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Press Release Roundup: July 8

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Music journalists get hit with a steady helping of press releases every day. For the music fan without that kind of sensory overload, a lot of music news can pass by without being seen. Every Friday, we will weed through and compile a list of some of the most intriguing press releases to come across our virtual desk.

Pop Montreal


Hello, we’re POP Montreal. We have a really cool music festival that truly reflects the amazing scene in Montreal’s underground artistic community in an ultra real way. Don’t forget that. We’ve been bringing you original, fresh and sexy music for 15 years and this year will be absolutely no exception. This is our 2nd press release, the next one will unveil our final programming. So enjoy another taste before the big explosion.

We’re very happy to add a slew of amazing locals artists to the line-up this year, including piano phenom Jean-Michel Blais, Little Scream, CO/NTRY, Un Blonde, Nancy Pants, TOPS, Jesse Mac Cormack, Heathers, Emily & Odgen, Tim Darcy of Ought, Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz, along with Jef Elise Barbara’s Black Space, She-Devils, and the launch of KROY’s debut album.

We are also happy to announce some SUPER IMPORTANT international headliners, including the beyond legendary co-founding member of the Velvet Underground John Cale; the avant garde pianist, composer (and genius) Annette Peacock; as well as a rare performance by Hayden, celebrating the 20th anniversary and performing in full his groundbreaking album Everything I Long For; and a one of a kinda 80’s rub-a-dub soundsystem featuring dancehall legends Shinehead and General Trees. Other mega cool artists we are announcing include oddball pop provocateur Dean Blunt’s alter ego Babyfather; experimental punk band HEALTH, the majorly hyped psych pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma and Princess Vitarah who’s break out single Nigerian Pussy “is the anthem”, So Get’cha Damn Hands Up!

That’s not it, there will be more more more! Win Butler’s POP vs JOCK IV basketball game, featuring some of the biggest celebrities in the world; a talk with Susan Rogers (Prince, Barenaked Ladies, David Byrne, Jeff Black, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Tricky, The Jacksons), Ph.D. in experimental psychology as part of the POP Symposium, and an Art POP curated conversation between CKUT’s Sundus Abdul Hadia and Beirut-Based artist Joe Namy.

Grace Sewell


With her smoky, timeless voice, impressive songwriting chops, and youthful take on pop-­soul, singer and songwriter Grace Sewell is one of 2016’s freshest success stories. The 19-­year-­old Brisbane native burst into the public consciousness with her chart-­topping debut single “You Don’t Own Me,” a hip‐hop-­influenced cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 emancipation anthem of the same title. Featuring new verses rapped by G-­Eazy and co-­produced by Parker Ighile
and its original producer, the legendary Quincy Jones, the song, which appear on Grace’s 2015 debut EP Memo (Regime
Music Societe/RCA), has become Grace’s international calling card.

A hit in the U.S., “You Don’t Own Me” has racked up nearly 50 million Spotify plays. It also reached No. 1 in the UK and in Grace’s home country of Australia, where it is certified triple-­platinum. “I think the reason people connect with ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is because the message behind it is so powerful,” Grace says. “I was 17 when I heard it, the same age Lesley was when she recorded it, and it gave me goosebumps. It made me feel proud to be a
woman.” Grace injects that same empowered attitude into the sassy, soulful songs she has recorded for her debut full-­length album FMA,an acronym for “Forgive My Attitude”. “I’ve always been a bit different,” she says. “I never
really fit in. As a young girl, I was super into music and very eccentric. I always thought it was important to have an opinion and to be authentic- which doesn’t always fit in with society’s expectations of women. The title is
a sarcastic apology for being true to who I am.” She also adds, “I also wanted the title to relate to the music on
the album. Some of the songs are about heartbreak, but they’re not about being so heartbroken that you cannot move
on with life. The lyrics still come from a position of power. Whatever it is I’m singing about has a cheekiness
behind it and I wanted that attitude to be reflected in the title.”

