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Press Release Roundup: August 11

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Music journalists get hit with a steady helping of press releases every day. For the music fan without that kind of sensory overload, a lot of music news can pass by without being seen. Every Friday, we will weed through and compile a list of some of the most intriguing press releases to come across our virtual desk.

Cloak and Dagger Fest


Peep the lineup above and to get tix, click HERE!

L.A. Guns


As the revival of the classic ’80s hard rock and heavy metal scene continues unabated here in the 21st century, one reunion has been at the top of the wishlists of many a fan for a long time: the songwriting combination of Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis under the L.A. Guns banner. What once seemed like a distant memory with no hope of returning has now come around and fans are about to be rewarded for keeping their fingers crossed and their hopes up.

That’s right Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis are back together as L.A. Guns with their first studio in 15 years! “The Missing Peace” is set for release on October 13th via Frontiers Music Srl.



Emerging from LA’s exploding synth scene, KRON are an audio visual powerhouse with a live show that turns the dance floor into hot-fucking-lava.

What started as a house band for Ghosting, a monthly art/tech dance party held in a massive Chinatown warehouse is downtown Los Angeles, became a full-fledged synth trio as the party began drawing massive crowds who came to watch KRON play massive, battlecruiser sized modular synths accompanied by face-melting live visuals created with their own analog video synth.

Equal parts Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, John Carpenter, and Amun-Ra (the ancient Egyptian sun god), KRON’s synth jams are forged of forbidden ancient magic and pure molten heat. This is mortal kombat-safari house-horror synth, and even if you’re not “into” retro futuristic galaxy implosions you are biologically compelled to dance to it.

Don Q


High Bridge The Label & Atlantic Records are excited to officially share Corner Stories Reloaded today, the updated mixtape from Bronx rapper Don Q, featuring five new tracks that highlight Don Q’s lyrical flow and are the true embodiment of East Coast rap. The mixtape is an updated version of the previously released project Corner Stories, which has now reached over 1M streams on DatPiff. The 15-track project evokes some of hip-hop’s “mixtape era” icons like Lloyd Banks, Cassidy and Fabulous and features collaborations from Philly crooner PNB Rock, aforementioned veteran spitter Fabulous, longtime friend and fellow High Bridge label mate A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Atlanta’s very own Loso Loaded, NYC’s Rowdy Rebel, and Miami’s Zoey Dollaz. Production by Murda Beatz (Gucci Mane, French Montana), and Scott Storch helps bestow the perfect backdrop to Q’s visceral delivery and penmanship. The project provides a look into the Highbridge life and is peppered with tales of overcoming obstacles, life and death, and the hustle; all stories that befit the corner where everyday life happens in that Bronx neighborhood. “‘I’m going to call it Corner Stories.’ I’m going to share the story about the corner. That’s what we’re doing every day. That’s our life.”



Selwa Abd (originally from Morocco, now currently residing in Brooklyn) uses the fictional character Bergsonist, from Brooklyn, Slovakia, as her musical guise.

Today, Bergsonist shares her Mutation EP on Styles Upon Styles, ringing in the occasion with a new video for her song “Ressentiment”. “Ressentiment” builds with anxiety, tension, and a feeling of foreboding. Coupled with pulp imagery ranging from a San Fernando Valley porno shoots to forgotten advertisements and random people on the street, Bergsonist creates a world of scattering and frenetic energy to underlie the Mutation EP.

Derived from Gilles Deleuze’s text Bergsonism, which was developed from the teachings of French philosopher Henri Bergson and emphasizes creativity, instinct, and letting free will exists without confines of rationality or science, Bergsonist uses intuition as a method to deliver her/his instinctive psychoanalytic theories. A blend of different audio sources and samples are used as a way to capture the essence of the ‘present’ moment, manipulating found sounds along with self-concocted digital fragments to combine in in the span of a set, given time.


