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Press Release Roundup: September 22

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Music journalists get hit with a steady helping of press releases every day. For the music fan without that kind of sensory overload, a lot of music news can pass by without being seen. Every Friday, we will weed through and compile a list of some of the most intriguing press releases to come across our virtual desk.

Afropunk ATL





AFROPUNK ATLANTA has announced that Miguel will be taking up headline duties for the second edition of the festival while B L A C K I E, Lonely Horse, Pay To Cum, The Txlips, Bloodplums and DJ’s Uniiqu3 and Werc crew will be joining the already stellar lineup that includes Solange, Willow Smith, Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Young Fathers, Algiers, Moses Sumney, Sam Dew, Jamila Woods and many more (full lineup below). Taking place in Atlanta’s 787 Windsor, AFROPUNK presents The Carnival of Consciousness is a weekend-long retreat of music, art, salons, film, and lectures. Following in the same vein as the AFROPUNK Brooklyn, Atlanta will also be participating in this years theme WE THE PEOPLE along with many new initiatives.

The Solution Sessions – a social salon, is a unique space within the weekend’s programming that provides an opportunity to mobilize, inspire, engage, inform, and to rally some of our brightest around the importance of civic participation, diverse thinking, and encouraging attendees to envision themselves making a difference & supporting social innovations. These curated talks feature dynamic orators & personalities addressing audiences on a myriad of topics, issues, concepts, that are solution based. Solution Sessions topics will include:

WE THE PEOPLE: Decriminalizing Blackness – exploring mass incarceration, the war on drugs, criminal justice reform, profiling, civil & criminal rights and presented in partnership with the Drug Policy Alliance.

Reclaiming Our Time & Our Bodies, presented in conjunction with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, will break down the perception and stigmas tied to black women in America, to include an examination of political movements, reproductive health and rights, cultural appropriation and more.

Featured Solution Sessions speakers and panelists for the weekend include noted author, professor and former MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry; Dorian T. Warren, political commentator and President of the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA); Paul Butler, author and Georgetown School of Law professor; Mary-Pat Hector, 20-year old Atlanta City Council candidate, National Youth Director of NAN and Founder of Just Think Twice; Matthew Kincaid, educator and founder of Overcoming Racism; Model and activist, Ebonee Davis; author and advocate for criminal justice reform, Kemba Smith Pradia and others!

One of the best things about the AFROPUNK festival are its community-driven initiatives. Activism Row is an interactive, site-specific educational installation featuring grassroots non-profits that attempt to solve urgent community problems. Activism Row’s goal is to inform youth about civic participation opportunities. This year the area is presented in partnership with AHF – AIDS Healthcare Foundation and participating organizations include Drug Policy Alliance, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Color of Change and Headcount.

While at the festival, make sure to stop into The Spinthrift Market, a showcase of the best of the AFROPUNK maker community. Vendors this year will include Limegreen Skincare, Healing Temple, BLK MKT Vintage, Afrodesiac Worldwide, Trading Races and many more. Also on site is Bites&Beats, a curated food truck rally experience for everyone from vegans to paleo’s featuring tastes from around the world.

To get tix, click

Blood Region


“The Veteran is a song about reflections of war, on individual and collective levels. Inspired by documentaries and stories of people who had to face the horrors.

It’s also a song about the legacy of veterans, those who were sent to the frontlines, those who never came back and those who returned traumatized and struggling through life with the experiences they had in the battlefields.

The meaning behind this song is not glorify war in any sense, more likely to wake people think, remember the roots in some level. Its concept is also based on theme of Finland reaching 100 years as a nation and its history, and therefore a tribute to veterans, says the drummer Sami Vertanen.”

Chilly Gonzales


Grammy Award-winning entertainer and composer Chilly Gonzales is CALLING ALL PERFORMING MUSICIANS to join him in Paris for an all-expenses-paid trip to study at The Gonzervatory, an 8-day music performance workshop. Six selected students will get the chance to go to Paris for a week of intensive coaching, masterclasses and rehearsals, culminating in a public concert led by Chilly Gonzales himself.