FMA’s first single, “Hell of a Girl,” is a post-­break-­up pep talk where Grace reminds herself that even though it feels like the end of the world when a relationship ends, she’ll know she’ll always be okay. “It’s about self-worth, loving yourself, and knowing that you’ll move on to something better,” she says. Grace shows her more
vulnerable side on “New Orleans,” which she wrote when the effects of her sudden success — working long hours, not
sleeping, and being away from family and friends — took their toll. “When you’re so focused on something you can forget to be a human and do normal things,” Grace says. “All these feelings just poured out. It was 4 a.m., there was nobody in the studio, and I was just mumbling words. I wrote the song in the booth with all the lights off
in one or two takes. Grace co‐wrote all the songs on FMA, which, soundwise, strike a balance between a warm, vintage soulfulness and a crisp, modern energy thanks to production by her long-­time collaborators Parker Ighile, Prince Charles, and Progression. “I have pretty vast musical tastes, everything from Fleetwood Mac to Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, as well as Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. It’s all music that makes you feel something. I’m also massively influenced by hip-­hop, so it’s kind of a melting pot, but with lyrics told from a 19-­year-­old girl’s perspective.”

Grace Sewell wrote her first song at age 12, but can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing, having first fallen in love with “the old soul and Motown greats, like The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, and Ray Charles” that her mom favored. She comes from a musical family, including her father (a singer the press used to call “the Australian Tom Jones”) and her grandparents, Betty and Graham Brewer, who once supported The Bee Gees on tour. Three years ago, Grace wrote “Boyfriend Jeans” and recorded it on her laptop with Apple in-­ear headphones. “That’s what got me my deal with RCA,” she marvels. “It opened up a lot of doors.” Now on the brink of worldwide stardom, Grace is ready for people to hear more of what she can do on FMA. “It means nothing if what you’re doing doesn’t provoke a feeling. That’s why I love soul music and that’s what I want to do. I want to bring back that moment when you listen to a song, and it makes you want to cry, laugh, smile,and dance —all at the same time.”

Don’t miss Grace on The Today Show today!

Afro-Latino Festival


The 3-day festival which took place over the weekend was a growing initiative which began 4 years ago in New York City from the will of a passionate group of Afro-Latinos fighting for representation and space in the cultural landscape. This year’s theme is EDUCATION, AFFIRMATION and CELEBRATION. 2015 – 2025 has been designated by the UN as the Decade of Afrodescendants, and the line-up gets better and better – not only including performances, but a talk series, documentary screening, street fair and more at venues throughout the city like the Schomburg in Harlem, SOB’s, Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn & Cmon Everybody from July 8 – July 10. (Full schedule is after the poster!)

This year’s line-up included: Tito Puente Jr. (NYC), Maluca (DR/NYC), Nina Sky (PR/NYC), Sango (USA), Princess Nokia (PR/NYC), Los Rakas (Panama/Oakland), QUE BAJO?! (NYC), El Caribefunk (Cartagena, Colombia), Dj Jigüe of Guampara Productions (Santiago de Cuba), Nickodemus (NYC), Bed-Stuy Social (NYC), Makossa Brooklyn Cookout (NYC), Aurelio Martinez (Honduras), Rich Medina (Philly), BullA en el Barrio (Colombia/NYC), OSHUN (NYC), El Freaky (Colomnbia), Making Movies (Panama/Kansas), MecániK InformaL (Panama), Carolina Camacho (DR), Afrodisíaco (PR), Yurby (NYC), Joshue Ashby & C3 Project (Panama), DJ BEMBONA (NYC), Cynthia Montaño (Cali, Colombia), Madame Vacile (Barranquilla, Colombia), Big Nito (NYC/Panama), Blackheart Intl Soundsystem (Italy), DJ Ritmo Equis (Panama), Proyeccion Folclorico, Zuzuka Poderosa (NYC/Brazil) and more!

Day 1 @ Schomburg, SOBs & Cmon Everybody

Kick-Off Activities @ Schomburg
Afro-Latino Fest NYC Awards Presentation, AfroLatin Talks, Afrolatin@ Crowd: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon hosted by AfroCrowd, Film Screening “Nana Dijo” by Bocaquilombo & Sociedad Cimarron, Followed by an Uptown Latin Jazz/Folk/Reggae Concert featuring Afrodisiaco, Proyeccion Folclorico, Yurby, Joshue Ashby & C3 Project, Cynthia Montaño, DJ Bembona

Night Show @ SOBs:
Tito Puente Jr., Making Movies, El CaribeFunk, Mecanik Informal, Carolina Camacho, DJ Ritmo Equis