4 Landscape

Post-metalcore band Phantoms recently announced their new EP, Screaming on the Inside, set for release August 25th, 2017 via Outerloop Records.Following the release of the EP’s lead single, “Stuck,” and music video for “There Were Once Birds That Sang,” fans have been patiently waiting to hear more from Phantoms. Today, the band is thrilled to partner with Alternative Pressto share the EP in full. On the upcoming EP release, drummer Patrick Gale states:

“This album was a product of several years of work. We as a band overcame obstacle after obstacle and worked countless hours, losing sleep, spending every dime we have in our pockets, and sacrificing any free time that we had. Without the help of Drew, Kile, Mike, and everyone else out the Outerloop offices we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today. We hope you guys enjoy this album as much as we enjoy playing and we hope to see you all soon out on the road!” – Patrick Gale

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, Phantoms is a four-piece post-metalcore band consisting of Joe Deak (Vocals), Anthony Moten (Guitar), Patrick Gale (Drums) and Quincy Jones (Bass). Pulling inspiration from a variety of genres, Phantoms is heavily influenced by post-hardcore, black metal, metalcore, alternative rock, and nu-metal, creating a sound that is hard hitting and complete with honest lyrics and catchy hooks. Originally from Baltimore, MD under the moniker of Camisado, the band took the local scene by storm, sharing the stage with acts including Motionless in White, I See Stars, and Our Last Night in addition to winning Vans Warped Tour’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. As their image and sound began to develop, a more suitable name was required and in 2015 the group shifted to their new moniker, Phantoms.

As a band, Phantoms focuses on the message that you should never give up on your dreams and the importance of living life to the fullest. Gale, the band’s drummer expands, “No matter how tough things get…never give up. Take a deep breath, assess your situation, keep an open mind to criticism and learning, and really ask yourself if what you’re pursuing is worth every moment of your attention….No one is going to make things happen for you, you’ve got to do them yourself!” Phantoms have gained a dedicated following that has been anxiously waiting for the band’s next move since the release of their debut EP, Where Is My Mind?, in December of 2015. The band’s forthcoming release, Screaming on the Inside was produced by Drew Fulk and Kile Odell at Think Sound Studios (Failure Anthem, Emmure, Crown the Empire).

Head to Alternative Presstoday to stream Phantoms’ forthcoming EP, Screaming on the Inside. The EP is set for release on August 25th, 2017 via Outerloop Records and can be pre-ordered here. Follow Phantoms online for new music, announcements, shows, and more.



Prosthetic Records welcomes Chicago-based four-piece instrumental group, ZAIUS, to their ever-expanding roster. Formed in 2010, the band explores a lighter, more melodic side of the members’ musical tastes without abandoning the metal tendencies that come natural to them.

Guitarist Dann Dolce comments on the signing: “We are insanely proud of these eight songs and can’t wait to share our first full length with the world. A proper release is what this album deserves, and Prosthetic Records really has our backs on this. The four of us couldn’t be happier.”

Of Adoration, the band’s debut LP, will be released via Prosthetic Records on October 6, 2017. The opus was tracked at the start of 2017 with Jeff Edwards before being sent off to be mixed and mastered by Chris Common (Pelican, Mouth of the Architect, Minus the Bear). The record features eight tracks that peaks and valleys its way through over 40 minutes of music.

“We try not to conform to any specific sub-genre and pull influence from as many places as possible,” reflects Dolce. “Our goal is to keep our songs moving and dynamic, heavy yet engaging, not letting parts drag on longer than they have to.”

The Necromancers


Hailing from Poitiers in western France, the quartet will release their debut album Servants of the Salem Girl on 18th August through the Californian label, which has already proven itself to be a respected mainstay for fans of rock, stoner, doom and psych in 2017 with releases from Mothership, Wo Fat, Steak, Vokonis and many others.

Drawing on antiquated inspirations in mythology, religion, fantastical tales from European literature and an obsession for classic horror cinema, The Necromancers are a curious alliance of musicians, and together are a strange beast to behold. Experimenting with progressive rock, heavy psych and the 70s pagan/proto-metal of bands like Black Sabbath and Coven, they take these influences, throw in the urgency of NWOBHM and douse the entire lot in lysergic illusions. All with a mind to create a debut album for the ages.

Having performed at many of Europe’s largest metal and rock festivals the band also toured Europe recently with London-based stoner rockers Elephant Tree and are set to embark on a short tour later this year with Monkey 3.

“The band is still young,” explains vocalist and guitar player Tom Cornière. “We never would have thought of signing with a label like Ripple. We could hardly have hoped for better. It’s an honour and a surprise. Now, we are looking forward to the next tour and to be able to share our album wherever we can.”

