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Press Release Roundup: February 17

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Music journalists get hit with a steady helping of press releases every day. For the music fan without that kind of sensory overload, a lot of music news can pass by without being seen. Every Friday, we will weed through and compile a list of some of the most intriguing press releases to come across our virtual desk.

Euphoria Music Fest


6th Annual Euphoria Music & Camping Festival
April 6-9, 2017
Carson Creek Ranch, Austin, TX

Euphoria 2017 is where you will discover your new favorite artist. There’s a sound for everyone, surrounded by a welcoming community and immersive experiences to explore. In addition to an eclectic lineup, Euphoria offers camping, art, yoga, workshops, and more.

To get tix, click HERE!

Emily Estefan


When Music Emissions first heard emerging artist’s Emily Estefan’s debut album ‘Take Whatever You Want’, it was love at first listen. Not fitting comfortably in any particular genre, it’s clear you can’t tell this album who the “fuck to be”. When Emily visited the West Coast this week, performing at an industry LA showcase on Wednesday, it was guaranteed we’d be coming through to support. Held at the intimate venue Hotel Cafe, Emily demonstrated her growing prowess as a band leader, percussionist and funny family anecdote teller. Rolling through a set highlighting the debut album and a Stevie Wonder cover, the crowd, which featured the likes of proud parents Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Mario Lopez, Kathy Griffin, Andy Garcia, Perez Hilton and Quincy Jones, enjoyed the lively show.

Bells Atlas

BA_Snap_Backstage cropped

With a full length and two EPs released since forming in late 2012, Oakland-based pop-soul band Bells Atlas are gearing up to drop a new standalone single, “NCAT.” The track release comes timed with the Bells Atlas’ upcoming run of dates with the WNYC/NPR program Snap Judgment serving as the house band during live recordings.

Attempting to neatly describe the sounds that Derek Barber (guitar) Geneva Harrison (drums, percussion, keys) Sandra Lawson-Ndu (vocals, percussion, keys) and Doug Stuart (bass, vocals, keys) produce together is no easy task. Kaleidoscopic and richly layered, each new foray by the band expands the wide, colorful sonic palette from which they paint dazzling, vibrant structures from.

As Bandcamp Chief Curator Andrew Jervis puts it, “The future sound of Oakland. Shades of African, indie, electronic, and soul music in all the right proportions.” Snap Judgment’s Glynn Washington adds that Bells Atlas are “made of magic and popsicles”.

Be on the lookout for more from Bells Atlas in the coming weeks and months, including the official release of “NCAT” out soon.

Lunch Ladies


Growing up along the coast near the beaches of New Jersey, you’re naturally imbued with a particular shade of wistfulness, longing and desire. House shows in Long Branch or New Brunswick, late night dutch coffees at the Inkwell, long drives blasting music with no destinations; these experiences spread out across four seasons influence every artist born and raised in the area in varied ways.

One of the more promising upstarts out of central NJ, Lunch Ladies, package these sentiments with a hazy, dreamy, jangle-pop sound that evokes the golden age of Creation Records. Having made a name for themselves in all of the tri-state DIY circles, Lunch Ladies are now readying the release of their debut full-length, Down on Sunset Strip, out March 10th, 2017 via Good Eye Records.

Consisting of Matt Whitley (vox, guitar), Cynthia Rittenbach (vox, bass), Matt Ramiz (vox, guitar) and Peter Gargano (drums), Lunch Ladies foster a creative dynamic that embraces harmony, in its many forms, with the three vocalists trading lead and support duties across the album’s seven tracks. From the adrenaline rush, ironically, of “Lazy” to the dreamy balladry of “Sad Jeans,” the young quartet explores complex emotions across the breadth of their beautiful aural aesthetic.

Stay tuned for more from Lunch Ladies with several single drops to come in advance of March 10th, 2017.

E Bleu

E Bleu 2

Peep the latest single from Houston artist E Bleu!



