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Interview: Enter Shikari

posted August 29, 2011, 9:58 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Vans Warped Tour, Leeds Festival, Reading…if you are like me, probably a dozen bands instantly jump to mind. ┬áThis time our focus is on the one, the only, the totally unique…Enter Shikari!

The good news is that I got to talk on the phone with Liam “Rory” Clewlow, who plays guitar and also sangs background vox. The bad news is they are always on tour, so only got to chat for a few mins. Get comfortable, as we get to discuss the Vans Warped Tour, plans for their new record that is already in the works, and…you will just have to keep reading to find out!

What can you tell us about yourselves for those unfamiliar with your band and music?

Well, we started playing like 8 or 9 years ago. We just started doing lots of shows at home then started to tour the UK. We probably did over 200 shows. Then we got lucky and finally an industry insider discovered us.

So we hear you have a new deal with a new label, Hopeless. How is that going?

So far so good, but too soon to tell since it just happened. It’s really cool to have someone at a label that cares about you, that gets you and understands you. It’s a big change for us. When we were on our last label (Interscope), we didn’t feel like anyone knew us or cared about us. Some labels have been around so long, they are like dinosaurs and need time to change so it’s hard for them.

Does this mean there are plans for a new record?

Yea, we have already begun mixing it. We are working with Mike Fraser from Canada again. The first single should be out in a few months. The new record will most likely be out early part of next year.

What is the most fun about the Vans Warped Tour, and what sucks the most about it?

What’s not to like? Nothing bad really comes to mind. Everyone is so enthusiastic. One of the things we like best is how eco-conscious they are. The entire organization is so environment friendly and the whole tour is.

Which bands on Vans Warped do you best get along with and hang out with most?

Probably Asking Alexandria, Bad Rabbits, and A Day To Remember. It’s just great having everyone here, all the other bands. It’s almost like a giant band camp! The Dangerous Summer and The Wonder Years, our label mates, are also here.

What other indie or unsigned bands can you hip us to?

In addition to the ones just named here on Vans Warped, also check out Flood Of Red, they are from Glasgow. Those guys shred! And the band Your Demise rocks hard too.

The most surprising thing about being in this band is …

It would have to be the energy of fans when they come meet you. They put us on a pedestal, and their reactions. It’s crazy to see how anyone can get that stirred up and excited about anyone.

Ok last question, a hot chick wanted me to ask you this. Your live performances are infamous for your stunts and acrobatics. How do you prepare for a performance?

We just get super psyched to play, and try to harness and then use that energy. The crowd always is a big part of it, we always have energy, but then that is contagious and they begin to feel it, then that gets us even more excited!

The band is always busy, so I was grateful for a chance to talk to them over the phone. They just played both Leeds and Reading fests this past weekend.


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