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Interview: R5

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Everyone’s going crazy for R5.At the beginning, it was just another teenager phenomenon, but then “Sometime Last Night” came out and the audience grew older. Music Emissions connected with R5 when they were in Italy recently for two shows (one in Rome and one in Milan) and they told us what do they think about this growth…. and they told us a lot of other things too. Read to believe!

What would have happened if your parents wouldn’t have moved to LA when they did?

R5: Very good question! Honestly, probably it would have been more or less the same thing; I think it would have happened just later in our life. We had the same interests growing up, but Riker had an interest in moving to LA, that’s why the whole family moved to LA!Our parents are so, so, so supportive! My mother told me “I will support you and what you want to do, but we gotta do it all together as a family!” When I started playing hockey then the whole family was playing hockey, we went to singing lessons together, to piano lessons… sticking together as a family! If we wouldn’t have moved in 2008, we would have done it when Ross was 18! We would have done the same things, maybe just a little bit later… and with some little differences!

How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know your music?

R5: I’d say we’re bringing a little bit more rock’n’roll perspective to current pop music. If I had to describe the album I would say that is rock, funk’n’roll, with a little sprinkle of pop on top: “Dark Side”, “F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.” and “Did you have your fun?” have some very funky influences! As we progress we go more right through that path: it’s such a weird phrase, but “rock funk’n’roll” describes well what we want to do. We increasingly want to get far away from a normal “pop sound” and maybe in the future… I feel like rock’n’roll is going to do a come back and we want to be a part of it!
Rocky: “We are the pioneers of the come back!”

What can you tell us about the Rome concert you had last night?
Rome was the hottest and loudest show we ever played!
Ellington: “I almost fainted before the show: I had a head injury, it’s a long story…”
Rydel: “He was as pale as this table…”
Rocky: “You were green! Did you take a look at yourself? ’cause I haven’t seen anybody that pale!”
Ellington: “I felt like I was dying, but we made it anyway!”
Ross: “The thing about our shows now is something other people have seen too: because of where I come from as an actor, there were younger crowds, but as we go, with “Sometime Last Night”, we can see that there was a lot more diversity in the crowd, which I personally love because we wrote this record for people who live the same situations, that have our same age! It’s nice to see growth in the crowd!”

You recorded the album, then you decided to throw it away and start over again.Did you ever regret this decision?

R5: No, I don’t think there’s any moment of regretting that decision! Ever since the idea came along, we were all ready to record another record. Europe actually pretty much got the whole album, because of the bonus tracks.
We felt that we needed something more personal to us and when you’re in a band you write some music you would like to listen to and “Sometime Last Night” fits that description so better!

Do you have a special connection to any of your new songs?
Ross: “Yeah… I have a connection with “Did You Have Your Fan” especially: we got this one night in Tokyo that inspired this song, there was this Australian girl, in Tokyo… The story behind that song was a really fun night!”
Riker: “You still have like connections from other experiences that you can kinda bring into the song yourself! “Dark Side” for me was a big one!
Rocky: “For me as well!”
Riker: “Because I just met a girl in Los Angeles and the whole song is about falling in love the first days, chill and not worry of the rest of the world just for a little bit… This is the song I am really connected to!”

Don’t you think that social networks made the mystery about some people disappear and we are maybe having too much online connections and too little connections in real life?

R5: Oh yeah! There are two sides of this situation. I think that you can learn a lot about a person from what this person posts on her/his Instagram page! This could be a good thing, but I kinda long for a come back to an era in which nobody cares this much about social media! It’s positive when it’s more about a “tour thing” to know which bands are in your town tonight, but the “here’s what I’m having for breakfast” kind of thing… no, please.
Social media is such a great way to keep in touch with our fans all across the world. We are able to come to Italy and play to huge shows thanks to social media too! You’ve got to use them as a tool and not let them become an obsession. Sometimes I feel like I have to check out my Instagram and I have already checked it out few seconds before!

How do your songs see the light? Do you have a creative routine or everytime is different?
Ross: “Usually we start with the music which is Rocky’s and then we go with the melody and lyric.”
Rocky: “The majority of this album I was spending my time in a garage, just like jamming away by myself and Ross was filming…the others probably were spending time on dates, then they would come back around five o’ clock pm and they would have checked the ideas we had. We started working on the melody and the lyric, we started changing, playing and then the songs saw the light. We worked like this for a couple of months, more or less!”
Ellington: “It was very creatively refreshing atmosphere: you have to feed your creative side to realize something that you would like to listen to!”
Riker: “The thing I appreciate the most, before any lyrics or melodies, is the fact that the music that Rocky has come up with is already so cool just by itself and the you have a clear concept, interesting lyrics, sing along melodies and that what takes the song to another level! You feel something since the first time you listen to the music itself, without lyrics or melodies: it’s amazing!”
Ross: “That’s where the emotions come from and then you describe how you’re feeling or tell a story that you already lived. Only two songs didn’t make it: every other songs we wrote in that garage is on the record.”





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