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Jazz Street: Frank Sinatra

posted April 14, 2016, 11:24 am by Nathaniel Lathy | Filed Under Jazz Street, Music News, Throwback Thursday | comment Leave a Comment

frank sinatra

The voice, it’s without parallel after all these years. We keep listening to Frank Sinatra because he’s simply the best. He passed away in 1998 at the age of 82. But his music and his movies live on. Sinatra, performed in the golden age of Hollywood, and the golden age of music. Many would say he made his best recordings in the Capitol years. I prefer the Columbia songs, where there was an innocence to it all. Still even if I’m not a student of the rat pack days, I can still appreciate the later recordings. I also admire the changes he made in his life. He realized the Democrat party wasn’t getting the job done in leading the country, so he got on board with the Reagan revolution. His adaptability serves as a lesson for celebrities in the current age. I like the movies better, when he’s traveling around Hollywood or New York with Gene Kelly, while on leave with the Navy.

Still, even his later work as an actor has its moments. I have no interest in watching his Oscar-winning performance (If I want to watch a Fred Zinnemann flick, I’d rather take another look at “High Noon.”). But even a grim picture such as “Man With the Golden Arm” has a more hopeful message by the end than succeeding tales about the ravages of addiction (I’ll take Otto Preminger over Darren Aronofsky). Mainly I’ll just revel in the voice and the legacy, he’s left behind. I mentioned in a review recently an artist was making discs in the pop music tradition of Louis, Duke and Frank. The artist wrote me a tweet of thanks. No last name is needed for some icons. Whether it’s a radio program, a record or a streaming session, some art is timeless. And it’s just plain good.


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