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Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer in Milan

posted June 24, 2015, 10:06 am by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

5_SOS_MilanThe Italian teenagers were waiting for their beloved artists since last year, when they opened for One Direction, in the San Siro Stadium. This time 5 Seconds Of Summer were doing their first Italian headline gigs: on the 8th of May in Turin and the 9th of May in Milan. I went to the Milan gig, at Assago’s Forum and the show was pretty astonishing: on stage and under the stage.

The concert started with a countdown and the public went completely nuts and the Forum exploded. Everyone there was screaming, except for the parents who were there just to accompany their daughters (even if I saw some mothers screaming and dancing too!).

5_SOS_Milan_liveThe fans screamed, cried, danced and sang along with their idols: the show was amazing and the four boys from Sydney played for one hour and fifteen minutes without taking a rest. It didn’t last very long, but all the fans were completely crazy: they waited so long that they appreciated the show until the very end. “You are all beautiful!” ; “Let’s try doing a Italian wave!”; “Let’s all scream “pizza”! I wanna hear you saying “pizza”, come on!” were just a few of the sentences Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael said to their fans and soon became quotations, readable online and on diaries and t-shirts. During the show, they sang the new single “Permanent Vacation” and “American Idiot” by Green Day, changing it in “Italian Idiot”, making the audience scream even louder. Even though I am not exactly a 5SOS fan, I appreciated them a lot, because watching their fans, you could feel the love and the devotion they have for those four guys doing their thing on that stage in front of them that usually are miles and miles far away from here.

Thanks to Elisa Hassert – @suckedintospace for the pictures.


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