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Musikee: how to be in direct contact with the fans

posted March 2, 2016, 7:28 am by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

Musikee Musikee ​is a web platform specifically built for the artists and the professionals of the music industry, that allows to coordinate music fanbases with a missions and rewards system.

Musikee’s mission is to convert social “Like” and “Follow” in concrete actions,​offering to artists and managements a unique tool to stimulate and orientate online and offline fans’ actions. The fans perform the activities chosen by the artist ­ i.e. flyering, promotion, shopping, UGC creation, content sharing ­ and obtain the chance to gain exclusive rewards thought for them by the same artist.

Coordinating the fanbase’s actions with Musikee is easy:​ in the community each music reality proposes to its supporters some missions to complete to help with the promotion during its artistic and personal route. The mission’s completed by the fans are checked automatically and the matching credits are assigned if they are completed in the right way. Other missions more personalized need a control of the proofs uploaded by the community’s admin ­ the same artist, the staff or even a trusted fan chosen inside the community.

Musikee rewards the fan’s commitment thanks to the fans’ activity chart published in the community. In a sector where the crisis is felt, the solution is in the optimization of the fanbase’s utilization, free resource and incredibly underestimated, and Musikee has chosen it as propulsive force.

Musikee already collaborates with very important realities like the one with the punk­-rock international label Rude Records (you can find already online the All Time Low, the Set It Off, the Neck Deep and the State Champs communities) and the one with EMP Italy, rock and metal merch leader company.

If you’re an artist, create it for free with two clicks and invite your fans to work by your side: Subscribehere and connecting  your social accounts, some custom missions will be automatically created. They will be completed by your fans who are waiting for their favorite reward!

If you’re a fan and you don’t find your favorite band, remember that you can tweet from here to your favorite artist letting him/her/them know that you would like him/her/them to be on Musikee!


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