The Gonzervatory is open to every musician 18 or older, from all parts of the globe, who write and perform their own material: composing instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, rappers, producers. The workshop will explore Musical Humanism, audience psychology and what it means to be a performing musician in 2018.

Applications can be made via the link below and close Friday December 1st 2017 at 11.59pm GMT:

Over the course of his career, Chilly Gonzales has pulled back the curtain on how music works.

On stage, his now classic ‘Major-Minor’ routine, where he plays Happy Birthday or Chariots of Fire in a minor key to demonstrate the emotional impact of each key, has the audience laughing and learning all at once. Another routine sees Gonzales select a member of the audience to join him on stage and, in less than 3 minutes, they write a spontaneous piece built on the simple repetition of 3 notes plus 1 tiny variation. His most recent tour saw him breakdown the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby in to its component parts, before using a string quartet as a real-life sampler to show how hip-hop, pop and classical music are not so distant relatives. The success of these concert routines led to production of the From Major to Minor live DVD, an hour-long masterclass concert where Chilly Gonzales deals with the principle elements of music theory, including rhythm (featuring special guests Daft Punk) and melody (featuring special guest Feist).

Chilly Gonzales’ teaching also takes the form of best-selling book Re-Introduction Etudes: 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces specifically designed to unlock musical mysteries for those who gave it up. The book is an antidote to the stale, cheesy, ‘rinky-dink’ repertoire most student pianists are forced to play, and aims to restore some fun into the learning process.

Gonzales’s most recent forays into education are through his Pop Music Masterclasses, in which he breaks down the musical elements of current and classic pop hits (Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, or Drake’s Hold On…) in 3-4 minute videos which have to date been viewed several hundred thousand times on YouTube, and the Apple Music Beats1 radio show Music’s Cool with Chilly Gonzales where his unique analysis introduces listeners the theory and the fun of entire musical genres through the work of one exemplary artist (Daft Punk for electronic music, Weezer for Indie Rock…) in a 2-hour monthly broadcast.

Through all of these endeavors, Chilly Gonzales gained a reputation as a “musical scientist” in addition to his renown as a composer and performer, penning several newspaper and magazine opinion pieces and being called upon by the likes of Apple Music’s Beats 1, BBC Radio 1 in the UK, 1Live in Germany, and the CBC in Canada to comment upon our ever-expanding musical universe.

The Gonzervatory workshop is a result of all of the foregoing for the man whose mission it is to spread Musical Humanism: an ongoing and constant search for the techniques and aesthetics that connect musical eras and genres.

Oskar Recordings-Soto Voce


Los Angeles duo Soto Voce have released their first EP More Than Human. With arresting lyrics and dark electro pop overtones, Soto Voce channel their personal turmoil into one-of-a-kind club bangers and soulful anthems.

Raised in Oakland, California, Mia Soto’s upbringing was a struggle that would lay the foundation for the rebellious Soto Voce sound. Constantly persecuted and bullied for being openly gay in a predominantly African American community, Mia moved from school to school trying to fit in. Having always “felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body,” Soto’s childhood as a gender non-conforming boy in Oakland was a turbulent time.

Miguel De Vivo, the other half of Soto Voce, echoed Soto’s difficult childhood as De Vivo’s family fled their native Colombia, relocating to LA. The dramatic move was prompted by his port official father’s refusal to collaborate with infamous Colombian drug lord and trafficker Pablo Escobar’s cartel. “When we first arrived in Los Angeles, we had to start all over. We were ten family members living in a tiny apartment. It was a while before we were back on our feet.”

