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Interview: Emin

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Emin_liveOn the 13rd of October Take That arrived in Italy with their amazing tour and we had the chance to talk with the amazing artist who opened for them.
His name is Emin and get prepared, because you will hear his name very often in the near future.

Emin, who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, moved to Moscow with his family when he was three. As a teenager, he studied in Switzerland and then moved to New Jersey, USA where he was raised and completed his education, studying Business Management. He currently spends his time between New York, Baku and Moscow.
His music career did not happen overnight, Emin’s first studio album, “Still”, was released in 2006, selling in the first six months 70,000 copies in Russia, and an additional 30,000 in CIS countries. Following the success of his debut CD, Emin released an album a year for the next three years: “Incredible” (2007), “Obsession” (2008) and “Devotion” (2009).
In May 2014, Emin became the first Azerbaijani artist to win a World Music Award – winning for Best Selling Artist. He joined a star-studded line up of international superstars, including Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus and Ricky Martin in Monte Carlo at the awards show. After this performance iTunes USA, the world’s biggest music site, named Emin’s single, “Amor,” one of its Hot Summer Singles.

We asked him some questions to know him better!

How would you describe “More Amor” and what could you tell us about “Boomerang”?

The previous album was “Amor” and it was quite successful, so Warner decided to call this album “More Amor” and we put the best songs from my previous three albums and added some new songs like “Boomerang” and “Woman” and a few others. It’s kind of “Best Of” with some fresh material! “Boomerang” I think that is the best contemporary pop song that I’ve done in my career and my hopes are high for it! We went on radios all over Europe and my staff told me that in Italy, in three days, we are on seventeen stations; in Germany and France is very appreciated; in the US was at the 43rd in Billboard, I think the best new entry… I don’t know the right numbers now, but the idea is that for the first time there’s an instant answer to the song and I think that a lot has to do with the fact that Nile Rodgers is on it! He’s one that has given the song the confidence it needed! I played this song in New York at a charity show for the homeless where he was giving a speech; I found out on that day that he was homeless once. After that all the fans surrounded him for pictures, I was closing the event doing a few songs and one of them was “Boomerang”. After the show he came to me (we already met during the years) and said “Emin, I like this song, this could be a real worldwide smash for you!” and I was like “Nile, not without you playing the guitar!” and then, just by chance… boom, it happened! All my collaborations happened by accident, they weren’t planned! I would have never dreamed of collaborating with Nile Rodgers, but he heard the song, he had some ideas to make it better and made the song what it is today, and made it a radio song: that’s fantastic! You have to get lucky, like he did with “Get Lucky” record and I did get lucky with my “Boomerang”, I think!

How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know your music yet?
I would name my music idols: Elvis, my biggest music idol, all the way to artists like Shade, and for the contemporary ones maybe Sam Smith, Adele, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Bublé, Chris Isaak… so this is where I am musically, I think. I’m not trying to be like them, but these are my musical influences, I think this are the references: this is what I like!

Emin_live_MilanWhat do you expect from the Italian audience and what do you think of our country in general?

You see, it’s interesting: this is my first musical trip to Italy and it’s funny because since 2001 I use to come here fifty times a year as a buyer to Pitti Uomo, in Florence and to Micam in Milan. It is a family business: we franchise brands, my father started it and then decided to go into construction development and I took over the fashion part of it, so we brought so many brands to Russia and we still work with them, our partners are brands like Sergio Rossi, Casadei, Italo Fontana… I don’t speak Italian but I can say something because during the exhibitions the interpreter is always so slow that I have to find the words to speed it up! We brought over 200 brands to Russia over the past 25 years: for 10 years it was my father’s business, the last 15 I worked on it.

It’s exciting because for the first time I’m actually here to sing: I said a million times that I should have come to Italy to do a show, do this, do that and finally I’m here for my music! Italy is my favorite country in Europe, for sure: Italian people are like my brothers! I was born in Azerbaijan and we feel so many resemblances between us, much more than with French people, English people or German people! In business it’s so easy: before even signing a contract, if you shake hands… it’s done!  … and I haven’t told you that Adriano Celentano is my favorite singer of all times! I have every single album, I can sing every single song and I went to see his show in Verona and I love him so much since I was a kid!

I consider this one of the most interesting countries for being a trend setter: a country that doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, as opposed to Russia, is the best in jewelry, fashion, furniture, design, boats, you name it.. and it’s quite unbelievable! The people here is so talented, it’s always nice to be around this kind of people! I love Italy!

Emin_live_MilanHow did you choose the songs to open for Take That?

I have a lot of ballads, a lot of my songs in the previous albums are very slow, big love songs and eventually I went to pop music. For this tour, for the Take That openings I play seven songs and they all are up and mid tempo, because I think, as an opener, this is not my audience and to keep it fun and interesting I think I should be up but of course, when I come for my show, I will do three or four ballads, but the cool thing is that all of my songs are in English and what you’re going to hear tonight are the six or seven best pop songs I’ve done in my entire career! This is what I wanna showcase to the people in Milan so hopefully they’re not going to throw tomatoes at me!


How do you create your songs? Is there a creative routine or everytime is different?

There are two ways: one, the best way, is when you sit down, have a coffee and all of a sudden you find a piano, a piece of paper and within five minutes you have a song… this is the easy way, it happens rarely and rarely from rarely this song becomes a single. It happened for my debut single “Still”: in Russia everybody likes “Still”, but I’m sick of this song and it took me five minutes to write it. The other way is when you sit down and you try to write a song, you’re in the mood for writing, you sit there for 10 hours and you end up with five songs that you’re never gonna record because they’re all crap. The thing I’ve learnt by collaborating with lot of big authors is that it takes a lot of writing to write an amazing song. You have to go through the process of writing, putting it in the desk; writing, putting it in the desk; writing, recording and again putting in the desk. Then, eventually, you do 50 songs and sometimes you find those jewels worth recording that may become your singles. The artists who do a lot of singles are remembered for their best songs: rarely a big artist has a very good song that nobody has heard of! What is the point of releasing a song that is shit? The idea is to write those fantastic songs and it’s not easy.

Here you find his social channels, where you can know him better:


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