Multi-faceted Brisbane artist, Monet, returns dropping his second single titled “Nobody’s Wrong” – a simple ballad that encapsulates raw emotion and a perfect showcase of Monet’s vocal ability.

Having first been introduced to audiences with his debut single release titled ‘You’ in May 2016, Monet has been busy readying a series of new single releases due to drop this year, the first being “Nobody’s Wrong” which was released on Valentine’s Day.

“Nobody’s Wrong” is a track best described by Monet himself:

“There are usually 4 types of relationships: co-dependent, counter dependent, independent, and interdependent. We all enjoy the feeling of first falling in love with someone and we wish to stay close forever, however, as relationships develop, we often need space and distance every now and again for our own health, and sometimes we try to escape for a little. We make up lies and excuses to each other to avoid conversations, or we make rules trying to control one another. Sadly, quite a few lovers don’t survive this period, usually the co-dependent and counter dependent. Many relationships die before they could tie the knot. This song is inspired by this situation that most of us have had before, that “bittersweet” time, sometimes we get hurt, and those memories, good or bad, haunt us forever. If we could believe in each other, believe in love; be more honest and brave to each other, we could be happy together. This song is written for those who have had a broken heart, and also for those who are going through the “We don’t talk any more, but we still care about each other” phase.”

The Brisbane artist, originally hailing from the Chinese town of Wujin which has a rich history that often influences his music, has a fierce and loyal Facebook following of over 14,000. His history in music is short but his passion has been there since the age of five having been introduced to music by performing in his local theatre.

Monet is a man of many talents. He is a Musician, a Director and a Model. Having self-directed the lyric video for “Nobody’s Wrong” (which can be viewed here), Monet has managed to combine his love of music and directing.

Wake Up Call

If Beethoven Was a Punk_cover

What if Beethoven, Mozart, Hendel and the other great composers of the classical era had grown up with Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses and Nirvana posters on their bedroom walls?

If Beethoven Was a Punk is not just WakeUpCall’s second album, is a real rock opera in which past mixes with present to create something new. It’s a concept album about the love for the music, that can save your life in your darkest days.
The album is now available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all the digital stores
iTunes (
Spotify (

If Beethoven was a punk is not just a music album, it is also a tablet/smartphone app with a graphic novel that will be released in the next months!!

Slow Turismo


After twelve months of sold-out hometown shows and recording, Canberra quartet Slow Turismo return with a new slice of innovative indie rock for the introspective. The Benjamin Woolner (SAFIA)-produced ‘You Were Dead’, which premiered on Pilerats, will also see the band embark on a tri-state single launch tour.

Measured, syncopated and swaggering in the vein of Alt-J’s more suggestive works, ‘You Were Dead’ oozes easy groove and credits its unique tone to a hybridised approach to recording. With Woolner acting as a “brilliant soundboard” for Slow Turismo, the track was recorded to both analogue tape and using digital audio methods, allowing the band to cherry-pick the best elements from both approaches; experimenting with synths and amps long into the quiet hours of the morning.

Slow Turismo’s previous singles ‘Falter’, ‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ and ‘Breathe’ have all received triple j airplay, with Home & Hosed’s Dom Alessio and Double J’s Dorothy Markek both singing the band’s praises. With a live show meticulously sharpened via sold out hometown shows over the past year, polished to a gleam via support slots with Holy Holy, Client Liaison, Saskwatch and SAFIA, this is a band poised for a spectacular return to form – with more than a few new tricks up their sleeves.

Betty Moon


Check out Betty Moon’s “Sound” off her new album ‘CHROME’, out March 24th!



Sheepy are Liverpool schoolfriends Luke Jones (guitar/vox) and Ollie Phillips (drums) aided and abetted by Irishman Villy Raze (bass). As hilarious as they are in person and in their new video for ’15 Songs’ taken from their second album ‘Alarm Bells’, musically they are on a dedicated mission!