After-party @ Cmon Everybody by iBomba
Carolina Camacho, Zuzuka Poderosa, Ritmo Equis, Resident DJ’s Beto & Ushka

Day 2 @ Restoration Plaza
Nina Sky, Geko Jones of Que Bajo?!, Maluca, Rich Medina, DJ Jigue, Nickodemus, El Freaky, Madame Vacile, Bulla en el Barrio, Bed Stuy Social w DJ Tahleim & friends

Day 3 @ Restoration Plaza
Los Rakas, Sango, Aurelio Martinez, Makossa BK ft. Dee Phunk, Dj Tara & DJ Shinobi Shaw, Bed Stuy Social ft. Christian Martir & DJ Tahleim, Princess Nokia, Oshun, Big Nito, Blackheart Intl Soundsystem



Days after Migos their 5 song EP 3 Way, late last night they drop a banger with Gucci Mane called Now”. Produced by Sonny Digital, the hypnotizing track features all three Migos and Guwop trading verses on instant gratification.



After being noticed as part of the duo Milk & Bone for her unique and crystal-clear voice, Camille Poliquin now presents “River”, the first single from her debut album set to be released on September 23rd under the name KROY.

The mesmerizing but catchy atmosphere of the song takes the listener by the heart with her soaring vocals and the mysterious layers of analogue synthesizers. This could be the missing link between Adele’s melancholy and Lorde’s minimalist electro moods. “River” offers a glimpse into KROY’s musical landscape – a captivating universe of hypnotic rhythms.

The World To Come

Phoenix, Arizona metalcore band The World To Come is happy to announce today that they will be releasing their new album The Cartesian on September 30th, 2016 through Famined Records. The band had the following to say regarding the album:

“The Cartesian is an album centered around the correlation between the mind, body, and soul. It’s a musical journey through humanity’s past and how multiple civilizations have sought to define each one. The album calls the listener to search within themselves and define their own existence, to find their own unique purpose in life with a better understanding of who they are as a living breathing part of this world. Written over the course of a year, we sought to draw musical influence from the various cultures found on the album. Incorporating ethic rhythms and atmosphere unique to each civilization. This album was a monumental leap forward in our songwriting and progression as a band. We hope for nothing more than to share our music with others and share in its message of finding and believing in something greater than ourselves.”

1) The Cartesian – Dualistic Genesis
2) Apotheosis
3) Deity of Eridu
4) Scribe of Thoth
5) Bride of Eros
6) Temple of Minerva
7) Verdict of Arianrhood
8) Prophet of Vitrivius
9) Decadence
10) The Cartesian – Monotheistic Revelation

Felix De Luca


Often described as one of Europe’s most exciting upcoming rappers, Copenhagen’s Felix De Luca is back with his uncompromising new EP produced by fellow Dane DontAxAboutIt, set to drop on 7th July.

Having secured support from platforms including Boiler Room and Red Bull Music, Felix looks set to explode with the release of this old school hip hop inspired six-track EP. Combining gritty reality with De Luca’s love of streetwear and design, the EP is scattered with references to Supreme and hypebeasts alongside traditional hip hop topics of money, women and weed.

‘Prelude’ serves as a perfect taster of what is due to come, bursting full of anticipation and hip hop bravado; which Felix describes as ‘the calm before the storm’. Next comes ‘No. 1’ which first surfaced towards the end of last year, with its video filmed on the streets of Helsinki before a show, premiered on Complex UK. The track is full of 90’s hip hop influences, and Felix pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest with the lyric ‘I’m midnight mauradin’ on my tribe shit’, a group whose influence is evident throughout the EP. Drum machine heavy third track ‘Buzzin’ is the only track on the E.P which feels typical of contemporary hip hop, with slow, slurred lyrics and a cloud rap inspired instrumental, suggesting that what Felix is ‘Buzzin’ on is one of the current favourites of the hip hop scene, Xanax or Codeine. Again throwing a nod to classic hip hop, ‘Smoke Breaks’ features samples used by the likes of Nas and a smooth RnB chorus. The track addresses financial struggle, and the slightly less thuggin’ subject of heartbreak, creating an atmosphere of visceral honesty. The penultimate track is upcoming single ‘First Of The Month’ complete with references to Mobb Deep and a music video filmed in Brixton that echoes Larry Clark’s classic film ‘Kids’. Closing track ‘Find Myself’ is a return to the sincerity of ‘Smoke Breaks,’ telling a confessional tale of De Luca’s experiences with infidelity, featuring Noisey championed Danish vocalist Louis Rustum.