Servants of the Salem Girl by The Necormancers is released though Ripple Music on 18th August 2017 in limited edition, multi-coloured vinyl and worldwide in a black vinyl edition, as well as on CD and digital.

Rescue Rangers


Since their formation in 2007, for lead singer and guitarist Pascal Mascheroni every day since has only served to heighten and advance his near talismanic-like qualities as a songwriter. A long-serving student and practitioner of classic rock, stoner metal and hardcore punk, after performing at a local show in Marseilles with desert rock nonconformist Nick Oliveri, the band were invited to join Mondo Generator on tour across North America later that summer. Deep in the process of writing and recording new material at the time, Mascheroni gladly obliged and in return asked Oliveri to lend his vocals to the song ‘Creeper, The One Who Creeps,’ on Rescue Ranger’s brilliant 2012 album, Manitoba.

As fellow kindred spirit and stoic campaigner of high octane rock’n’roll, it was following a performance on stage with the former Kyuss/QOTSA bass player in LA that he was introduced to another cult luminary and equally enamoured Rescue Rangers-supporter in Page Hamilton. By request the band has just this month returned from an extensive tour supporting Hamilton’s legendary NYC noisemakers Helmet across France and are currently readying themselves for the release of their brand new studio album this September on F200 Records.

Produced by Hamilton, Join Hate is the French quartet’s third release and an out-and-out treat for fans of heavy rock and electrifying song writing. Ballsy, voluminous and best of all stacked with promise, for anyone just discovering the band it’s an ear opener, and for those already in the know, a real statement on just how far they have progressed since day one.

Join Hate by Rescue Rangers is released on 1st September 2017 through F200 Records.

Club Night


Club Night has been a project about coming together. Whether at the shows of each other’s bands or biking around with backpacks full of cheap beer, Club Night is the logical conclusion of the Oakland DIY scene to which its members belong. Each member of Club Night brings to the band their own diverse set of musical experiences. So when Josh Bertram brought together the members of Club Night in a room to see what would happen, music quickly exploded from this convergence of musical influences and styles. Rather than producing a disjointed tug-o-war of tastes, Club Night gets it strength from the cooperation and passion of its members to create an homage to the people who have nurtured them, and an abandoning of coloring within the lines.

On their upcoming release, Hell Ya, Club Night balances frenetic riffs and soaring musical moments. Punchy rhythms, pop-oriented synths, and guitars which teeter between technical and noisy are the backdrop against which singer, Bertram, conjures up an emotive and dynamic vocal performance. In many ways Club Night’s sound is a mosaic of it’s member’s past and present projects which include Meat Market, Lofter, Our Brother the Native, CARE, Twin Steps, Pinkslime, Radiator Hospital, and UNITY.



There’s no escaping the fact that Sweden is an incomparable breeding ground for some of the heaviest and most crushing metal bands in the world right now. Amon Amarth, Grand Magus, Candlemass, Vokonis, Monolord… all have crossed the water and duly conquered in recent years. In fact, even those yet to arrive can more often than not be found waiting in the wings, battle horn in hand heralding trepidation, Scandinavian-promise and riffs the size of long ships.

One such band waiting to scorch the earth upon which they land is Gothenburg trio FIREBREATHER who will release their self-titled debut album on Suicide Records this October. Relatively new to the fold having formed in the spring of 2016 from the ashes of underground doom heavyweights Galvano, FIREBREATHER is a devastatingly weighty statement of intent. Taking in four tracks that swallow time behind tooth shattering riffs from guitarist/vocalist Mattias Nööjd and crunching rhythms via bassist Kyle Pitcher and Tommy Hanning (newly replaced by drummer Fredrik Käll), FIREBREATHER are a jaw-breaking triptych of sludge and doom rock.

Mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, Beastmilk, Obituary) at his Audioseige Studio in Portland, OR and featuring artwork by legendary underground artist Adam Burke, FIREBREATHER are out to make 2017 their own.