To say songwriter Luke was prolific would be an understatement, as his abundant ability to pen short, sharp catchy punk pop in about the time it would take most people to flick through the newspaper on their daily commute is quite incredible. There are in fact plans to enter the World Guiness Book Of Records soon to celebrate the band’s hyper speed pop-writing and recording skills!

Of the song Luke explains it’s, “About writing my fifteenth bedroom-recorded solo album called “15” and I jokingly thought to myself why not write 15 songs in an hour for the 15th. I was thinking of going for quantity not quality with short punchy punk tracks of about 2 minutes each. But I was only half joking as I tried to brainstorm lots of ideas that were coming to me in a short space of time. I wrote the 15 songs in about a week.”

The video concept came, “about making the song-writing into some kind of sport. We embraced the 80s theme and created characters, Ollie as Rude Mullet (as he’s been told he looks like Ruud Gullit in the past), Luke as Skreetch (no idea why but I must have reminded somebody of the Saved by the Bell Character) and Villy as Ron Wanweirdly, who is already a member of the surreal band Wanweird.”

Originally discovered by London label Blang playing at a pirate radio festival in Mayo, Ireland. Songwriter Luke had by then already recorded ten solo albums at home. He gave four copies to the label who signed him immediately. Since then he has: made another six home demo albums, formed the band, played around the UK, Ireland and Europe, released one album, five singles and an EP, been played on 6Music by Steve Lamacq (who played ‘Another Day’ single seven times), Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe and on Absolute by Frank Skinner and Dave Gorman. He’s also had two singles used on Sky Sports Soccer AM to soundtrack goal compilations and recorded Sheepy’s second album proper which is soon to be released in April 2017 entitled ‘Alarm Bells’, where it was recorded in Brixton with Jon Clayton (Jim Bob, Monoc



Check out Swedish duo’s Feelium’s “Gone” off their album ‘Go Go Soul’!

Outside The Academy


Nomadic producer Outside The Academy, known as OTA or, less formally, Pawel Cholewa (Pa-vell Ho-li-ver) announces the release of his The Music-premiered single ‘Solutionism’, a gloriously erratic yet meticulously crafted glimpse of what’s to come from his impending EP Second-Guessing, out Friday 10 March. OTA will be launching the EP on a 100% free entry tour across several East Coast show dates.

Though difficult to pigeonhole, Weekend Notes succinctly referred to OTA’s work as being “music that is aching to be married to a David Lynch flick”. Inspired by Evgeny Morozov’s The Net Delusion, which examines the perils of technology as a problem-solver, ‘Solutionism’ is a cinematic, sophisticated track driven by dark synth bass lines and contrasting polyphonic octave generated (POG) guitar sounds. “The ironic thing is,” Cholewa notes, “that the construction or creative process of writing the song was largely logical and methodical, despite the fact that the song is actually about the often-irrational nature of people.”



Pure passion! Three very playful blokes who sacrifice everything for their cause of boiling heart blood, which the pump only gives. Axeman, speedfreak and shouter Jonathan Brutschin, bass player Toby Straumann and drummer Simon Straumann are FREAKINGS and whip the eardrums with ecstatic, wild, damn precise THRASH METAL! Old School to the bone!‘ is the motto of master Brutschin and the capable Straumann brothers. The fact that the Swiss 2017 compete again in the original line-up, speaks absolutely for the authenticity of the resistant Swiss trio.

Delicately degenerated and animal-mangy screaming awards the new album “Toxic End“, while jagged gangshouts according to the best proven UK-style are simply not to be missed. Official release date for “Toxic End“ is March 6, 2017.

A cultivated pleasure for connoisseurs is surely also the flashy, toxic, sharp and technically delicate scrubbing guitar work, which neither lacks pressure nor bite. The fact that memories on the Californian grandmasters Slayer are rising at their fastest and most furious times is probably due to the upright subconsciousness of the three Helvetian ragers.