“if anyone is able to interpret such complex political messages through their music, it’s these two.” – Idol Magazine

There’s no denying that the Soto Voce sound encapsulates all of these tempestuous experiences. De Vivo enthuses, “We want range, we want big dynamics, we want chaos, we want that feeling of intimacy and losing yourself.”

“More Than Human” is out via French indie OSKAR and available across all digital formats.

Buried and Gone


‘The Final Hour’ is the debut album of Buried And Gone which hails from Kuopio/Oulu, Finland. On the album you can hear various influences of different styles in metal music. Melodies and riffs guarantee a listening trip from “inexperienced” to “experienced” listeners.

The album features ten tracks which have no bigger background story, but every track is their own story. The lyrics are infused with death, love and cynicism.

“The Final Hour” was recorded in winter 2016-2017 in Niklas’ home studio in Kuopio and Markus’ vocals was recorded in BRR-musiikki, Raahe. Mixing and mastering are done by Joni Tanskala and cover arts made by Aki Pistemaa. The album is released digitally in August 27th by Inverse Records.



Zephyra has returned with their melodic death metal sound to release a new single, “The Darkest Black.”

“The Darkest Black” is released through Inverse Records and builds a bridge between their second album, the critically acclaimed “As the World Collapses,” and the progress of writing and recording a third one. Once again the band has worked with Micke Andersson at MRG Studios (Borås) for recording and producing, and with Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Montreal) for the mix and master works; a superb team as showcased on the last album.

Zephyra has released two full-length albums, both critically acclaimed. Their second album, “As The World Collapses,” has had one high scoring review after another.

With this newest single, Zephyra shows that they are a band to reckon with!

Port Cities

A port city is a place where cultures and histories collide, where goods and ideas are imported and absorbed into the local bloodstream. Not entirely un-coincidentally, Port Cities the band is the musical equivalent; a melting pot of three of Canada’s most creative individual talents, drawn together to make an entity even more outstanding as a group than as its constituent parts.

As with any form of musical collaboration, the magic occurs in the blending of one element with another, but unlike most groups, Port Cities never started out to be a band. Comprised of trio of celebrated Nova Scotian musicians Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Breagh MacKinnon, Port Cities were drawn together through songwriting as independent artists, with every intention of crafting new material, and then going their separate ways. Yet that is not quite how it panned out.

Port Cities’ music is a perfect balance of Nashville (where much of it was recorded) and Nova Scotia (where the band reside); of the rustic and atmospheric, of indie intimacy and the sort of arena-pop anthems that betray Port Cities’ globe-trotting ambitions; 2017 sees the band embark upon their second cross-Canadian and European tours. Such ambition does not prevent moments of delicate musical insight though and new single “Where Have You Been” is seductive with oozing harmonies, intricate slide guitar and acoustic movements and contemplative lyrics. As Stone explains, “One thing we all seem to connect with lyrically is showing a less-than-perfect idea of love, and not being scared to talk about how everything is not great, or call out a lot of what normal, traditional love songs would be about.”

Double A-side “In The Dark” is an instantly engaging track that show’s off a minimal slight 80’s style sound with washes of affected guitar proving that the band can ‘come alive in the dark’ across varied sound palettes whilst retaining their grounding.

The first thing anyone observes when hearing Port Cities is that this band is tight. Seriously tight. Yet it begs the question; How to go about fusing divergent styles and experiences into such a singular rootsy Americana sound? From MacKinnon’s silky jazz-schooled timbre, allied to Gutho’s R&B influenced natural tendencies and Stone’s acoustic troubadour, the space in between the three is delightfully warm and resonant, yet entirely coherent across the course of their self-titled debut album expected early 2018.

Curse of Lono

lono tour poster

Check out Curse of Lono’s European tour dates above!

Jordan Klassen


Jordan Klassen is thrilled to announce his new studio album, Big Intruder, released world-wide on September 22nd via Nevado Music. Today, Jordan Klassen has unveiled his new single, “Dominika.”