Strange Ranger


Strange Ranger (fka Sioux Falls) is an Indie-Rock/Post-Punk band from Montana, now based out of Portland, Oregon. The band was formed by the duo of Isaac Eiger and Fred Nixon, who have been playing music together since 2009 when the pair were still in high school. A friendship solidified by their mutual love of early Modest Mouse, the two would eventually make the move to Portland in search of more fertile musical soil. The band would struggle to solidify over the next few years but those hardships would lead to their breakthrough debut full-length, the sprawling Rot Forever under the name Sioux Falls, released in February of 2016. From there it has been a whirlwind of notoriety for the band. Rot Forever was named one of Consequence of Sound’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2016.’ Later in 2016 the band would change their name to Strange Ranger and release a new EP, Sunbeams Through Your Head, which would make Stereogum’s list of “Great EPs from 2016.” Those two releases would also lead Stereogum to name Strange Ranger one of “2016’s Best New Bands.” Along with that name change, the Sunbeams Through Your Head EP would be a prelude of the direction to come for the band with their next release.

Over the Winter of 2016/2017 the band would record their sophomore full-length, entitled Daymoon. Due to be released on Tiny Engines in the Fall of 2017, Daymoon naturally evolves from the expansiveness of Rot Forever in favor of a smarter and more focused approach. Because of that the album feels more subdued and organic in its approach. While Rot Forever seemed like a band throwing absolutely everything out there, Daymoon pulls back and showcases a heightened attention to detail from the group. Yet that honest heart-on-sleeve songwriting still remains even if the band has chosen subtler paths to deliver their message. It a tasteful evolution for Strange Ranger and one that looking back will be seen as a bridge to something even greater to come in the future.

Satellite Mode


Today, New York City-based, indie pop/rock duo Satellite Mode share their debut EP, Wild Excuses, on all DSPs. Yesterday, The 405 exclusively streamed the EP in advance of today’s official release, calling it “a tremendously fluid little record, one that seamlessly blends convention and innovation.” Half the EP tracks, including “Wild Excuses,” were mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Bjork, Beach House, Vampire Weekend) at Sterling Sound.

Satellite Mode is the project of the classically trained duo of vocalist, Jess Carvo and producer and instrumentalist Alex Marko. Facing the threat of never being able to sing again, Carvo found her voice after an emergency vocal surgery and delved into writing as a creative outlet. Soon meeting Marko, who had just gone through a breakup, the duo transformed hardship and strife into power and success, using their musical chemistry and formal training as a vehicle for expressive and creation. The band independently released single, “Wild Excuses,” via Noisey, landing a spot on Spotify’s coveted Weekly Buzz playlist, gaining over one million streams on Spotify to date. The track holds the namesake and is the opening track for their forthcoming 6- track EP. Satellite Mode has supported a variety of live acts including Great Good Fine Ok, The Night Game and Flor. The duo shared their lead single, “Bad Woman,” via BlackBook, who describe the track as “a statement of defiant self-possession set against a potent musical backdrop of contemporary rock & roll cabaret – with its fuzzed out synths and ominous strut of a groove.”

Wild Excuses, the first full collection of works released by the duo, includes previously released (and beloved) tracks such as “Fair,” “Aphrodite” and “Warm Fire Lightning,” and unheard new material. Lead single, “Bad Woman,” highlights the duo’s expressive dynamic musicality, beginning with Carvo’s soft croon, slowly escalating to an explosion of glitchy electronics, shimmering keys, blissed out guitar and anthemic vocals. The duo’s second single, a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” presents a reinterpretation of the classic rockabilly track with dreamy layers of sound, passionate vocals and constant crescendo to a sonic climax. “Warm Fire Lightning” was mastered by Alex DeTurk (DIIV, TEEN, The Knocks) at Strange Weather in Brooklyn. Wild Excuses was mixed by Damian Press.



“Dusty” is the latest single to arrive from 3-piece band and producer collective, CHAMPYONS. Incorporating RnB, rock and electronic elements, the anonymous trio effortlessly blend traditional song and sample-driven beat-making to create a sound that transcends classic genre definitions. “Dusty” offers a glimpse into the band’s first full-length album CHA CHA CHA, to be released early 2018 via Embassy of Music (Booka Shade, Björk, Robyn, Zoot Woman).



Rising alt-pop songstress VÉRITÉ released her highly-anticipated debut album Somewhere in Between via Kobalt Music Recordings. Don’t miss her live in LA at The Troubadour on 9/7!

“Somewhere in Between was mostly written over the last year, somewhere between living and dying,” VÉRITÉ shared. “The songs travel though my over analysis of depression, apathy and boredom, and follows attempts to make meaning and balance of existential crises against distractions. Sonically, I wanted to create something dynamic, driving and melodic–songs that could hold someone’s attention.”