An equally upright as well as sympathetic career without blemish lies behind the hard-tried aggressors, which are located in Basel:

Founded in 2008 with beer-impregnated determination, FREAKINGS, after rehearsed hard, tried out and found their own style three years later, the first full-length “No Way Out” has been blown out. It quickly became clear, with this command, one must also reckon in the future. In 2014, the follow-up “Gladiator” was even more vigorous. The album represented a troop that had devoted effortlessly to its abilities and skills, which was rewarded with increased attention and recognition in the scene.

Now, FREAKINGS are finally offering with “Toxic End“ the perfect accompanying music to the end of the world, which the stupid humanity does not seem to be able to wait any longer … (Markus Eck)



It seems the melancholy is coded in to the Scandinavian DNA. Many months of darkness and anticipation for a summer that sometimes never comes, sets the tone for soulful longing. Danish duo AyOwA takes this melancholic keynote and makes it into music, and armed with modular synths, old reel-to-reels, and Schneider’s haunting voice, they create their dark and moving electronic pop songs.

Sung in Danish, but with a certain universal and dreaming approach, this band combines noise pop with vapor wave and melodies with improvisation, in an energetic, evocative and playful mix.

“Rus” marks the duos 3rd single, leading up to their debut EP set for release in May on Copenhagen label Music For Dreams. In an intoxicated state of mind, AyOwA finds themselves on a quest to break free of the walls around them, giving in to new love, and letting go of the past.

Under the title “Danish Never Sounded So Sexy” Huffington Post praises AyOwAs sound, and the language’s unique intonation and timbre. And although it isn’t commonplace to hear the Danish language mentioned for its beauty, it bears a strange attraction of the incomprehensible and mysterious to listen to. And sexy or melancholic – AyOwA continues to capture the audience with their unique and moving sound.

AyOwA has received plays on BBC 1 (Huw Stevens), Radio X, Amazing Radio and Apple Music Beats 1, as well as massive airplay on Danish national radio P6 and P3. AyOwA has been featured on Noisey, Vice, The Independent (UK) and Huffington Post (US), and marks the rare occasion of a band singing in Danish presented outside the country.



Premiering on Pilerats this week, Perth producer Palais’ evocative first release of the year, ‘Instant Crush Feat. Your Girl Pho’, is a masterful mix of upbeat pop and synth-y joie de vivre. It’s the first taste of his impending debut EP Apolis, which is available for pre-order from Friday 17 February.

Palais’ previous singles ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Too Young’ clocked half a million spins each on Spotify, and received support from DJ Craze, Malente (aka Claptone), Vanilla Ace, and Justin Martin. This is an artist who knows how to build an interesting and nuanced world, where elements of pop, house, hip-hop, and electronica meld together to create a sound that is very much his signature.

‘Instant Crush’ is no exception, infectious in its relentless effervescence. Your Girl Pho, also a Perth native, transports the listener into a realm of nostalgic euphoria with her animated vocals; capturing the youthful innocence felt when falling in love for the very first time. Palais’ production perfectly blends with the vivacious vocals, pop-centric synths richocheting around them in a gleeful stupor.

Damnation Plan


Damnation Plan is a modern Finnish progressive metal band with melodic death metal influences with a mix of harsh and melodic clean vocals. In between the band’s modern trademark mix of heavily rhythm driven atmospheric music one can still hear echoes from the more traditional heavy metal past.

The band’s lyrics that provoke for critical self-thinking and exploring have never been more current and relevant than today, and that’s what the new album ‘Reality Illusion’ also deals with.

The new album is the band’s yet most ambitious and diverse piece of work turning the notch up to eleven from the band’s debut album from all the aspects. The band wanted to create a tighter album in terms of tempos, and a more catchy, and melody oriented album especially in terms of lead guitars and vocals

Freedom Fuel


Helsinki based rock trio Freedom Fuel was founded in 2015 by members who have spent most of their adult life in the Finnish underground rock scene playing in various groups such as Blake, Species and Spiha.