Klassen says, “’Dominika’ was a bit of an experiment for me – I wanted to write something that has some interesting musical turns but makes them in a subtle and often unnoticeable way, like the classic singer-songwriters used to do. The narrative of the song is about watching friends suffer romantically at the hand of noncommittal people.”

Big Intruder is an album about growing up and making adult decisions. The eleven tracks, which Jordan Klassen wrote, recorded and produced himself, venture away from the whimsical soundscapes of his past work and exude themes of growth and maturity, both in lyrics and sound. Klassen previously strived for a cinematic sound, avoiding drum kits but tried to embrace the idea of ‘band’ on this record. Big Intruder speaks to the dilemma of an the overwhelming array of choices available in life, and the doubt and caution that become excuses to avoid commitment. The resulting songs are intimate and personal, guided by a sense of honesty and vulnerability.

Big Intruder will be available for pre-order on Friday, August 18th and will include “Dominika” and “Yer Cure” as instant grat tracks.

True Mother Records

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 9.36.21 AM

True Mother Records announces the official release for Jaded Lover’s tongue-in-cheek synth-pop track, “Watching Porno feat. SaraJeanne.” The event will be taking place on October 6 at the Cerise Rooftop at Virgin Hotel Chicago. The night will feature a live performance of “Watching Porno feat. SaraJeanne.” This is an exclusive live appearance from Jaded Lover and SaraJeanne, who will be flying in from New York for the event. SaraJeanne will be performing the song along with Matt Wells of True Mother Records on the decks. The 80’s inspired music video, starring the sexy and gorgeous SaraJeanne, is already gaining momentum online. The event is set to begin at 9 p.m. and is 21 and over. Dress to impress for the event, taking place at 203 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60601.

True Mother Records is an independent arts collective, record label, and production team launched with the goal of providing a collaborative and artist-friendly environment for musicians to develop and hone their craft with a vast range of creative freedom. True Mother knows no geographic bounds, providing digital workspaces that artists are comfortable calling their home. True Mother nurtures innovative musical artists across all genres, focusing primarily in electronic music.


Promo 2

Again we are hit with yet another banger from the Grunge Rockstar Johnytiger, with this new single he brings us a more poppy radio hit that we will be humming for days. This new track titled “Chivalry Is Dead, Thanks To Xanax” couldnt have hit us at such a great time just before fall season. Take a dip and enjoy Johnytigers new set of frequencies.

“Johnytiger, unique grunge beat architect from Miami, FL. Although well known for dominating mainstages and touring worldwide with the band “I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE”, his reputation stems from his unique solo project. Johnytiger’s sound is most easily illustrated as a crossbreed of Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails, creating a new synthetic wave of frequencies you can take a dip into.”



Rising post punk 5-piece FEHM are set to follow up their ‘Circadian Life’ EP with a brand new double A-side single ‘Last Breath / Human Age’ this October.

Hailing from Leeds, the band released their debut EP ‘Circadian Life’ on Art Is Hard just last year, winning praise from Loud & Quiet, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, DIY, Clash Magazine and Artrocker.

Meanwhile, Fehm’s live shows to date have seen them lauded for their aggressive performances and abrasive sound palette, with the band heading out in support of Eagulls, Protomartyr, METZ, Yak and Crocodiles, while the group also play select shows with Autobahn this November.

Produced by Matt Peel at Nave Studios and Fehm’s first songs written as a 5-piece, the new material is a big step forward for the band in both sound and arrangement, whilst still capturing the gloomy desperation, anxiety and urban decay of the age we live in.

New track ‘Last Breath’ continues to play on this theme, written about working in a hospital and witnessing the equivocal fact of life, that death awaits us all as life’s final bittersweet moment.

‘Last Breath / Human Age’ is released through Fehm’s own imprint ‘Everything Has Meaning’ on October 27th 2017. Fehm are writing and recording their debut album for release in 2018.