In support of Somewhere in Between, VÉRITÉ will embark on her headline Somewhere In Between Tour this Fall 2017.



DIY has premiered Slothrust’s “Milking The Snake” a B-side from their 2016 album ‘Everyone Else’. When talking about the track, lead singer Leah Wellbaum said, “Musically, I was going for a Black Sabbath at the beach situation. Lyrically, I thought about ‘Polly’ by Nirvana and riffed on that. We wanted to share it with everyone as this record cycle wraps up and we move on to writing more new music.”

Slothrust has been touring North America this summer including a performance at Lollapalooza. The band’s most recent album ‘Everyone Else’ is out now on Dangerbird Records and the band has released a wealth of visual material to accompany it. Music videos for “Pigpen”, “Sleep Eater”, “Horseshoe Crab”, “Rotten Pumpkin” and “Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone”, as well as live videos for “Rotten Pumpkin”, “Horseshoe Crab”, “Pigpen”, and the Louis Armstrong classic “What a Wonderful World”. This fall the band will tour the EU & UK with Manchester Orchestra.
U.S. Tour Dates:
8/08/2017 Toronto @ Horseshoe Tavern ^
8/09/2017 Montreal, QC @ Bar le Ritz ^
8/10/2017 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer ^
8/11/2017 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg ^
8/12/2017 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel ^
8/13/2017 Boston, MA @ Great Scott ^

U.K./EU Tour Dates:
10/21/2017 Manchester, UK @ Academy 2*
10/22/2017 Glasgow, Scotland @ Garage*
10/23/2017 Leeds, UK @ Church*
10/24/2017 Birmingham, UK @ O2 Institute 2*
10/26/2017 London, UK @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire*
10/27/2017 Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2*
10/28/2017 Bristol, UK @ SWX*
10/30/2017 Cologne, Germany @ Gebaude 9*
10/31/2017 Paris, France @ Les Etoiles*
11/01/2017 Brussels, Belgium @ VK*
11/02/2017Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg*
11/03/2017 Berlin, Germany @ Franz*
11/04/2017 Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow*

^ with Tancred
* with Manchester Orchestra

Cigarettes After Sex


Today Cigarettes After Sex have announced their world tour dates stretching into 2018, already selling out their NYC and LA Shows! The band released their debut self-titled LP on June 9th, garnering rave reviews throughout 2017. Their hit single “Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby” was featured on the Emmy nominated TV show “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The band was also recently featured in Noisey, V Magazine, Interview Magazine and released new Paste and WFUV sessions as well.

Aug 11 – Slovakia, Piestany – Grape Festival
Aug 13 – Italy, Palermo – Ypsigrock Festival
Aug 16 – Indonesia, Jakarta – The Establishment
Aug 17 – Singapore, Singapore – Capitol Theatre
Aug 19 – Japan, Tokyo – Summer Sonic
Aug 21 – China, Beijing – Yugong Yishan
Aug 23 – China, Shanghai – Modern Sky Lab
Aug 25 – England, Reading – Reading Festival
Aug 26 – England, Leeds – Leeds Festival
Sep 7 – Vancouver, BC – The Imperial
Sep 8 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
Sep 9 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge SOLD OUT
Sep 11 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
Sep 13 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom SOLD OUT
Sep 14 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom SOLD OUT
Sep 15 – San Diego, CA – The Irenic SOLD OUT
Sep 16 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
Sep 17 – Santa Fe, NM – Meow Wolf
Sep 19 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
Sep 21 – Dallas, TX – Trees
Sep 22 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall Upstairs
Sep 23 – Austin, TX – The Parish
Oct 4 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
Oct 5 – Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
Oct 7 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom SOLD OUT
Oct 8 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom SOLD OUT
Oct 9 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
Oct 10 – Montreal, QC – Theatre Fairmount
Oct 11 – Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
Oct 12-15 – Joshua Tree, CA – Desert Daze
Oct 13 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
Oct 28 – San Pedro, CA – The Growlers Six
Nov 2 – France, Paris – Pitchfork Paris
Nov 4 – Denmark, Copenhagen – Vega Jr SOLD OUT
Nov 6 – Germany, Cologne – Kulturkirche
Nov 7 – Belgium, Brussels – AB SOLD OUT
Nov 10 – Netherlands, Amsterdam – Melkweg
Nov 12 – England, Nottingham – Rock City
Nov 13 – England, Leeds – Stylus
Nov 14 – Scotland, Glasgow – QMU
Nov 16 – Ireland, Belfast – Limelight 2
Nov 17 – Ireland, Dublin – The Academy SOLD OUT
Nov 19 – England, Manchester – Ritz
Nov 20 – England, London – Roundhouse SOLD OUT
Nov 22 – France, Strasbourg – La Laiterie
Nov 23 – France, Lyon – Epicerie Moderne
Nov 25 – Portugal, Lisbon – Mexefest
Nov 26 – Portugal, Porto – Hard Club
Nov 27 – Spain, Madrid – El Sol
Nov 28 – Spain, Zaragoza – Las Armas
Nov 29 – Spain, Barcelona – La de Apolo
Dec 4 – Switzerland, Zurich – Plaza
Dec 6 – Germany, Berlin – Astra
Dec 7 – Poland, Warsaw – Progresja
Dec 15 – Argentina, Buenos Aires – Bue Festival
Jan 4 – Australia, Brisbane – The Zoo
Jan 6 – Australia, Melbourne – Corner Hotel

