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Jerad Finck – “New Kids”

posted April 21, 2017, 5:43 pm by JasonHillenburg | Filed Under Releases | comment Leave a Comment


Spokane, Washington native Jerad Finck has arrived at this place through talent, but discipline plays a much more important role. His experiences with a variety of instruments and musical approaches, as well as his lyrical engagement, makes him a singularly unique performer whose songwriting and performing talents have been amply recognized on both a regional and national level. However, it is discipline distinguishing him for than anything else. Finck is a performer who clearly gets and wants it – his new single “New Kids” bristles with creativity and a subtle sense of risk taking that defies the norm and rewards anyone willing to give him time to weave his magic. His time opening for acts as diverse as Daughtry, Sister Hazel, Red Wanting Blue, and Christina Perri have shaped him into a superior creative artist capable of conveying oceans of emotion with seemingly little effort. This latest effort highlights his ongoing artistic partnership with writer/producer Denny White and is set to propel his career to a higher level than ever before.

“New Kids” has a low key fanfare opening the song before it soon settles into a steady groove. The groove is ambling, easy going, and loosely confident while still maintaining all the needed focus to get the song over. The percussion, seemingly scattershot at times, is particularly effective for conveying the song’s shuffle mood and Finck brings his voice into perfect accord with the backing track. The decidedly low-fi approach of the song never lacks physicality – “New Kids” is a track that will engage listeners on every level from the first notes on. It has understated melodic virtues that few songs of its ilk share and Finck does an exceptional job of wrapping his voice tightly around the arrangement.

There are few meaningful post-production touches. Instead, Finck’s voice is the centerpiece of the track and effectively wraps around the music in a compelling but unobtrusive way. Much like everything else about his presentation, Finck refrains from following established formulas too closely and, instead, attempts to wring new variations from aforementioned themes. It results in a collected, humble performance in some ways that nonetheless announces his arrival in unambiguous terms. Jerad Finck is clearly a performer intent on establishing himself as a major force on the music scene and there isn’t a single note of “New Kids” that doesn’t resound with that intent.

The lyrics are accessible without ever unduly belaboring things. The balance of artistry Finck brings to his work is a rarity with seasoned performers and writers, let alone new voices. It emerges from him naturally and without any of the usual trappings, like glossy presentation, that frequently compromise similar performers. Instead, Finck’s performance on “New Kids” comes out as a genuine expression of singer/songwriter artistry quite unlike anything else on the scene today. Finck’s ability to connect with audiences is quite obvious and it seems to come naturally. “New Kids” plays like a track ripped from his autobiography, but it will prove difficult for a wide swath of listeners to not relate to its sentiments and their expression in sound.

Photo by: Michael Sparks Keegan


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