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Review: Mika live in Milan

posted October 28, 2015, 11:00 pm by Colasanti Chiara | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment


Mika_live In Italy Mika is not only a singer, he is one of the X Factor’s judges and appears in several TV spots too. He’s affiliated with Swatch and his artistic talents are almost infinite. He’s one of the most beloved artists here in Italy right now and we can easily understand why. Mika not only has a great voice and with a simple song can move someone to tears, but he is irresistible as a human being too. He’s lovely, knows very well what he wants and what he needs to stay in their fans’ hearts. His music has been the key to opening a lot of people’s hearts and uses his amazing smile and his amazing Italian live too.


On the 27th of September I went to his concert in Milan. The date was sold out since months and the show was amazing. Almost two hours long, Mika didn’t stop for a moment. He did every song with such an energy and such a joy in his eyes that he was highly contagious and nobody could stay still. During “Underwater” I felt goosebumps because in the arena the lights went down and there were so many mobiles’ flashlights that it seemed to navigate in the sky, in “a sky full of stars”, quoting someone else. 

On the stage there were a lot of colors, a lot of images and it seemed to travel in another dimension, in a total different situation, as we were travelling in Mika’s mind, not only in his world.His songs are something special for their fans. He seems to be a sort of hero who claims the losers’ right to live without shame, the freedom to be different and to think different too. When you’re about to live a Mika’s concert, you know you’re going to enter in another world, but you could never know in which world you’ll end up. You just have to feel free to be yourself and get the chance to be who you really are, at least for two hours.Mika_Milan




No Place in Heaven
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
Good Wife
Grace Kelly
Boum Boum Boum
Talk About You
Good Guys
Origin Of Love

Relax, Take It Easy
L’amour fait ce qu’il veut
Staring at the Sun (Tant que j’ai le soleil)

Elle Me Dit
Happy Ending
Stardust (w/Chiara Galiazzo)
We Are Golden
Love Today
Last Party
Lollipop (w/Chiara Galiazzo)



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