Faces Of The Bog


Initially conceived in a dingy rehearsal space in Humboldt Park during the fall of 2011, Faces of the Bog have fast become one of the underground’s most celebrated secrets following the self-release of their debut album Ego Death late last year.

For the Chicagoland quartet, their own unique interpretation of sludge has never run neatly alongside preconceived notions of how this kind of music should be played. Choosing to ignore convention and instead power brutal riffs headfirst into psychedelically heightened grooves, relying on atmosphere and mood to create melodic textures they are a band constantly pushing the envelope. “Ego Death is a revelation. I’ve been longing for a band to step up and challenge the existing music scene and the way Faces of the Bog do it is so exciting.” (OUTLAWS OF THE SUN)

Produced and engineered by the band and Sanford Parker (Voivod, Yob, Wreckmeister Harmonies, Bloodiest) at Electrical Audio and Decade Music Studios, Ego Death hit pretty damn hard for an “independently put-out” album. Released digitally and on CD in October 2016, Metal Injection was quick to praise its, “existential ride of psychedelic waves and auras [and] collection of bangin’ sludge jams,” all of which journeyed the same sonic highways shared by the likes of Pink Floyd, Tool and Neurosis. Going one further, they described it as a record packed with, “a fascinating range of psychedelic sludge and hints of doom and acid tones.”

“It’s truly amazing these days when an underground band from a US city like Chicago can release an album completely on their own,” explains guitarist/vocalist Trey Wedgeworth. “We’ve been amazed and humbled by the feedback we’ve received all over the world. Fans from places like Germany, Norway, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, and Russia have all reached out to us to give their kind words to what we’re doing.”

It was while playing a handful of shows last year with pacific north-westerners Mother Crone that the band were introduced (in a roundabout way) to the good work of Netherland-based record label, DHU Records.

“Mother Crone ran into some transportation issues while out on tour and we were fortunate enough to be able to help some good dudes in need,” says Wedgeworth. “They more than repaid the favour by putting us in touch with Robert Black at DHU Records. DHU is a DIY label that releases limited edition vinyl packages for some of the heaviest bands in underground music today, so we quickly forged a great relationship and are completely ecstatic that he’s now rereleasing Ego Death on vinyl.”



Black metal forefathers VENOM INC. are thrilled to unleash their brand new album, Avé, today via Nuclear Blast! You can order Avé at, and watch a message from VENOM INC. here:

VENOM INC. frontman Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan says: “Today is the day… the wait is over… this is your album! Our thanks goes out to you because YOU made this happen! We are so excited and happy it’s finally here! Embrace, enjoy and come get it live! AVE! We start the world tour September 1st… never forget it’s METAL WE BLEED!”



We’re excited to welcome afro-soul artist Taliwhoah to the Rostrum Records family!