Lady Electric

STAGES 2.jpg

We’re Lady Electric: a Toronto-based band with groovy bass lines and haunting synth overtones. We’ve been working tirelessly to debut 4-track EP, “We’re All Mad Here”. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it’s about existing within the confines of social normality, while being deeply self-aware of your own madness.

Check out the latest single below!

The Lymbs


The Lymbs showcased “In a Hall of Mirrors”, a straight-forward, up-tempo rock jam that incorporates loud/soft/loud dynamics, fuzzy guitars and a compellingly spontaneous drum breakdown mid-song. “Well, leave it for the birds. I fear I don’t care anymore”, Gage coos above a driving beat and bassline. The song builds to a dissonant frenzy, inciting an agitating quality that’s congruous with the “Neon” EP’s electrified moniker.



Check out the hard-hitting and poignant new music video “Set The World In Flames”, from a Rochester-based metal band OVTLIER! They have set out to share the horrors of addiction that are happening within their communities, families, and even happened to themselves at one time.

O Femi


After a few tentative releases, Hip-hop artist O Femi debuts his Reggaeton influenced single featuring the vocal talent of Dominican songstress Zoila Garman, underpinned by the sounds of Canada based Producer David Sanya. “Like This” is filled with all the optimism and celebration of the style it borrows from and adds that touch of authenticity by way of Zoila’s Latina vocals and David Sanya’s inspired rhythm. Available now on all popular digital streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

Noah Slee


New Zealand born, Berlin-based soul singer & producer Noah Slee is an astounding talent. Combining traditional soul influences whilst experimenting with electronic production, blending an array of genres ranging from future beats, contemporary soul, prog RnB to indie-electronica.

His debut album “OTHERLAND” (Majestic Casual 25/08) focuses on many life-changing moments, as Slee comes out as gay, explores the Berlin nightlife, ponders on religion, pays homage to his Tongan roots, and grapples with his artistry across the incredible 17-track body of work.

Gramatik and Galactic Marvl



“VOYAGER TWINS” Out Today Via Gramatik’s Lowtemp
“It’s a powerful song with a message of peace for all who hear it, human or otherwise. Follow “Voyager Twins” as it travels the stars..” -BILLBOARD

Charlie Hole


“Someone Else’s Dream” is the brand-new EP by singer/songwriter Charlie Hole, due for release October 6th. Still in his 20s, Charlie has already won praise by global superstar Rod Stewart, identifying him as an emerging talent who has written a “beautiful song”.

Though born in the seaside resort Bournemouth, it was London that inspired Charlie to write the first track from the EP “The City”. He moved to the capital at 19, experiencing first-hand the beauty and struggles that living in London can bring. The EP “Someone Else’s Dream” expresses his feeling of being lost and found whilst maintaining a determination to achieve his own dreams: “I think this EP has a certain soul-searching about it; I had been living in London, having a beautiful time and learning about all the world has to offer, but at the same time experiencing huge setbacks and frustrations in my career and personal life. This is a coming of age record; I was searching for some kind of clarity and definition in life, some kind of certainty in the midst of all the confusion. It was that time where you’re trying to work out who you want to be; holding on to dreams and praying that they don’t end up breaking you.” Charlie Hole

Now Charlie is taking his music not only on the road, but also into living rooms across the UK and Europe. For over 10 years, he has played more than 1000 gigs and opened for world-class performers such as Billy Ocean and Steve Harley.

Hermitage Green


Irish folk-rockers Hermitage Green are back with their roaring single, “Lions Share.” 2016 was a huge year for the band, signing to Sony Music Ireland and selling out shows across their home country and the UK. They have played alongside Gavin James, Josh Ritter, Walking On Cars and The Pogues. 2017 has been a continuation of this progress and is proving to be another monumental year for the band that launches them to the international stage.

