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Long Island veterans and 2009 Music Emissions Indie Of The Year winner Fortune & Spirits prepare debut

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fortune and spirits

Up and coming indie sextet set to release LP five years in the making

Sayville, NY – April 2010 – A “masterpiece” in the making, according to Future Perfect Radio, Long Island indie pop group FORTUNE & SPIRITS, following years of lineup changes that have delayed and shelved attempts at a proper debut for several years, are set to release their long awaited debut this summer on MIXTAKE RECORDS.

FORTUNE & SPIRITS is an anachronistic mixture of San Francisco-style folk rock and Motown Girl Group with a modern indie twist.  The sextet features a heavy emphasis on the gentle harmonies of singers JIM ROBERT and ELIZABETH RECORD with an interwoven symphonic undercurrent created by violinist MICHELLE KOVACS and trumpeter CHRIS FLEMING and guitarist CHRIS WELDON.  Over a period of years all the members of the band have contributed songs to the recording process, swelling the group’s catalog to over 45 songs.

“I know they’re always writing” says LUKE DANIELS, bassist of LIGHTS RESOLVE.  “They don’t want to be one of those bands that put out every song they write.  The plan was always to narrow down all those songs they had to one crisp, 10 song album.  I guess now they’re finally ready and I know I’m pumped.  I’m sure whatever makes it on that record is going to be amazing.

Indeed, FORTUNE & SPIRITS is now in the process of recruiting “album helpers,” or non-fans with discerning musical tastes to give the band feedback on what should make the final cut.   “We’re still tweaking some of the recordings” says drummer and co-producer MATTHEW RECORD “but basically we’re down to the final step, which is choosing the songs for the final product.  There’s something so undemocratic, I think, about bands drawing into seclusion and then dropping a CD on the world while

their actual fans are expected to seek out B-sides and rarities of the songs they actually like.  There are so many smart music fans out there, why shouldn’t they get a say in the creation process?”

Riding the crest of their win as’s Indie of the Year contest last November, a grueling, two month word-of-mouth contest, the band was convinced that the time had come to put out a proper release following their past EPs 2005’s BABYLON, BABYLON and 2008’s LET’S GO EXPLORING.

“People actually seem genuinely pumped” says singer JIM ROBERT, “And that makes us really excited to do our best work.  This is going to be the first time a lot of people hear us and we want to make it count.”

FORTUNE & SPIRITS is fielding requests for album helpers on their website and at  The as yet untitled LP is set to release in late June.  FORTUNE & SPIRITS plays locally at the Patchogue club Once & for All and is set for a nationwide tour this summer.


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