“Details is really insight into how I sometimes go through my mind reflecting on life and the encounters that have had a long lasting affect on me. Our bodies and minds experience so many different things, some we get over quite
quickly, others not so much. However, those experiences that do have a way of leaving their mark on us, mould the person we become; even if it’s in the minor details” – Taliwhoah via DIY

Deep Tribe


Hello Deep Tribe family! It’s warm out there! Preserve that electric bill by lowering the AC and turning the jams all the way up! Cool of with a free download of “Holding Back (Intro Mix)”, and energize yourself with “Now Move (Original Mix)”. Refresh your playlist with “The One EP” from Noise Revolt Records and “Street Love (Original Mix) from Wulfpack Records”.

Lauran Hibberd


Lauran Hibberd’s low-key, beautifully arranged nu-folk single “Old Head Young Shoulders” seems to drift through eardrums and straight into the listeners’ souls. Innocent, soft and with more than a breeze of fresh air around it, it will warmly appeal to the fans of Lucy Rose, Laura Marling or Billie Marten.

In ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’, this Isle of Wight based singer/songwriter manages to convey wisdom and talent well beyond her tender years. At just 19, Lauran is beautifully skewing her love of literature with her ethereal vocal and delicate guitar style.

If The Guardian’s Kitty Empire named Ben Howard ‘a surfing troubadour high on a new wave’, we’d like to hail Lauran Hibberd ‘a truthful spirit high on a low key nu-folk wave’. Why? With the hope this will encourage you to hear this 2:51min sonic window into this genuine teenage girl’s existence.

Already supported by BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music and Radio X, Lauran says: “To me ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is all about losing touch with my youth and the shelter that comes with it. It was one of the first songs I ever wrote, and definitely one of the most honest. I wrote it at a time, where I had no idea what I was feeling, no idea where I was heading and certainly no idea what life was actually all about”.

Real is rare, isn’t it? Well, Lauran Hibberd’s child-like love and innocence effortlessly flicker through her new single ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’, which will be available everywhere 1st September.

Fame On Fire

Fame On Fire Album Cover

Fame On Fire’s is back blazing a new trail with a music video for their new song, For You. After only a few days, For You has already raked in over 27,000 views on Youtube. As Idobi stated, “…the guys that make up the Florida group have been turning heads with a sound all their own”, FOF’s For You does just that.

The song immediately introduces each element of their sound to the audience, a power pop tune etched to get you off your feet jumping in no time. Implying the promise of being there for the one you care for, “For You” is a song that can guarantee break ups, make ups and everything in between. Tweens, teens and young adults won’t know what hit them!



Spanish goregrind stalwarts HAEMORRHAGE return to spew forth their most ferociously (de)composed album to date with their seventh studio album We Are The Gore. Embalmed at Mpire Studio in Madrid by Alfredo and Javi Ustara and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Skinless), We Are The Gore embodies 14 tracks and 35 blood-soaked minutes of pathological gore, ideal for listening to in mortuaries and mausoleums.



Finnish Rekoma is about to release their debut album “Eadem Errata” on October 6th 2017 via Inverse Records. “Eadem Errata” is full of riff based heaviness that doesn’t leave you disappointed! Antti Maunula, Juha Ilola, Jani Redkin, Arttu Korpela and Samuli Maunula have outdone themselves again by creating beautiful music that will make you bang your head in the wall and leave you weeping in tears. With the warm guidance of Ville Palin “Eadem Errata” got its final shape; 40 minutes of pure hatred and joy.

Port Cities


A port city is a place where cultures and histories collide, where goods and ideas are imported and absorbed into the local bloodstream. Not entirely un-coincidentally, Port Cities the band is the musical equivalent; a melting pot of three of Canada’s most creative individual talents, drawn together to make an entity even more outstanding as a group than as its constituent parts.

As with any form of musical collaboration, the magic occurs in the blending of one element with another, but unlike most groups, Port Cities never started out to be a band. Comprised of trio of celebrated Nova Scotian musicians Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Breagh MacKinnon, Port Cities were drawn together through songwriting as independent artists, with every intention of crafting new material, and then going their separate ways. Yet that is not quite how it panned out.

Port Cities’ music is a perfect balance of Nashville (where much of it was recorded) and Nova Scotia (where the band reside); of the rustic and atmospheric, of indie intimacy and the sort of arena-pop anthems that betray Port Cities’ globe-trotting ambitions; 2017 sees the band embark upon their second cross-Canadian and European tours. Such ambition does not prevent moments of delicate musical insight though and new single “Where Have You Been” is seductive with oozing harmonies, intricate slide guitar and acoustic movements and contemplative lyrics. As Stone explains, “One thing we all seem to connect with lyrically is showing a less-than-perfect idea of love, and not being scared to talk about how everything is not great, or call out a lot of what normal, traditional love songs would be about.”

