell us about “Better Than Home” and what does this new album mean to you?
Oh my God, this album means so much to me! It was a very very challenging experience, to the point where I even got kinda crazy and had a breakdown during it: the producers really challenged me to go deeper than ever and turn up my feelings about life, and family, and friends, and music, and God, and health and kinda covering the basis of what it means to me to be alive and what scares me and what I have faced and what helped me through difficult times! This album is very autobiographical but I think all over this album, musically, you can hear some soul in it, some singer songwriter in it, even some rock in it but not a lot… and not blues! I would say more singer songwriter with some soul influences, but lyricly I think that’s the most important part of the record: there’s a lot of stories!

Is there a song you prefer to play live and why? Or they are all your “children” and you couldn’t even think about choosing one over the others?
Yeah! Absolutely, that’s so true, perfectly said! When we first put the tour together and we started it on the road I was scared to play some of the songs off the new record because I felt so protective of them and if someone doesn’t like my songs I would feel so sad for my songs, you know? My band were like “Hey, you gotta play these songs! This is your new record!”, so I started playing them a little bit here and there and people were really kind, so now I play most of the whole record! There is a few favorite like “Tell Her You Belong To Me” (this is a song I wrote for my dad) and a song called “St. Teresa” that I really, really love, is all about unconditional love… Now I feel really comfortable with playing the record!

Beth Hart in MilanWhat is your relationship with your European fans all around Europe? Is there any difference between Europe and US when you are on stage?
I do love Europe! Anyone from US has at least once said “I wanna go to Europe!”: for me, as a girl, I couldn’t wait to go to Europe and tour in Europe! I am so grateful now that I get to really tour a lot of Europe, most all of Europe! Everything is incredible: the culture, the food, the different ways that people behave, the things they believe in! I learn and I grow so much from being in Europe! But I love pointing home too: I love United States, people are enthusiastic right there! I do fine a bit differences whether I play in the United States, in Europe or in Australia, wherever… in terms of people’s energy! I find that, no matter how different the cultures are, if people are into the music, they give that beautiful energy and it’s the same everywhere I go! I think that’s so cool, isn’t it? I love that!

How do your songs see the light? Where do you find inspiration?
When I write, I write usually at home, on the piano, on guitar, maybe on the bass sometime and I love to write alone! But sometimes, when I do a cowrite with someone else I always find it an amazing learning experience, but when I write alone I don’t have to be polite with the other person! If I write a song and I think that’s a shit, I can say “Beth, that is shit!”, but when I write with someone else I cannot say it! I did it once when I was young and the co-writer got so upset he started screaming and yelling over me… so, I learned my lesson: you could be honest in life, but you could not be so direct with your coworkers: you gotta be cool, you gotta be nice! I love working on my own where I can be brutally honest with myself, but also I feel like God and the angels write with me, so when I don’t have writer’s block I feel like when I go to church to talk to God and tell Him I’m scared about something, or I’m happy or excited about this and I feel like the Spirit really helps me to write these songs! So, that’s major, major inspiration, but otherwise I get inspiration from anywhere: from talking with my mother, to fishing and camping, to go to see a movie, to have a great food… it sounds weird, but having a wonderful meal could remind me of something I would like to write like feeling whole and feeling fortunate that I receive something that helps me to live! Most of my songs go back to this desire to live but knowing that I cannot do it on my own and even though I may wanna show myself how strong I am, the ironic thing about it that I’m actually stronger when I reach out for help and connect with other people, and friends and family and I say “Hey I need you to help me, to show me the way in life or so I can heal from something!”, you know what I mean? So this is what writing take me back to: life, learning to love, surviving and even more than surviving sometimes but really wanting to live your life to the fullest!


Thanks to Francesca Arruzzo for the photos!


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