“Lions Share” feels like a rustic tavern ballad cranked up to a stadium anthem. The lyrics find the singer tormented in a caustic relationship. He knows he’s caught in the lion’s den. When there’s no escape and he’s torn to pieces, all that’s left of him will be the lion’s share. Bear’s Den fans will find themselves right at home with Dan Murphy’s enchanting vocals enriched by multi-cultural instrumentation.

Talking about the song, vocalist Dan Murphy says, ‘Lion’s Share is an expression of certain aspects of human behaviour. Indulgence, greed, selfishness, the innate need to consume, and lastly a complete sense of apathy for all of the above. When you care for nothing – that is the moment when you can reap the full rewards”.

Little Grim


​Interlacing singer Joe Murphy’s incandescent vocals with their unique brand of off-kilter electronic beats, ‘Infectious’ takes the band’s gripping rhythms and indie pop sensibilities to a much darker place. Inspired by the stark physicality and emotional confusion of an abusive relationship, Little Grim’s piercing, severe lyricism is the fearless centre-point of this release. Developing on from the sensitive release of their previous single, ‘Hoodie’, the band have been highly praised for this unique and penetrative sound by the likes of Melita Dennett (BBC Introducing: The South) and Gary Crowley (BBC Introducing: London).

Recorded with Brett Cox, the mastermind producer behind Jack Garratt, Tusks and Vök, ‘Infectious’ is sound-defining: the perfect song to mark the run up to Little Grim’s debut EP. For fans of James Blake, Alt-J and Glass Animals, the song is accompanied by a stunning animated video that sees the metronomic rhythms of the music overwhelmed by the organic mess of the real world.

Julian’s Lullaby


Julian’s Lullaby band formed in 2006 aiming to make a blend of metal rock music enriched with neo-classical, symphonic and acoustic-folk rock elements.

Their second full-length album titled ‘Prisoner of Emotions’ will be released very soon.


RUNAH This Silence Promo Shots-19

Following a number of recent performances for the now-global Sofar Sounds series, ‘This Silence’ follows RUNAH’s recent collaboration, ‘Neighbourhoods Pt. 2’, with international touring six-piece, Fairchild, (recently supporting the Human League) and her last single ‘Bind Me to You’, which celebrated the inherent human connection with nature and the desperation we feel when this connection is lost.

Returning with ‘The Silence’, a song about confinement and suffering, RUNAH confronts the need to talk about mental health as a society. Taken from the Manchester-based artist’s debut EP, ‘We Only Go To Church In Winter’ (released late 2017), RUNAH states, ‘the song, lyrically, explores feelings of isolation, pain and bodily disconnection, which can be felt not only by the sufferer, but also by those who seek to support them. It’s of great importance
to me to acknowledge both parties’.

The accompanying visuals, shot between a disused warehouse in Ancoats, Manchester and on National Trust land, features creative modern dance techniques, often a centrepiece of RUNAH’s captivating live performances. With the production of the song focusing around a soaring lead vocal, single electric guitar, a second mystery voice and glitchy electronic textures, lyrically the song depicts a conversation between two people which, at it’s core, is
about compassion and love.

Jordan Alexander


Toronto’s hottest newest indie artist ‘Jordan Alexander’ has today released her new video for her single/track “COOL”. This stunning young singer/songwriter brings a fresh new voice and talents that promise to impact listeners for years to come. Jordan is already bringing on fans and support from key music influencers, tastemakers, producers and the music community from the Toronto music scene. Her lyrics are a visual storyboard for her life experiences and her ability to bring the listener deep inside her head showcases her unique ability as a songwriter and storyteller.

Modern Error


After releasing their debut single ‘Buried And Blue’, ‘Modern Error’ have just released their second single ‘Funeral Verse’ via the Dreambound YouTube channel. The song is a huge contrast to their previous single, giving more of an indication on where the shape of the band is heading. Dedicated to making art, ‘Modern Error’ have made sure their visuals depicted the song correctly and stand up to what is current, resulting in pleasing videos and graphics.


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