Double A-side “In The Dark” is an instantly engaging track that show’s off a minimal slight 80’s style sound with washes of affected guitar proving that the band can ‘come alive in the dark’ across varied sound palettes whilst retaining their grounding.

The first thing anyone observes when hearing Port Cities is that this band is tight. Seriously tight. Yet it begs the question; How to go about fusing divergent styles and experiences into such a singular rootsy Americana sound? From MacKinnon’s silky jazz-schooled timbre, allied to Gutho’s R&B influenced natural tendencies and Stone’s acoustic troubadour, the space in between the three is delightfully warm and resonant, yet entirely coherent across the course of their self-titled debut album expected early 2018.

Michael Malarkey


What comes first? The actor or the songwriter? For Michael Malarkey, the writer came first, then the self-taught musician, rapidly followed by the self-made actor. Michael’s journey as a musician started when he began placing guitar parts behind his passion of writing copious amounts of poetry. ‘I was enraptured by the poets and writers of the beat generation and how they used the sound and rhythm of words to create a certain energy of time and place.’ Embracing the use of words to build tempo, Malarkey’s debut album Mongrels is the scribbling’s of a restless creative, battling to contain his nomadic spirit within his compositions.

Malarkey was born in Beirut, Lebanon to an Irish-American father and a British mother of Arab/Italian origin and is most famous in the acting circles for his role as the notorious Enzo in the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries. Growing up in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Malarkey travelled to London to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and alongside his acting career he immersed himself in music. ‘I consider it a form of poetic journalism. It’s an endless journey of self-discovery.’

Described recently as ‘folk-tronica’ (Metro), Malarkey’s musical imprint is inspired by a host of different artists and his debut record Mongrels is a demonstration of an eclectic musical taste. Admitting to enjoying the exploration of the darker side of his nature in an effort to find peace with it, Malarkey utilises his discoveries to inspire his songwriting. ‘A lot of what this record is about is that whole struggle of wrestling with those opposing forces within us; the duality of animal and human’ The outcome is songs that are both lyrically deep and melodically potent, ‘the key is to keep the balance’.

Mongrels doesn’t beat around the bush. The songs don’t jump and down, they don’t wear fancy clothes but lyrically the record plunges you into the depths of a passionate poet with an ear for melody. Malarkey’s writes a mixture of introspective country/folk music or driven, ravenous blues songs with lyrics filled with a haunting beauty, yet displaying a warm soul. Each song is a new journey into another corridor of his mind, charged with the depth of a man who sees the world in imagery and emotion.

Recorded and produced by Malarkey himself in his current hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, alongside Tom Tapley and Brandon Bush, who provide a definite Nashville influence, which is apparent throughout yet doesn’t suffocate the record into the country genre by any means.

The drone of distorted bass discharges the opening notes of the quaintly named Uncomfortably Numb. Reminiscent more of Nick Cave than Floyd with lyrics ‘this transparency is killing me’ and

‘Baby all I’m going to do is bring you down under the water. How long can you hold your bated breath before you drown’, highlighting Malarkey’s uncanny ability to gently bend words and melody.

A firm believer of experimenting in the studio, this attitude opened the door to his peers to support stating ‘you have to serve the song and be open to alter your initial perceptions. The studio is a magical place and spontaneity should be honored.’ I Just Want You is the light-hearted result of this approach, lifting from the melancholy of Scars to a warm summer smile and is a completely different version to the original demo, whilst Girl In the Moon is almost double the tempo to what was originally penned. Vocally the new album pushes the limits of his previous works, yet maintains the traditional weathered and wounded Malarkey baritone throughout. Mongrels is a Towns Van Zandt dusky country-fused track, whilst Dog Dream is clearly Tom Waits inspired and draws on the style of Everything’s Burned from Malarkey’s debut EP Feed The Flames back in 2014. Feed The Flames was a stripped, minimalistic example of Malarkey’s songwriting but with Mongrels, the progression towards a larger band and filled out sound is clearly underway, whilst keeping the trademark of one of his favourite instrument, the cello, is a prominent feature throughout.


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