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Jesus Christ Superstar – ”A Striving Artist’s Cast Recording”

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To unravel the beauty you must delve in, you must focus on the shine and the quality, and music group Striving Artists are doing that with their hearts beating to the instruments they wholeheartedly love and cherish. Their work is renowned for its elegance and subtlety, produced for the passionate and the purists, orchestrated with peace and serenity in mind.

The tranquil sounds are a reflection of why Striving Artist founder Greg Luzitano wanted to create a group setting and why he wanted to incorporate his expertise. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, proving his talents on a big scale. And with these sounds put in place, Luzitano and a whole array of talented people have put together astonishing, somber, emotional compendiums in Jesus Christ Superstar. They are records full of wonder and might, created to spark magic and hope.

There are two CDs to indulge in, both religious and compelling, both taking influence from faith and its impact. The brilliance of it comes from the true bond that the artists have. They all come together in unison, playing their hearts out for the cause, delivering beautiful harmonies.

The sequences and arrangements are powered by different singers and instrumentalists, which creates a sense of diversity and gives the crop of stars a chance to shine. There’s drumming from wonder-kid Nate Concalo, who has the powerhouse ability to go on and propel, there’s vocals from a variety of great singers. It all comes together as a worthwhile and entertaining project.

The performers have been plucked from a wonderful platform of flair and imagination, and it’s heard throughout the two collections. The songs all serve up a purpose too. Heaven On Their Minds from CD 1 is a brilliant, raw, rock influenced track which highlights what Striving Artists are about, great melody and scintillating instrumentals and sincere workmanship. This Jesus Must Die is a song which begins with slow vocal work. The contribution falls into a trance like vibe. The lyrics are searing and imaginative, describing a dangerous situation. Damned All The Time – Blood Money showcases a rock infused riff and well-toned vocals. This track highlights the versatility of the group.

CD 2 goes on in the same vein. It’s purposeful and intriguing. The Last Supper is a tour de force, it lasts for 7.17 and it’s a magical, colossal, burst of emotion. The arrangements are wonderfully placed and the production values are massive. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) directs towards Luzitano who serves up arresting vocal work. You will hear the passion and reason in his vocals. He certainly knows how to raise his voice and bellow out stark and eventful lyrics. King Herod’s Song contains a blunt subject matter. The lyricism is fundamental, and the words are sung with a degree of rage. Yet again the instrumentals are on point.

Striving Artists is a collective of unbelievably talented musicians. They’re truly at one with their craft and it shows through this religious but modern work.


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