On his journey to becoming a star of the Copenhagen rap scene, Felix has played dozens of his own solo shows across Denmark as well as at Roskilde Festival, in addition to supporting international hip hop acts such as The Underachievers and Danny Brown.

De Luca clearly understands the importance of creating your own lane, combining his American influences with Scandinavian culture, ‘I like to go left when everyone else is going right, these days I´d rather talk about shit like designer furniture than sneakers, Verner Panton is my Michael Jordan’

Mobo’s recently listed Felix as one of their ‘New Artists to Watch in 2016’. And, with de Luca co-signed by the likes of Gaika on his NTS show, a summer which will see him collaborate with Kojey Radical and the high anticipated EP release, Felix de Luca looks set to be the hottest name on the Danish music scene.

False Heads


Hailed by Iggy Pop as one of his favorite bands of the moment, declared “the future of rock n’ roll” by ex-Ramones managerDanny Fields, signed up by The Libertines drummer Gary Powell to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label, and offered Pete Townsend’s studio to record in. It’s fair to say that there’s a hell of a buzz swirling around the young East London trio False Heads right now.

NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine, Artrocker, Drowned In Sound, 6Music, Radio X and BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens have also all waded in with support and praise for the trio’s delinquent, punk-driven assault, that finds them caught somewhere between the early grunge of Foo Fighters, the infectious songwriting of Pixies, and the snotty punk attitude of The Buzzcocks. Following their excellent ‘Steal & Cheat’ single release late last year, False Heads went in to Pete Townsend’s studio earlier this spring to cut a series of new tracks. ‘Thick Skin’ is the first single to emerge from those sessions – a perfect riot of energetic, leering bawdiness that sets another huge marker for a band whose remarkable rise is seemingly unstoppable.

Already being lauded for their thrilling live shows, False Heads have also announced a series of new live dates alongside this new release, including a big show at The Roundhouse in London as part of the Punk Weekender event this July. One thing’s for sure, there’s a palpable excitement brewing around False Heads, and with a series of new releases set to follow across this year, it looks like their rise is only set to continue in 2016.

‘Thick Skin’ is out now through 25 Hour Convenience Store, available from all good digital stores.

Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli are a rock, soul, blues, and pop band. We can bandy about legendary names like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, perhaps more recent incarnations like The Black Crowes and The Black Keys. It’s that special kind of sound that when a band manages to combine their musical elements something magical can on occasion just happen. When this does it creates something unlike the modern pop dichotomy where music is disposable and transient. Fans are made and kept for life, more akin to a football team, where once you’ve chosen your colours, there’s no going back. They’re yours and you’re theirs. It’s a blood pact. Little Brother Eli are one of those, especially when you get to see them play live.

Formed in early 2013 by lead vocalist Alex Grew and bass player Josh Rigal. The pair were joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and drummer Benji Page who began sharing their eclectic mix of musical influences along with lap steel specialist Tom Williams. They went on after a series of jam sessions to create their own blend of bluesy garage rock by combining powerful, soulful vocals with growling guitars and bring the sound together with an infectious, rock solid hip-hop back beat. The next two years saw the band build a sizable rap-sheet of shows at over 100 different venues all over the UK as the band left their native Oxfordshire to bring their energetic and charismatic live set to London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol, Bath, Reading, Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham.

The band has performed at festivals including The Great Escape, Cornbury & Blissfields, as well as some major festival in European countries like Germany and Italy earning Little Brother Eli an ever growing loyal fan base and musical network. Following two successful EP releases on The Animal Farm label, the band began finishing up recording their debut album towards the end of last year. As they continue to garner support wherever they play, they now feel the time is right to release their debut LP onto the world and if things go right, glory awaits. You know the drill, now it’s time to dig in and let yourself go.

Tour dates:

Jun 25: Oxford Bullingdon

July 22: Nozstock, The Hidden Valley- Bromyard

Red Fang

Portland’s RED FANG have just shared a new trailer video. Learn more and watch it now below!



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