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MTV VMA: Best New Artist 2011

posted August 28, 2011, 6:58 pm by Ben Oliver | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

It’s that time again of year again.  Summer is over, school has already started again for most, and of course that all means it’s time once again for the annual MTV Video Music Awards.  Since our focus is Indie music here on the site, here is a break down of the nominations for this year’s Best New Artist category:

Foster The People

This Los Angeles based band has been on a steady stream of what seems like non stop momentum this year. We can’t stop raving about them, and neither can any other blog. This video, like the band, is focused on fun. The song has been called the anthem of the summer. These guys are authentic, hard working, and original. Best of luck to them!

Tyler The Creator

What else can be said about the controversial and charismatic young leader that hasn’t yet? Besides drawing attention to himself and his crew, the talented and creative artist has the world of pop culture by the balls. Love him or hate him, you will no longer be able to ignore Odd Future Wolfgang, thanks to nearly 20 million views in 6 months.

Wiz Khalifa

With the advent of the internet, it’s ironic how fast information spreads, yet at the same time tons of people aren’t familiar with some of the artists on this list. Perhaps best known as being Snoop Dog’s newest sidekick, they are called the new Cheech and Chong. Working for years releasing records and mixtapes, he exploded into mainstream consciousness this past year with the hit single, “Black and Yellow”. By no means a new artist, at least he is finally being recognized for this much deserved nod.

Big Sean

One of the newest artists on this list is another emerging hip hop star. Discovered by Kayne and touring and colloborating with Wiz, the up and comer seems to have a bright future in store. This video is for his single with Chris Brown, and has quickly amassed nearly 15 million hits.


Last, but most definitely not least, is one of my personal favorites. Sure, the young girl from Oakland might be a long shot. Hell, she only has a mixtape out and not even a full record yet. Yet when you drop a song like “Gucci, Gucci”, and a video like this with Odd Future guest appearing, it’s not too much of a surprise to get a VMA nomination. With nearly 15 million hits in 3 months, here is the one and only white girl mob:


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