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Interview: Brandon Flowers

posted June 18, 2015, 8:40 am by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Interviews, Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Brandon Flowers_cover album_The Desired Effect We met Brandon Flowers before his Italian concert in Milan, on the 5th of June and asked about his solo career, about The Killers too (obviously!) and about… world peace! Read his answers below!

Your latest solo album was different from 2010’s, when you did your first solo record?

Brandon : No, it’s very similar, there were very similar circumstances to the first time because after we’ve finished “Day and Age”, which is The Killers’ third record, we knew that there was gonna be a long break and so it was very similar. After “Battle Born” there will be a long break, so I took time for myself to do another record. If I didn’t make this record I would have all of these songs, plus there are thirty songs that didn’t make this record, plus I’d be at home right now writing more songs and when it would be time to do The Killers’ record, I would have all of these songs, and Mark and Dave and Ronnie would be like “eeeew… too much!” In addition, it’s best when The Killers are collaborating and all four together to create new songs, that’s the best! There were some songs destined to The Killers, but they didn’t like them…

How has it been working with Ariel and if you were looking for some very particular sounds or vibe on this record… it sounds a lot like a record from the 80’s?

Brandon: What’s funny is that I was looking for a fresh sound, but nobody talks about my record sounding fresh! They all think it sounds old, so maybe I’ve made the wrong choice! Because while I was recording this album I was thinking Ariel has got his finger on the future, instead everybody is talking about the 80’s! I don’t know… there are things, you know, we did use keyboards that were used by bands in the 80’s, authentic keyboards… I do think there are some really fresh things on the record, I still think it doesn’t sound like the 80’s at all, I do think it has one foot in the past and one foot in the future!

We know about your musical influences, but you talked also about “Young Goodman Brown” influences for the video, what are the other artistic and literary influences?

Brandon: I didn’t read a lot when I was younger, I read in school, of course I read the books that everyone had to read and one book that I’m thankful for, that I had to read is called “The Pearl”, by John Steinbeck, it’s one of my favorite authors now… I guess that that would be my favorite! I usually read the greats, Hemingway is great, I like to read short stories because I feel like I only get four minutes to tell a story in a song and short stories may help you to tell stories faster!

How do you compare “Flamingo” to “The Desired Effect”? Do you think that one is better than the other?

Brandon: I don’t know! I was really excited about this record and then we started playing Flamingo songs too and I realized I haven’t played them in five years and I love those songs! It was really refreshing and I was really happy to be apart from those songs for this period of time!

There are a couple of songs that talk about dreams and it seems like “Dreams Come True” and “Between Me And You” go through different directions… could you tell us something about it?

Brandon: I am a little bit sarcastic in “Dreams Come True”, otherwise it would be a little bit Disney! There’s definitely sarcasm in “Dreams Come True” and “Between Me and You” I guess it’s sad! In my experience, I grew up in a working class family, I didn’t see too many dreams coming true and there’s this whole American dreams and we’re all excited about it… it’s something that keeps up optimistic in America and that’s good, I think it’s a good thing about us, but it doesn’t always cme true for everybody, not for a big part of the population! It keeps a twinkle in our eyes! If my parents wouldn’t have thought that I wouldn’t have tried to be a singer in a band! It was a very positive thing in my case!

Brandon Flowers_Photo_Can't Den_300CMYK_foto di Williams + Hirakawa

So, do you have a dream that you still want to come true?

Brandon: For myself… I don’t know! I am grateful to be a part of The Killers and this to be my job… I still wanna get better, I always wanna grow… I have nothing specifically in mind… World peace!

About dreams that come true, what would be your advice to someone who’s trying to become an artist?

Brandon: It’s very romantic to say “Oh, just follow your dreams and don’t ever give up!”, but I will tell you, when I was starting, my uncle said a smart thing! My uncle Gary told my mum and my mum told me: “He should have like an age where he should know that he should stop!” He thought 30 would be okay and I think that’s a decent advice for someone! You still have a lot of time after your 30 to go to school or do something, but you should have an age where you have to realize that maybe it won’t happen!


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