Freedom Fuel’s eclectic approach to rock is arty, blues based and wanders stylistically from edgy carage and swampy blues stomp to lusty pop and weird cabaret.

The band recorded their ten song debut album in June 2016 with producer Jukka Puurula at Magnusborg Studios. The album is now released digitally and it is available on all essential streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.



Overtures, Sleaszy Rider Records, Truck Me Hard and MetalMessage are proud to announce the release of Overtures’ new official videoclip for the song “GO(L)D”, third track of the latest album “Artifacts” released in May 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records. The video, filmed by Marco Falanga directly connects its images with the lyrics of the song with three mini-stories showing how the modern society is affected by the lost of real values. A girl addicted to the modern drug: socials; a kid victim of the standardization of averageness; mankind devoted to the new God: go(l)d.

The videoclip is the second official videoclip released from the successful album “Artifacts” who brought “Overtures” on stage with Stratovarius, Saxon, Rammstein, Korn, Halestorm, Gamma Ray, Megadeth. Overtures willl be soon be on the road in a co-headlining European tour with Temperance.

Danay Suarez


Cuban songstress Danay Suárez is set to release her second studio album, Palabras Manuales (Manual Words), worldwide on March 3rd through Universal Music Group.

“Integridad” (Integrity), the first single from her highly anticipated album with a stellar collaboration featuring Stephen Marley, is set to be released today on all digital platforms. The song was produced by Stephen Marley himself and mixed by Genaro Schiano in The Lions Den. This is an original track written by Danay in which she collaborated with Stephen who sings in Spanish for the first time in his career!

Danay elaborates on this historic collaboration: “Stephen played various styles of Reggae for me and I immediately connected with the one that became our song without thinking twice about it. I strongly emphasized that I liked the melodic line he did on the chorus for the song “It Was Written” featuring Damian Marley, Capleton and Drag-On he told me, ‘record it as a reference,’ so I turned on the microphone and hummed it in Spanish for him.

“Then I saw he had his Bible open on one of the study tables and I looked for Psalm 101. I told him this was the meaning of this song. For our next meeting, I had already written my lyrics and so I recorded them. Days later he invited me to listen to the track [after he laid his vocals] and it was there that I heard his voice in Spanish for the first time. It was incredible! A much-desired collaboration. I think we are very similar artists and he recognized that right away. Our albums have a lot in common. ‘Integridad’ (Integrity) is a spiritual song that transcends language barriers for me as well as taking me very close to the roots of Reggae. Stephen can adapt between genres very skillfully and has a broad vocal range. Thus, I feel I too can float naturally between the layers of several genres, those I intentionally choose. I really hope you enjoy the content of the song and that it serves you as a blessing.”

This week, Danay Suárez will participate in Festival Viña del Mar where she was elected to represent Cuba with her song “Yo Aprendí” (I Learned) for the international competition of songwriters. Only six artists were chosen giving her the opportunity to perform the song during the festival in the legendary outdoor amphitheater Quinta Vergara of the city of Viña del Mar (Chile).

Mark de Clive-Lowe


Recorded in March last year the 4-track EP features Mark on piano, keys and live electronics along with Josh Johnson (sax/flute), Brandon Eugene Owens (bass) and Gene Coye (drums) – three amazing musicians that are a true pleasure to create with. The EP includes tributes to three of my favorite artists – Yusef Lateef, Sun Ra and Ahmad Jamal – with a rendition of his composition Swahililand, well known for being the sample in De La Soul’s Stakes is High. A live recording is always a special experience – transporting you to the time and place where it all happened. Hopefully you get that journey from this new release! The EP has original artwork by Roland LeFox Nicol and photos from the show by Farah Sosa.


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